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flash video

THIS flash video advertising the FMA manga book 23 is awesome. It focuses on Roy which makes me all \o/ and <3.

You can also get there by going to THIS link (just click on the top link that says new).
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Sword of the Stranger

I went to go see Sword of the Stranger tonight at the theater.  It's a full length movie done by Bones.  My brother-in-law bought 4 tickets and invited my husband and me to go along with him and his daughter.  Had I known it was a one night thing I would have shared the link before now... ^ ^;

Anyway, the movie was definitely good and I highly recommend it.  The story was good and the music was great.  The animation quality was good (but then what else can we expect from the studio that did FMA eh? *laughs* ) and the dub was actually done very well.

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