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Secret Arrangments

Title: Secret Arrangments
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: NC17
Type: Yaoi, Smut, WIP
Warnings: Language, Crudity, Vulgarity, Incest
Pairings: Roy/Ed, Roy/Ed/Al, Roy/Al, Ed/Al, etc.
Summary:  Ed and Roy find something to occupy their time while everyone is out on errands; or, almost everyone.

A/N:  This is actually an old story.  I started it over 2 years ago, though I've yet to finish it.  It started out as a oneshot, but I gave in and continued it.  I do hope to eventually finish it in some way.  But, I realized that I hadn't archived it here yet, so I'm doing that now.  Since it's an old story, I did go through and clean up a few technical details.

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