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Misc: Roy and Ed

Roy/Ed cosplay pictures 01

As mentioned before, I have a bunch of Roy/Ed cosplay pictures I did with hikaru_9. Now that I'm home, I'll be posting some of them for you to see. 16 today and 14 tomorrow.  Depending on your computer screen the pictures might look a little dark.  They look great on my laptop, but seem a bit darker on my desktop screen.

Many, many thanks to cryogeniafor taking the pictures. <3

This one is probably my favorite, so you get to see it first XD

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The second set of Roy/Ed cosplay photos is HERE.
Misc: Light my fire

More House Pictures

Okay, so here are the rest of the pictures of my new place. It's actually much more boaring than pictures of the office... ^ ^;

There are 22 320x240 pictures under the cut.


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And that's it! I'd like to do some painting and of course, I need to get pictures up, but yeah, that's the new place.
Misc: dork

Photoshop dorkiness

I have recently decided that I need to learn Photoshop, since I have it and all, and so I've been learning from some books that I picked up from the library (because I'm too cheap to buy my own).  Because I'm feeling pretty dorky tonight, I've decided to share my current amusement with you.

Behold my dorkiness!

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Also, as a side note, I finally got around to taking pictures of the rest of my new place so I'll try to get those up this week sometime.  I know some of you wanted to see them :)
Misc: Domestic

Computer Room Pictures

Okay smaller pictures today.

The computer room is probably the most interesting and, at the moment, most put together room in the house (it has pictures on the walls haha). Since we spend most of our time there, it seemed only fitting. I'll post more pictures of the new place here and there over the next couple weeks ^_^

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Misc: envy lust


So I've been asked for pictures of the new place. I'll probably just post one or two at a time, or a few of one room at a time to keep me from spending an hour or more trying to post them all XD Also, I'm just uploading them at the size they are when they come off the camera, so they're kinda big ^ ^;

So, first picture is actually a picture of the pictures above my computer.  I just put up pictures in the computer room today, but I'll only share one picture today.

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