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Light Bulb Obituary

Light Bulb, 60w Sylvania dies at an unknown age; bringer of light on the darkest of nights.

By ZaKai Stonewall

Last night, at approximately 8:39pm, Light Bulb, 60w Sylvania passed away. Though local residents knew of Sylvania's passing, the Light Bulb was unreachable until rescue workers could obtain a ladder the next day. By the time Sylvania was recovered, it was found that another Light Bulb was also dead at the scene, and it is believed that the Light Bulb (whose identity has yet to be released) had been dead for some time. The Light Bulbs have been replaced, and while residents will miss the old Light Bulbs, they do say the area is definitely brighter now. No service will be held for the deceased Light Bulbs as a quick burial was necessary.
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random dorkiness

Audacity is the most amazing free audio recording program ever!  Okay, I'm probably only saying that because I've been using mp3mymp3 to do all my recording, and not that it's a horrible program, but OMGosh, Audacity is soooo much better for recording fic.  *squees and all that crazy stupid stuff*  I have some files that area already recorded with mp3mymp3 sadly, but any other audio stuff I do will be with this lovely program *rubs up against shiny new program*
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Photoshop dorkiness

I have recently decided that I need to learn Photoshop, since I have it and all, and so I've been learning from some books that I picked up from the library (because I'm too cheap to buy my own).  Because I'm feeling pretty dorky tonight, I've decided to share my current amusement with you.

Behold my dorkiness!

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Also, as a side note, I finally got around to taking pictures of the rest of my new place so I'll try to get those up this week sometime.  I know some of you wanted to see them :)