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Question for panel research

So I will be doing a panel on Boys' Love at Anime Banzai this year, and I'm here with a question as I personally don't read/watch a lot of Boys' Love specific manga/anime and tend to stick to fanworks based on non-canon male/male relationships (e.g. Roy/Ed)

What are your favorite Boys Love (yaoi/shounen-ai) manga/anime titles and why ( Is it because of the plot, the smexy bits, the art, etc. )? 
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Con Panels

I think this is probably more of a 'Real Life' post than one that's public, but I'd like to get as many opinions as possible on this, so... sorry? (not really XD )

Anyway, my local anime con (Anime Banzai) is coming up the beginning of October, and I generally do a fanfiction panel about posting fanfiction (which I really enjoy).  Most likely I'll end up doing it yet again.  However, I'd like to do a few more panels this year (including trying to get them to let me do a shounen-ai panel, which might be difficult because they're such a PG13 con, but we'll see).

Anyway, the question I'd like to ask is this:  What type of panels would you like to see at an anime convention or what type of panels do you think would be interesting?

Mostly, I'm trying to get some ideas because the panels at our con seem a little stale (meaning, they tend to have a lot of the same panels year after year).  Now that we're going to a larger venue, we'll have the room to actually have more panels, and to also have late night panels (which is part of the reason why I think I might have a good chance at getting the shounen-ai panel passed). 

I'd kind of like to do another fanfiction panel (though I'm not sure what topic would be interesting or informative) as well as one on doujinshi.  But yes, any other ideas or suggestions would be fabulous. <3

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I have a question for all you ladies out there.

There is going to be an expo here in my area next year for gaming and electronics geeks.  As someone on the outskirts of this planning, I’ve been asked what type of events would draw more females to what is going to most definitely be a male dominated event.

Some of the currently planned events are as follows:

Shopping (anime, videogames, boardgames, tabletop RP games, etc), Tournaments (Smash Brothers, Videogame Cosplay, Dance Dance Revolution, Make a Videogame in a Day, Rock Band, etc), Panels, and ‘How To’ Workshops (twitter, facebook, photoshop, blogger, html, etc).

My Questions:
  1. If this type of event was running in your area, what kind of events, tournaments, shopping, panels, etc., would catch your interest?
  2. Also are there any events, tournaments, shopping, panels, etc., that I haven't mentioned that you think would be interesting or fun?
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If this event was in your area, and females got in for free, would you be:

More likely to attend
Less likely to attend
Wouldn’t make a difference
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Cooking Question

I was given a buffalo roast a while back and I'm going to attempt to cook it this Sunday.  I'm terrible when it comes to cooking roasts, but I don't want it to go to waste and I think it's been in the freezer long enough.  Anyone have any tried and true methods on how I can make this taste good? 

*laughs* last time I cooked a roast it was a total disaster.  I put it in the slow cooker and it got all waterlogged and ended up kinda tough and tasteless.  ^ ^;;;