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I'm going to Georga for Anime Weekend Atlanta next week. If anyone is interested in meeting up, let me know :)
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Some pictures

Okay so, I seriously did not get any pictures at the con with my camera. I got loads of pictures of sky_dark's kitten, some group shots of the people who were there, and some pictures of hikaru_9and I doing a Fem!Roy/Fem!Ed photoshoot in our hotel room. We thought it would be interesting to do a fem shoot for a change. It was interesting, though I think we'll stick with not gender switching them in future photoshoots XD

Mostly I'm just going to post some pictures of the kitten and a few from the photoshoot. I'd forgotten until now why I hate using LJ's scrapbook feature... So yeah, this is all I'm going to put up. Sorry ^^;

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Aaaand the Fem!Roy/Fem!Ed pictures... NSFW....

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Back from AWA

Back from Georgia and AWA. I really had a great time. The con was fun, though I only went for a day and a half. Mostly I cosplayed a lot with hikaru_9and some with loreamaraas well (cosplaying was definitely the funnest part of the con for me). Went to one of Caitlin Glass's panels (Winry's VA), got a couple of signatures, and hit both the dealer's room and the artist alley. So while I didn't actually do much, I still had a good time at AWA.

Mostly, I spent a lot of time hanging out with friends and chilling away from the con. Just being able to be with friends and being able to meet people in person from offline was definitely the highlight of my trip. There were a few people that I'd wanted to meet offline but didn't have the chance, and that makes me sad, but hopefully we'll still be able to meet up sometime in the future.

I didn't actually get a lot of pictures at the con because I fail like that. I think I used at least 1/4 of my memory card taking pictures of sky_dark's cats (especially little Al) *is a sucker for cats*. ^^;

Buuuut anyway, no pictures and stuff for now. Just a post to say 'hi! I'm back!' ^^
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Real Life Post

Okay well, it's been a while since my last real life post, so I thought I'd go ahead and make one.

As you know, AWA is drawing close (and if you didn't know,then you do now ^_~ ), and even though I don't leave until next Wednesday, I've been trying to decide what I want to take with me and all that fun stuff. I decided that it would be a good idea to print out some fanfiction to read on flight because it seemed that it was going to be a rather long flight (though it seemed longer by the fact that I was going two time zones over).

I don't read as much fanfiction as I'd like, for various reasons, and doing so on the flight seemed like the perfect time. So I chose out several from my "I really want to read these stories eventually" list and started copying and pasting the chapters into my word processor for easier printing. I guess I didn't realize just how many pages it would be. *laughs*

In only two stories, in Verdana 8 point font, I have almost 300 pages in 2 stories. I'm preeeeeeetty sure that will last me for both flights (which, with the short layover is about 5 and a half hours each way). Unfortunately, I'm almost out of black ink, and I only have about... 200 pages of paper left. So I'll be making a trip to my local office supply store to replenish my supplies before trying to print all of that.

What stories did I choose? I'm sure you're asking yourself this (or maybe not XD But I will assume that some of you are wondering ). Well, I decided on Unconditional (link doesn't go to LJ) by loreamaraand Pawns by velvet_mace. I'm sure both will be excellent and I'm looking forward to reading them.

I'm looking forward to seeing old friends, and meeting offline some of the people I've met online. I'm also excited to be going to Georgia. I've never been to the eastern half of the U.S. before. The furthest east I've been is Texas earler this year, but that's more central U.S. rather than eastern U.S. I'm also looking forward to cosplaying again! I'm especially excited to be cosplaying with hikaru_9, who is my ever awesome Ed.

And yeah, that's about it for me on the real life front at the moment. ^__^

As for fic... I may or may not get more posted before I go. I do have the first chapter of this one story I started because of animanga_maniac, which all started over a discussion about people skipping over the more... unsavory... parts of sex in fanfiction. And of course, since I have no qualms about writing squick worthy things, I decided to take up the challenge (which, to me, hasn't been all that squick worthy yet). The fic actually has no real point, but mostly just focuses on Roy and Ed's 'every day-ish' relationship. *laughs* I... might post that one today or tomorrow or something.  >_>;

Wow, okay, this update is becoming a book! Hope ya'll have a nice day! <3
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I'm going to be at Anime Weekend Atlanta next week. I already know of quite a few people who will be going, but I thought I'd post about this anyway in case I've missed anyone. If you're going and want to meet up or even just say hi in passing or whatever, let me know and we'll work something out. ^_^