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The More I learn to Care for You - Roy's POV - Ch 3 part2

Title: The More I learn to Care for You - Roy's POV

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Main Characters: Roy Mustang, Ed Elric
Rating: R

Warnings: Language, Probably eventual limes and lemons,
SummaryRoy takes Ed out on New Year's Eve, but it doesn't go as he'd planned... [RoyEd]

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The More I learn to Care for You - Roy's POV


Chapter Three – Part Two


New Year’s

“So you were really in the Ishbal War?”  Roy watched the woman he was sharing the table with lean closer and put her hand on his arm.  “That must have just been dreadful.”  A look of pained concern crossed her face. 


“Well... it was...” Roy said softly, looking down at just the right moment.  The war had definitely been hard on him, but it wasn’t that he was thinking about at the moment.  Right now he simply wanted to get a reaction out of her.


“I’m so sorry,” she whispered.


He glanced up and put on a small smile for her.  “Don’t worry about that,” he said in a soft voice.  “When I see your lovely face, I can only think about the beautiful things in life.”


She smiled and blushed deeply.  Suddenly, Roy noticed Ed stalking over to them out of the corner of his eye.  Well, it was about time.  He’d already flirted with more than ten women as Ed had danced.  Surprisingly enough, the teen had found plenty of women to dance with.  Roy had actually watched Ed dance with a few of them, and felt slightly jealous, but if his date was having a good time, then that’s what mattered.


Of course, Ed had openly glared at him too, when he didn’t think Roy was watching.  Really... what was Ed’s problem?  Was he mad that Roy wasn’t dancing with him?  He’d seemed fine about going and dancing with the ladies... It must be some strange teenage thing...


When he heard Ed clear his throat behind him, Roy turned slowly and said smoothly, “Well, Edward, have you been enjoying yourself?”


“Not as much as you have, bastard,” Ed growled.


Roy smirked.  Ed couldn’t possibly be jealous... “I don’t know, I thought I saw you out there with quite a few nice looking young ladies...”  He should actually be congratulating Ed on being able to get so many dance partners.  He was about to say so when Ed’s countenance darkened.


Looking at Roy through his bangs, Ed growled, “Can I have a WORD.  WITH.  YOU?”


“Of course,” Roy said with an amused, tight-lipped smile.  There was jealously, and then there was jealousy.  One was flattering, the other was insulting and Ed was bordering on insulting.


Turning back to the woman, Roy rested his hand on the one she still had on his arm and said in an apologetic voice, “I’m sorry.  I have to go now.  It was a pleasure talking with you.”  He flashed one of his most charming smiles and watched the woman responded with a nod and a radiant smile of her own. 


Getting up, Roy looked at Ed who was glaring heatedly at the woman.  The teen grabbed his arm with his automail hand and dragged him away from the table.  Ed looked back, probably to glare at the woman again.


Roy winced as Ed’s metal fingers bit painfully into his arm through his suit jacket.  This was going a little too far...


“Bastard!” Ed hissed as he pulled him toward the back wall and tightened his grip.  “Trying to pick up some ass on the side?  I saw how you two were leaning into one another!”


His arm was definitely going to bruise from this ‘loving’ treatment.  “You said you were going to dance with the ladies, so I thought I’d keep the ones who weren’t lucky enough to dance with you busy,” Roy said, trying to flatter his young lover into a better mood.


“You’re such a liar!” Ed accused, then dropped his death-grip hold and turned to face him.  “You practically had her in your lap!”


Being called a liar didn’t sit well with Roy, but he tried to remind himself that Ed was young and impulsive.  Trying to keep the mood light, he said, “Ed, what did you think was going to happen if I stayed on the sidelines?  That I’d just magically become invisible?  I can’t help it that I’m so charming and good looking that woman want to be around me.  Really, Ed, it’s your fault for bringing me here and leaving me alone.”  The last was said with a hint of amusement and a shrug.  Maybe Ed would see what a bad idea this whole thing had been in the first place.


