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Sakura Con

I am currently in Seattle and will be attending Sakura Con this weekend. If anyone would like to meet up or even say hi in passing, feel free to comment here or email me at zakaii(at)gmail(dot)com (or call/text me for those of you who have my phone number).

I'll be cosplaying uniform!Roy, Civilian!Roy (manga), Milly (Trigun), and a kimono verson of Roy based off some official art with Roy, Ed, Riza, and Winry in kimonos (sorry I don't have the picture available right now, but if anyone wants to provide it I'll put it on the post ^^; ). My non-yaoi Ed friend will be doing kimono!Ed with me. The lovely hikaru_9 is planning on being Lust this year (as well as Ed for those of you wanting Roy/Ed pictures *laughs*). My darling husband will also be making an appearence in photos as Maes once again.

For Trigun fans, we did finally get ourselves a Vash so we will have Vash, Wolfwood (minus the cross as it never would have made it up here), Milly, and Meryl.

Hopefully this year I will not fail with the picture taking. I recently bought a new phone and I'm going to try using that as my camera for this con, so at least I will have a camera on me at all times. Now getting them from my camera, to my computer, to the internet... *laughs* well, I will try not to fail at that. ^^;

Anyway! Contact me if you want to meet up!
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Random FMA characters and craziness

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Notes: Some pictures from the FMA photoshoot at Sakrua Con 2009

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1 of 4 Cosplay Posts: My Cosplay Group

Okay so, I'm aiming for about 20 pictures or less in each of these posts. That way I don't crash anyone's computer. Also, in order not to spam your friend list, and so that I'm not spending my whole day posting cosplay pictures, I'm only going to do one cosplay post per day. I'll try to get more up soon, but busy weekend is busy, so it might be Sunday before the next post goes up.


To start you off, this is my non-yaoi!Ed (she absolutely hates yaoi, thus the name). For those of you wondering, yes, her eyes are yellow, it's not a problem with your screen color nor did I photoshop them. She had the contacts custom made and it put her out 200USD, but she thinks it was worth it (so do I). Though, without the cosplay it looks more than a little freaky.

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Mustang Chronicles: Royai

Sakura Con

Getting good pictures of your OTP winz...


But not quite as much and making out with one of them... 

For anyone wondering, we had a blast at Sakura Con and we're planning on going next year.  ^_^