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Audio: Roy Recording

Audio - Descent 11

Title: Descent
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: R – NC17
Reference: First anime. A few things and people have been pulled from the manga here and there.
Type: Angst, Divergence (splits off from episode 32), Drama, Romance, Mystery, Political, Yaoi, Het, etc.
Pairings: Roy/Ed, Al/Winry, (other minor pairings)
Warnings: Language, Sex, Violence, etc.
Written Chapter: HERE
Chapter Length: 20:01
File Size: 18.33
Summary: After getting Al’s body back, Ed finds that life after reaching his goal wasn’t what he expected. As the country faces the threat of civil war, will Ed be able to handle life without Alphonse constantly by his side, or will he simply substitute one companion for another?

Chapter 11 at MediaFire

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Audio Fanfiction

Title: The Alchemist
Fandom:  Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating:  PG13
Reader: [info]zakai_ 
Type: Generic, Oneshot
File Type: mp3
Length: 14:28
Summary: In the remains of a destroyed city, a dangerous alchemist with blood-red symbols on his gloves is watched by the ragged survivors of an unjust and devastating war.

Written chapter HERE

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Audio Fanfiction

Title: Sleep
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Fic originally posted:  12-16-2006
Rating: NC17
Reader: [info]zakai_
: Yaoi, Humor, Smut, Oneshot
Warnings: Language, Smut
Pairing: Ed/Roy
Length: 16:24
File Type: mp3
Summary: Ed comes over to the colonel's house in the middle of the night wanting company, but Mustang only wants one thing--sleep.

Written chapter HERE

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