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Post of the Day

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow by Voice Male

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... Somewhere else, somewhere else, somewhere else... >_>

Voice Male is a six-man contemporary a cappella group that is based here in Utah.  They're pretty good.

Happy Birthday [info]nimaime and aeri_s! <3

^ ^; sorry, daily posts haven't been daily, but it's been crazy here.

Yesterday I was moving this long and heavy coffee table out of my closet (yeah it's been stuck in there ever since we moved here, but I was finally able to get rid of it \o/) and I noticed something behind it.

Seeing that it was a wall scroll of some kind (still in its package no less), I grabbed it and turned it over to see the small picture that was displayed on the other side of the package.

It was an FMA wallscroll!

I completely forgot I had it O_o I don't even remember buying it! *laughs*

Ah the joys of moving... XDDD

Christmas: Al

Post of the Day

Since I missed yesterday and I may not post one of these tomorrow, I uploaded a bunch of versions for Carol of the Bells. You can find them HERE. Some are better than others, but it's always fun to check out different versions. ^_^

Real Life-ish Stuffs:
Lately I've been really busy with packing and looking for a place to move.  It's been pretty stressful and has taken up a bunch of my time.  I plan on answering some of the comments ya'll have left me in the past few days tonight, and the rest tomorrow.  It's very possible that my responses will continue to be slow all through December, so I hope you'll bear with me.  ^ ^;  

For those of you following Father Christmas, I have two more chapters to write.  I'm trying to work on it a little each day, but don't worry, I will definitely get them done in time.

Also, many thanks to those of you sending me cards.  Those are one of my few decorations this year.  I really wanted to put up a tree this year, so we have a fake tree, Christmas cards on the door, and that's it as far as decorations.  But they're wonderful and it's really been a light spot in the craziness that is my life right now to receive them!  Thank you so much. <3  *chuckles* It's probably a little silly to have a tree up when I'm packing the rest of the house away, but perhaps the season warrents a little silliness.  And I have to admit that it really is nice to just sit there and zone out in front of the tree XDDD
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Post of the Day

March from The Nutcracker

Can't do without this classic.

New trailer is out for the next FMA anime.  I'm giving you the link here just in case, you know, you missed 100 other posts with the same thing in it. 

Ah I can see the wank building already...

"But Z," you might say.  "You must have some opinion on this whole thing!"

Well, yes I do.  If you want to read it, check the cut below.

Collapse )
Christmas: Al

Post of the Day

Christmas Prayer from CD:  A Shadow Mountain Christmas

*laughs* When I looked up the group "Shadow Mountain Artists" I couldn't find much ^ ^; I was all "huh? No Wiki page? No website? What is this... Even Amazon doesn't have a page for this, what??" *chuckles* but I did find it on ebay, so anyone who wants to see what the cover looks like (or even buy it, which I definitely recommend cause there are some really great songs on the CD) you can see it there XD 

I chose this one for today because the music is really filled with a quiet emotion and I because I'm on the last few chapters of Father Christmas, this type of music definitely sets the mood for me for these chapters. ^__^

Of course, working on Father Christmas completely gets me out of the mood for Forgotten given how different they are to each other *laughs* But as you can see, I did post chapter 6 last night. if you've survived it that far, you're probably thinking 'wtf???' after reading it, but there are only a few more chapters and you will get some answers! ^ ^;

Why am I talking about that on this post? Uh... because I'm stoked about finally posting that chapter >_>

Busy day for me today, but it will be good! I hope you all have a wonderful day <3

Christmas: Ed

Post of the Day

Little Saint Nick by The Beach Boys

For those of you who have been asking about Forgotten, I will try to get the next chapter up within the next few days. It just takes quite a bit of time for me to post long chapters on LJ, and right now I'm really busy.

We're planning on moving sometime next month. This means that I have a lot of packing to do; and, also, I'm trying to find a place to buy, so there's all the 'fun' stuff associated with that. *chuckles*

For those of you sending me cards, just send them to the address I gave you. We're still there and I'll still get your cards ^_^

Sorry for the wait on fic, but thank you for your patience. <3
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Post of the Day

This wasn't what I'd planned to post to day, and I totally blame mithluinfor this <3

Today's song isn't a download (because I don't have it ^ ^;  Of course if anyone has it and wants to share... >_>  ) This is just way funny and I totally recommend watching it:

Christmas: Al

Post of the Day

O Come, O Come, Emmanuel from CD: Angel's Noel

This is one of my most favorite Christmas songs. Not necessarily this version, but the song itself. This one is a really nice flute and guitar version without the words.

Also, if anyone happens to have this song by Mannheim Steamroller, and is willing to share, I'd love you forever. I actually do have the album it's on, but... uh... *blushes* It's on cassette... >_>;  *feeling a little aged here*
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Post of the Day

If I Let You Go by Westlife

*laughs* I'm singing to this while I'm uploading it, and my cats just left the room. I don't know if it's the song or my singing that offended them.

And I have a few translations to share with you today.  ^_^  The lovely [info]picca has translated Sleep into Finnish!  She's also just started translating Blind Obsession into Finnish as well and has chapter one up.