“I just wanted to dance with you, but you were an ass!” Ed snarled.  “At least I went to dinner with you!”


That was it.


The last straw.


Letting out a derisive laugh, Roy said, “Well, I suppose we’re even now aren’t we, Ed?  Yes, you did come to dinner with me, but you didn’t eat.”  He sighed and shook his head angrily.  He didn’t want to stay on that subject so he jumped to another one.  “You should know that I would never cheat on you, or at least I would have hoped that after all this time, you would know me better than that.  Flirting with women comes naturally to me, so that’s what I do, but it doesn’t mean anything.”


Letting the irritation he’d been feeling during the evening bloom into full-blown anger, Roy said, “If you don’t want me to try changing you, then don’t try to change me.  Did you see me storming out onto the dance floor to stop you from dancing closely with those women?”  Hurt threaded into the anger he was feeling and that made him feel even more frustrated about the whole situation.  “Try trusting me a little,” he muttered resentfully, then stopped. 


Roy didn’t want to start ranting at Ed.  He didn’t want to rip into his younger, inexperienced lover.  He could.  He had that ability.  Making someone else feel like shit was another of those things that just came ‘naturally’ to him.  And he was ashamed to admit that he’d used that ‘talent’ in the past with some of his previous girlfriends.  He’d been younger then. 


Younger and inexperienced. 


Like Ed. 


Roy didn’t want to hurt Ed.  He knew his lover was just angry and hadn’t fully learned to control his tongue.  Hell, he was fourteen years older, and even he had a hard time controlling his tongue sometimes, which was why...


“I’m leaving,” he said, turning around and walking toward the door.


He needed to cool off.  Just get away from the situation for a few minutes before he said something he’d regret. 


Relieving the coat check of his coat, Roy slipped it on and headed out the door into the cold winter night.  That in itself seemed to help him think a little more clearly.  Glancing around, Roy decided to head for the park across the street instead of going directly back to his car. 




He sighed heavily and ignored the shout.  Couldn’t Ed just give him five minutes to calm down?  The frozen grass of the park crunched a little under his shoes as he walked toward the empty children’s play area.




Making it to the large play structure in the middle of the park, Roy walked around the other side and leaned against a metal ladder leading up to the next level where kids could go down the slide.  Sighing, he folded his arms and waited.  Ed would keep after him, and here was as good of a place as any.


Suddenly the teen dashed around the side and slipped on a patch of ice, flying a little into the air and landing on his rear and head.  He laid there for a moment, then moaned, “...owww...”


“Very attractive,” Roy said flatly.  “Your grace never ceases to amaze me.”  He knew it wasn’t exactly nice, but he was still ticked.


Ed blinked and gingerly touched his head, then looked at his hand.  Sighing irritably, Roy walked over to the prostrate teen and knelt down, inspecting Ed’s head.  When he didn’t find any blood or cuts, Roy grunted and said, “You’re fine.  Your head is too hard to do any real damage.  I should probably worry about the ground.”


Grunting, Ed slowly propped himself up on one elbow.  Roy, I’m sorry.  I’ve been a bitch to deal with all night,” he said with a little shiver.


Grunting again, Roy stood and pulled Ed to his feet.  With a small smile, he looked at the teen and said, “Those words seem to come more naturally to you than they do to me...” 


Wrapping his arms around Roy, Ed snuggled up close to him, burying his face into Roy’s chest.  Roy wrapped his arms around Ed, holding him close.  “I wish I could say those words so easily...”  Words that heal rather than hurt... “I’m sorry...” he quoted.  Why was it that apologizing came so hard to him?  He thought that he should probably say those words right now, but instead he said, “You haven’t been a bitch all night.”  It was close to an apology... “But yeah, you’ve been a handful...


“Yeah I have...” Ed said, his words muffled by having his face buried in Roy’s chest.  “I just wanted to dance with you,” he whined.


Roy petted Ed’s hair, the anger from before dissipating.  “You know... I really can’t dance...”  The teen tightened his grip on him, and he wasn’t sure what to make of that so he said with a chuckle, “I drive better than I dance...”


