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Mustang Chronicles: Royai

100moods Challenge - Cold

Title: Cold
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairings: Riza/Roy
Type: Het, light romance
Prompt: Cold
Word Count: 746
Rating: PG13
Summary: When the heater goes out in Roy’s office, Riza suggests another way to keep warm.

A/N: I thought it would be fun to write a little something where Riza was the instigator rather than Roy, thus the Riza/Roy instead of Roy/Riza. It’s pretty light-handed in this ficclet, but I had fun writing it nonetheless. 

100moods Story Table

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100moods Oneshot: Bad Day

Title: Bad Day
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: PG13
Pairing: Roy/Ed or Ed/Roy (i.e. there is no ‘uke’ and ‘seme’ in this)
Prompt: Sick
Type: yaoi, general, light romance/fluff, oneshot
Word Count: 4,006
Warnings: sexual references
Summary: Some days are worse than others, but even bad days can end on a good note with the ones you love.

Note: Ed is 25 and Roy is 39.

100moods table found HERE.

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100moods challenge - Accomplished

Title: Accomplished
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Characters: Roy, Riza
Prompt: Accomplished
Pairings: None
Word Count: 204
Rating: G
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Summary: Roy is finished--finally.

100moods story table

A/N: In October of 2006, I signed up for the 100moodscommunity. I quickly decided to try making the whole challenge into one complete story--The Mustang Chronicles. Sadly, I have since discontinued that story (for many reasons).  Recently, I've thought about actually doing the challenge again (correctly this time XD ) and have decided to do it. Most of what I write for this challenge will be short and to the point (which is the character in X mood).  I originally signed up for Roy, so that's who I'll be focusing on for this challenge.  Please note that none of these will be connected and that I might pair him up with different characters during this challenge.

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100moods table

100moods challange table for Roy Mustang. Please note that none of these are related and may have different pairings including Het and Yaoi. Many of these will also have no pairings at all.
001.Accomplished 002.Amused 003.Angry 004.Annoyed 005.Anxious
006.Apathetic 007.Aroused 008.Awake 009.Blank 010.Bored
011.Bouncy 012.Broken 013.Calm 014.Cheerful 015.Chipper
016.Cold 017.Confused 018.Content 019.Cranky 020.Crazy
021.Creative 022.Crushed 023.Curious 024.Cynical 025.Depressed
026.Determined 027.Devious 028.Disappointed 029.Ditzy 030.Drained
031.Ecstatic 032.Embarrassed 033.Enamored 034.Energetic 035.Enraged
036.Enthralled 037.Envious 038.Excited 039.Exhausted 040.Flirty
041.Frustrated 042.Giddy 043.Giggly 044.Gloomy 045.Good
046.Grateful 047.Grumpy 048.Guilty 049.Happy 050.Hopeful
051.Impressed 052.Indescribable 053.Indifferent 054.Intimidated 055.Jealous
056.Kinky 057.Lazy 058.Lethargic 059.Listless 060.Lonely
061.Loved 062.Melancholy 063.Mischievous 064.Moody 065.Morose
066.Naughty 067.Nervous 068.Nostalgic 069.Numb 070.Optimistic
071.Peaceful 072.Pensive 073.Pessimistic 074.Playful 075.Pleased
076.Predatory 077.Productive 078.Refreshed 079.Rejected 080.Relaxed
081.Relieved 082.Romantic 083.Restless 084.Sad 085.Satisfied
086.Sinful 087.Scared 088.Shocked 089.Sick 090.Silly
091.Stressed 092.Surprised 093.Sympathetic 094.Thankful 095.Thoughtful
096.Touched 097.Uncomfortable 098.Vulnerable 099.Weird 100.Worried