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FM: Roy and young Ed

Future Memories Drabbles - 06

Title: A Change of Mind

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist

Ratings: PG13

Type: slight humor

Warnings: mentions of sex

Pairings: Implied RoyxEdxRoy

F.M. Chapter Reference: None

Summary: Younger Edward sees something that he’d rather forget.

A/N: Just a reminder that none of the drabbles are connected in any way.

A/N 02:  This is the last of the Future Memories Drabbles that I have written.  I sort of hope to someday write more, but since I have so many unfinished things, I don’t see it happening any time in the future—but you never know.  I hope you enjoyed them as much as the real story.  Thanks for reading. ^_^

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Misc: Duty

Future Memories Drabbles

Title: Future Memories Drabbles

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist

Rating: light NC17

Pairing: Edward Elric / Major Mustang

Type: Smut, drabble for Future Memories

Word Count: 2,859

A/N: Drabbles connected with Future Memories.  This chapter references chapter four of the real story.

Summary: Ed decides the major needs to learn how to follow his orders.

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Misc: Duty

Future Memories Drabbles

Title: Future Memories Drabbles

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist

Drabble 01 Rating: meh… hard R?  Soft NC17?

Drabble 01 Pairing: Colonel Mustang/Major Mustang

Drabble 01 Type: Smut
Word Count: 1,176

‘Future Memories’ Chapter Reference: Eight
Summary: Colonel Mustang shows his younger self that some things only get better with age.


A/N:  This ‘story’ is a collection of drabbles from ‘Future Memories’. (If you haven’t read the story, some of this might be lost on you…), and is mostly scenes that just didn’t fit in the story or specific scenes done differently because there were so many options I could choose from (also I wanted to keep the actual story PG13)These drabbles shouldn’t be looked at as something that actually happened in the story, but merely some things that could have happened in the story.  Please note that each drabble is rated seperately. 


These drabbles are quite old (as is the actual story), and are posted elsewhere, but I’m fixing any mistakes before posting them on LiveJournal, and also adding a little to them.  I also have plans after the semester is over to go through and fix the chapters in Future Memories. 

These drabbles are also available in French HERE

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