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It Could Have Been

Worse Than You Will Ever Know

Eddie Cocaine
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Make Awkward Sexual Advances, Not War.
, air guitar, alkaline trio, army of darkness, being sarcastic, belts, big machine, black, black and white, bleach, boober fraggle, breaking things, catch 22, cheaper by the dozen, cheese, computers, crayons, david bowie, dookie, drawing on the sidewalk, dresden dolls, due south, edward scissorhands, electrical sockets, elton john, emus, everything is alright, eyeliner, fall out boy, falling on my ass, fight club, fire, fishnets, flying circus, fraggle rock, frisbees, frou frou, garden state, girl pants, goodwill, greek mythology, green day, guys, halloween, halo2, hanson, harry potter, hayden christensen, history channel, icons, iris, jack sparrow, johnny depp, jones soda, jumping off large objects, king arthur, kingdom hearts, land sloth, layouts, led zepplin, lemming of the bda, les miserables, livejournal, maleficent, marla singer, mix tapes, molotov cocktails, monty python, motion city soundtrack, movies, music, mxc, mystery science theater 3000, nailpolish, naruto, nerdy glasses, new zealand, night, nightmare before christmas, oingo boingo, packing tape, panic! at the disco, pens, photography, photoshop, pictures, pirates, plastic beads, play dough, purple markers, queen, rants, reading, reel big fish, rent, road rage, rocky horror picture show, saxophones, say anything, scissor sisters, shikatema, shoelaces, sidewalk chalk, singing, ska music, skanky, snitchseeker, sock puppets, socks, solas, spirit of the west, star wars, swings, tape players, the academy is..., the barenaked ladies, the cheat, the cheese monkeys, the hush sound, the shins, thrift stores, throwing things, tim burton, troy, v for vendetta, velcro, wentzifer torgo panic, writing,