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Notes: Some pictures from the FMA photoshoot at Sakrua Con 2009

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Post 1: My Cosplay Group (14)
Post 2: Roy and Ed (non-yaoi) cosplay (6) / Royai cosplay (11) 
Post 4: Other cosplay besides FMA, though there are still a few FMA ones here and there. (22)
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1 of 4 Cosplay Posts: My Cosplay Group

Okay so, I'm aiming for about 20 pictures or less in each of these posts. That way I don't crash anyone's computer. Also, in order not to spam your friend list, and so that I'm not spending my whole day posting cosplay pictures, I'm only going to do one cosplay post per day. I'll try to get more up soon, but busy weekend is busy, so it might be Sunday before the next post goes up.


To start you off, this is my non-yaoi!Ed (she absolutely hates yaoi, thus the name). For those of you wondering, yes, her eyes are yellow, it's not a problem with your screen color nor did I photoshop them. She had the contacts custom made and it put her out 200USD, but she thinks it was worth it (so do I). Though, without the cosplay it looks more than a little freaky.

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Misc: Riza with Roy Glove

Sakrua Con

I'll be at Sakrua Con again this year if anyone wants to meet up or even just say hi in passing.  Also, I'll be in Seattle for the week leading up to the con too, so there's always the possibility of meeting up during that time since meeting up at the con can be crazy.

I have tentative plans to cosplay as Roy Mustang Thursday night before the con, just depends on what I'm doing.  I'll probably know closer to the con.  Friday I'll be cosplaying as Milly from Trigun.  Saturday I'll be Riza, and on Sunday I'll be Roy.

The only times I know right now that I absolutely will not be avalable is Saturday morning and early Saturday afternoon because of the cosplay contest that I'm being forced into.  ^__^