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Song of the Day

Double Trouble from Harry Potter, movie 3.


I know I owe many of you return comments, but I probably won't be able to get to them until later tonight or tomorrow.  I'm sorry I haven't gotten to them before now.  I spent yesterday trying to finish my Halloween story and then I had a family problem come up that will be taking a large chunk of my time today. *sigh* I need more time. ^ ^;

I hope you all have a fun and safe holiday! <3
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Song of the Day

Moments (original mix) by Ayumi Hamasaki

This song seems to have become pretty popular among some FMA fans because of Bluebird's Illusion, though I actually heard it before then, so I don't really associate it with the game.

HERE's the link for the opening of the game if you'd like to see it.

The person singing this song on the opening doesn't sound like Hamasaki at all, so I doubt very much it's her, but I won't say for sure since I have no solid facts.

The original version that I put up for you to download is longer and much better than the version on the game.

I'm back from Anime Banzai! I had lots of fun and will try to get a few pictures up for you to see soon. ^__^
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Song of the Day

Look Away by Chicago

*laughs* bet you thought I forgot, huh? Actually I was just so busy that it's just now that I've been able to get to doing anything much on LJ. ^ ^;

Well it seems that Blind Obsession is the clear winner from the poll. I'll get that up after I finish this post. :) For those of you who wanted Forgotten, I'll try to get that up soon after the con.

Wow, hard to believe that it's tomorrow... O_o I'm both excited and not ready ^ ^; Since I lost a day this week, I had a lot less time to work on getting the slides done for my panel, but I did finally get them done today! \o/

And, speaking of Anime Banzai, that means cosplaying!! I'm probably going to do Roy *cough/cough* on Friday and then Riza on Saturday (It's only a two day con, but next year they're going to three days).

I had to redo my Riza wig because it was full of much fail. One of the problems with styling this wig for Riza is that it's not the right style... It's layered and feathered in the back (something that I didn't know until after I bought it...

But I bought 2 other wigs before this one and this one was the most expensive *cough$150cough* so if I can I'd rather not buy another wig. Sadly, I'm sort of a freak and if I can get something that will work better, I'll probably fork the money out for it.

Anyway, the point of all this is to show you my l33t and not as fail wig pictures haha.


I need to try doing something else with her bangs, buuuut I'm not going to worry about it for this con.  They'll have to do for this time. ^ ^