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Mustang in a suit

I was testing out some of the make up I'm going to be using at Yaoi Con and I somehow ended up in a suit with Roy's gloves on...  So of course I had to get pictures... >_>

"The closer the con gets, the dorkier you become."  ~ My husband while watching me take pictures of myself ~

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If I have time, I'll take a picture of me in uniform.  The jacket should be finished tonight.  ^___^

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Yaoi Con shirts?

The talented hikaru_9has drawn chibis that can be printed out and put on a shirt. Many of us who are going to Yaoi Con are going to have these. If you're going, and you want to make a shirt, HERE's the link.  Image Heavy
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Yaoi Con!!

Okay, so... I haven't asked this question in a while, but now that it's happening this month, I gotta ask one more time...

Who all is heading to Yaoi Con this year?  \o/

I'll admit it... I'm making a list... haha I don't want to miss meeting anyone!  *grins* I almost feel like I'm doing a fandom member scavenger hunt! haha.  Soooo if you're going, let me know!  ^__^  Also, if you want to add anything that you think I should know (I don't know what, maybe what you want to be called off line or something like that, I don't know, haha) then add that too!
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I got the wig I'm going to be using for Mustang at ycon in September.  I brushed it down a bit and played a bit with it, but I think it's going to need some hairspray and stuff to make it a bit better.  I'm pretty excited for the con ^_^  Now I just need to get my costume finished, get some contacts, and maybe some make up to change my skin tone a bit.  Mine has much too red in it for Mustang. 

Anyway, I took some piccies!  I even slapped on a button up shirt for the lulz.  

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Edit: Oh, does anyone know of anything I can use to change the color of my eyebrows temporarily?
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Notice: Yaoi Con 2008

For anyone planning on going to Yaoi Con 2008, the date has been set for September 26-28.  Just a heads up since it's usually in October.

Also, who all is planning on going (at this point)?  

There's still time to save up, so for those of you who have thought of maybe going to yaoi con at all--like, ever--2008 is a great time!  

(Note: no I'm not getting paid for this plug, I just think it would be great to get as many people there from this fandom as possible.  The con would be a great place for everyone to get a chance to meet each other.  ^_^ )

Click here Yaoi Con website 

Here's the link that mentions the scheduled date
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ycon 2008

Yaoi Con 2008. Okay, so it’s been about 2 months since I posted about this.  This month I’ll have $200 saved up.  I’ve been putting $50 away each month and it’s crazy to think that I already have that much…   I’m really excited at meeting people in person that I’ve gotten to know through LJ.  ^__^ (actually, the main reason I want to go is to have fun with my friends and meet them offline and stuff.  The con is only secondary.  If it were just me going, then I probably wouldn't haha ^ ^; )  


So anyway, the list:

Who has said they're going: hikaru_9, kikiko_haru, cuylerjade, yaoi_girl69

Who are a maybe: heartfelt_cry, inuyashanohime, zm1x5erisabesu, lina_kun, jadedsilk , silver_might 

If you’ve changed your mind on any of those, let me know and I’ll change where you’re at on the list. ^_^  Or if you’re not on the list YOU SHOULD BE!!  I know it’s a ways out there, but that’s the beauty of it.  If you start saving a little each month now, then you could have enough by the time October 2008 rolls around.   And if you decide you really don’t want to go or you can’t go, then you’ll still have the money you saved! ^_^

Come to ycon next year and get your friends to come too!  (No I do not get any money from the people over ycon.  haha)

Yaoi con's Website here

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Yaoi Con 2008

Right, so... Yaoi con 2008.  I'm going.... and ya'll have to go too.... haha.  Okay, you don't have to go, but I think it would be fun if you did.  I know it's seems kind of early for this sort of thing, I mean ycon 2008 is a year and a half away, but it gives lots of time to save up for it.  Even if you decided not to go later on, you'd still have the money you saved to do whatever you wanted with it, right?

I've decided that saving $50 a month would do it, at least for me.  It's probably more than I actually need, but better to be on the safe side.  

For me, the con itself is only a small part of it.  I probably wouldn't go if I was going by myself.  In fact, I know I wouldn't.  I'm excited about going, but more because I'll have the chance of meeting some people in person, than anything else, sooo, I hope ya'll will be able to come.  ^__^ 

Edited list:

So far, who has said they're going: hikaru_9 , kikiko_haru , cuylerjade , yaoi_girl69

Who are a maybe: heartfelt_cry , inuyashanohime , zm1x5 , erisabesu , lina_kun , jadedsilk , silver_might 

(As a note to anyone who cares, I'm mostly making this list for me because I'm getting forgetful in my old age and want to know who I might or might not see there.  I'll be posting this list again from time to time, so if your status as changed, let me know and I'll change it on my list.  Thankee! )