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Roy/Ed cosplay pictures 01

As mentioned before, I have a bunch of Roy/Ed cosplay pictures I did with hikaru_9. Now that I'm home, I'll be posting some of them for you to see. 16 today and 14 tomorrow.  Depending on your computer screen the pictures might look a little dark.  They look great on my laptop, but seem a bit darker on my desktop screen.

Many, many thanks to cryogeniafor taking the pictures. <3

This one is probably my favorite, so you get to see it first XD

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The second set of Roy/Ed cosplay photos is HERE.
FM: Roy and young Ed

Con pics 01 - Roy and Ed

Okay, because I didn't size these down as much as I thought and because I don't have the time to resize them again, I'm going to make a few posts. The pictures aren't HUGE, but they're big enough that I don't want to put too many in one cut...

Pic posting 01: Roy and Ed
Rated: G
Warnings: None

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