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Misc: Robot Al

Song of the Day

Double Trouble from Harry Potter, movie 3.


I know I owe many of you return comments, but I probably won't be able to get to them until later tonight or tomorrow.  I'm sorry I haven't gotten to them before now.  I spent yesterday trying to finish my Halloween story and then I had a family problem come up that will be taking a large chunk of my time today. *sigh* I need more time. ^ ^;

I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday! <3
Misc: Roy Rain

Song of the Day

I Think It's Going to Rain Today sung by by Bette Midler from movie Beaches

It's been raining quite a bit here so I thought this might be a good song for the day.  I really like her version of this song. 

On another note, I'm going to be taking a brief sabbatical from the internet, so there won't be any posts from me starting tomorrow.  If you leave me a comment or email me during that time, I'll get back to you after I come back to the world of the internetz.  ^_~ This will last until at least Friday, but it could be longer. I’ll be back, just need some time to myself to get some things done ^__^