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Christmas: Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, happy Hanukkah (even though it's already come and gone), happy winter, happy Kwanzaa, happy "insert whatever you celebrate in December here"~! Or if you don't celebrate anything, have a nice day.

*covers all the bases* XD
Christmas: Happy Holidays

Christmas Cards

Alright, so, yesterday I sent out cards to everywhere but Canada and the U.S. Tomorrow the Canada and U.S. cards will go out. If you haven't recieved your card by... oh... the 15th? Let me know and I'll send out another one just in case it got lost in the mail or something.
Christmas: Happy Holidays

Last call for cards

If anyone would like a card (christmas/holiday/whatever) please comment on THIS post, PM me, or email me. I probably won't be sending cards out until the first part of December so you have until the 30th to let me know if you want a card (instead of the 26th).
Christmas: Happy Holidays

Christmas Cards

IT IS THAT TIME AGAIN! Yes that's right, time for Christmas cards! If you want one you must either:
  • Leave me a comment here with your address (all comments are screened).
  • E-mail me your address at zakaii(at)gmail(dot)com.
Frequent Questions:
  1. I don't celebrate Christmas... Can I still get holiday mail? YES! If you don't celebrate Christmas and still want a card (Winter card, Hanukkah, 'Happy Holidays' but not Christmas card, etc), please let me know. I'll do my best. ^_^
  2. I live over seas; can I still have a card? Yep. I'll send a card to wherever you're at.
  3. I wanna send you a card too! Can I have your address? YES!!! I love holiday mail! <333 I put all the cards I get on my front door, so that I can see them for the whole season! All types of cards are welcome (Christmas, Winter, Hanukkah, etc).

    My address is:
    ZaKai Stonewall
    4978 South Riverside Drive 
    Murray Utah 84123 
  4. I want a card, but I probably won't send you one in return. Can I still have one? Of course! I'm sending out cards because I want to. You aren't obligated to send me one at all. ^__^
  5. I sent you my address last year, do I need to send it again? Just to be safe, re-send me your address.
I will post a reminder closer to the 26th for anyone who might have missed this first post.  If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.

I'll be doing up the cards over Thanksgiving (Nov 26th here in the U.S.) and getting them sent off by or on the 1st of December. So if you want one, you MUST let me know by the 26th.

Misc: Duty

The Gift - 24


By the way, for anyone who cares I've been sicker than a dog these past couple of days (if I haven't replied to you this is why, but I will just give me a little time),  *sniffles* but here's the last chapter for you.  I hope you all like it, I really do.  Sorry to whine in a public post.  Again Merry Christmas, or Happy Holidays or whatever you prefer to say.  *crawls back into bed and dies*   

Title: The Gift

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist

Main Characters: Ed Elric, Roy Mustang

Rating: PG13

Summary: When Ed returns from following a lead on the stone, he finds that Roy is working harder than usual, and he seems to be hiding something, leading Ed to wonder if there’s something wrong in their relationship.
Status: Complete


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