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Content: Comic
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: PG13
Type: Light yaoi mentions, humor
Pages: Three 600x762 images
Notes: Comic made with screenshots from FMA and FMA: Brotherhood. No spoilers.
Summary: Roy calls Hughes to share some good news.


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Misc: <3 Morally Bankrupt

Roy and Riza Desktop image

I've been playing around with some fun new Photoshop Goodies, and ended up with something I thought I'd share.  I took THIS 1280 size desktop from FUNimation's site and played around with it some (unfortunatly I did this to the one I cropped the bottom off of to try to get it to fit my wide screen better... ooops?).  This was pretty fun, and I'll probably try something with some of the other ones, so if they come out halfway decent I'll share those too *laughs*

Anyway here is a preview:

The actual sized one is under the cut.  ^_^

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Misc: artist

Photoshop Fun

As I go through the Photoshop books, I tend to use FMA pictures I have to play around with, and so I've decided that I'll probably post a thing or two here if I end up with something good in my learning XD

Some of you may remember the movie Catch Me If You Can.  You can see the movie poster HERE.

Well I decided to make my own FMA version of that poster.

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*laughs* and of course, I couldn't help making a banner for Object of Gossip, because it just worked so well.

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The art belongs to Tamago and I used her art without permission.  If she asks me to remove this post, I will.

Misc: dork

Photoshop dorkiness

I have recently decided that I need to learn Photoshop, since I have it and all, and so I've been learning from some books that I picked up from the library (because I'm too cheap to buy my own).  Because I'm feeling pretty dorky tonight, I've decided to share my current amusement with you.

Behold my dorkiness!

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Also, as a side note, I finally got around to taking pictures of the rest of my new place so I'll try to get those up this week sometime.  I know some of you wanted to see them :)
Misc: Duty


Okay so I've been spending the last few hours playing around on photoshop and I made these icons  *points down at icons below*

I'm perfectly aware that my artistic skills are rather lacking, and they're not nearly as good as what you'll find on the icon communities, but I'm kind of proud of them... anyway, I thought I'd make a post about them, and if anyone really wants to snatch them, sure go for it, eh, just be sure to credit me.

Misc: Duty

Banners and Photoshop

My first project on Photoshop when I got it last year was to make some dumb banner for this story I'm writing (mostly just because I had the idea for it, not because I wanted to make something to pimp out this story haha).  

Frankly the banner sucked.  *laughs* 

I redid it just recently and think it looks a bit better, though it's really hard to know because I did the second one on my laptop and so many things look washed out on this thing... bleh.  So anyway the cut below has the first one and then the second one if anyone wants to see.  

As for the story it goes to, I'd have to say that out of all the stories I've written, this one is second only to Descent as my favorite.  I hope to post the first chapter soon, but we'll see...

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