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Cosplay Crack Theater

While in Georga earlier this year, mustanginblue thought it would be a great idea to do a live action crack theater with me (as Mustang) and hikaru_9 as Ed. So she directed the shots and (if I remember right) animanga_maniac took the pics. Aaaaand finally mustanginblue has done the dialoge. If you want to see it you can go HERE (link will open in another tab/window). I totally cracked up even though I knew what to expect.
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Some pictures

Okay so, I seriously did not get any pictures at the con with my camera. I got loads of pictures of sky_dark's kitten, some group shots of the people who were there, and some pictures of hikaru_9and I doing a Fem!Roy/Fem!Ed photoshoot in our hotel room. We thought it would be interesting to do a fem shoot for a change. It was interesting, though I think we'll stick with not gender switching them in future photoshoots XD

Mostly I'm just going to post some pictures of the kitten and a few from the photoshoot. I'd forgotten until now why I hate using LJ's scrapbook feature... So yeah, this is all I'm going to put up. Sorry ^^;

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Aaaand the Fem!Roy/Fem!Ed pictures... NSFW....

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Random FMA characters and craziness

Content: Cosplay Pictures
Characters: Random
Type: Random
Picture Count: 14
Picture Size: 500x375
Notes: Some pictures from the FMA photoshoot at Sakrua Con 2009

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Post 1: My Cosplay Group (14)
Post 2: Roy and Ed (non-yaoi) cosplay (6) / Royai cosplay (11) 
Post 4: Other cosplay besides FMA, though there are still a few FMA ones here and there. (22)
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Cosplay Advice

Cosplay Advice

   When choosing the materials for your cosplay, be sure to think about how you're going to clean your it.

2:  When making an FMA military uniform, do not use real leather and dry clean only fabric for the buttskirt (what else are you supposed to call it?).  It will cost you unholy amounts of money to have cleaned because you cannot clean it at home (the home dry cleaning kits are not made for leather).


Dry cleaning attendant:  That will be about $50 each because of the leather.
Z: O_o  To just clean one of them (the buttskirts)?
Attendant: Yeah, sorry.
Z: ... *inspects buttskirts by feeling and sniffing fabric*  Yeeeaaah... I think we can hold out for a little while yet...
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1 of 4 Cosplay Posts: My Cosplay Group

Okay so, I'm aiming for about 20 pictures or less in each of these posts. That way I don't crash anyone's computer. Also, in order not to spam your friend list, and so that I'm not spending my whole day posting cosplay pictures, I'm only going to do one cosplay post per day. I'll try to get more up soon, but busy weekend is busy, so it might be Sunday before the next post goes up.


To start you off, this is my non-yaoi!Ed (she absolutely hates yaoi, thus the name). For those of you wondering, yes, her eyes are yellow, it's not a problem with your screen color nor did I photoshop them. She had the contacts custom made and it put her out 200USD, but she thinks it was worth it (so do I). Though, without the cosplay it looks more than a little freaky.

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Roy/Ed cosplay pictures 01

As mentioned before, I have a bunch of Roy/Ed cosplay pictures I did with hikaru_9. Now that I'm home, I'll be posting some of them for you to see. 16 today and 14 tomorrow.  Depending on your computer screen the pictures might look a little dark.  They look great on my laptop, but seem a bit darker on my desktop screen.

Many, many thanks to cryogeniafor taking the pictures. <3

This one is probably my favorite, so you get to see it first XD

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The second set of Roy/Ed cosplay photos is HERE.