Ed snorted.  “There’s not much to know for a slow dance...” Ed said, his voice still muffled.


“You say that now,” Roy said in amusement, thinking of his ‘lessons’ with Hawkeye.  “I assume you cherish your remaining foot?”


“Can you sway?  You could do that at least and leave your feet planted?” Ed asked, looking up at Roy’s face.


He pulled back a little and gazed down at his young lover.  He supposed he could do that... for Ed... This seemed to be something the teen really wanted...


“How about it?” Ed asked, shivering.


Letting go of the teen, Roy pulled off his coat and put it around Ed’s shoulders.  “I guess so,” he said then continued, a little unsure, “Um... you start...”


Ed rolled his eyes.  “Just hold me like before, okay...” he instructed.  “My teacher said dancing was like self defense so she made us learn.  This was how I first started.”  Ed wrapped his arms around Roy’s waist and started to sway before resting his head against his chest again.


Roy stiffened a little and muttered, “Yeah, I can understand that.  I feel like defending myself right now.”  He swayed a little at Ed’s lead.


The teen snorted, then laughed.  “See it’s not that hard, right?”


“I feel like an idiot,” Roy muttered.


“Well, at least you don’t look like one,” Ed returned.




Roy stopped and looked down at Ed.


Ed glanced up, a puzzled look on his face.  “What?”




Grinning down at Ed, Roy said, “It’s the count down.  Listen.”


“Eh?”  Ed tilted his head to catch the sound of the people from the dance hall calling out the count down, then grinned.




Roy glanced back in the direction of the dance hall, then back to Ed.  “How nice of them to shout it just so we’d know,” he said with a conceited grin.


“Yeah, we must remember to thank them, cuz we’re too pig headed to stay inside,” Ed said sarcastically.




“Perhaps,” Roy murmured, sliding a hand under Ed’s chin and leaning down.  He didn’t want to talk about the people at the Legion.  He had other things on his mind.




Ed leaned up on his tip toes, already seeming to expect a kiss on the lips.




Smiling, Roy leaned down and kissed Ed on his right cheek.


“You missed,” Ed said flatly.




“I never miss,” Roy murmured and kissed Ed’s other cheek.


“Wrong again,” Ed murmured.




Roy kissed Ed’s forehead and the teen said, “Nope...”




Next was a small peck on Ed’s nose, and to this the teen said nothing.




At the last count and the shout of ‘Happy New Year’, Roy pressed his lips softly, yet firmly, against Ed’s.  The teen moved his hands along Roy’s back and tried to take over the kiss.  He smiled and slipped his tongue into the teen’s mouth to kiss him more thoroughly.


Ed groaned and pressed himself more fully against Roy’s body before slipping his tongue out and trying to push Roy’s back.  Roy was having none of that however, and worked his own tongue around Ed’s before moving his hand down to fondle Ed’s groin.


Roy felt Ed grip his back and he reached down with his other hand to pull the teen’s shirt out a little so that he could reach in and tease one of Ed’s nipples.  The blond broke the kiss and gasped.


Roy...” Ed moaned.  “Are we... here?”


Roy almost gave in, but instead he gave Ed’s sex one final stroke and stepped back with a smirk.  “Of course not.  I told you.  No sex until you take me out on a successful date.”


Ed stared at him in disbelief.  “What?”


Deciding the wait would be worth not getting his instant gratification, Roy said, “Remember?”  He held up a finger and wiggled it.  “No sex until you take me out on a successful date.  You agreed to it.”  Roy let out a fake sigh.  “I guess you’d better turn in your state job for one with the church as some sort of male nun...” he said with a chuckle.


Ed’s jaw dropped.  “Really?  No sex until my date with you?  What’s your definition of successful?  Let’s go on a date right now!”


Oh, no.  He wasn’t going to let Ed get away with it that easily.  He wanted the teen to appreciate all the hard work Roy put into courting him.  With a grin, Roy said, “Well, of course, I have to have a good time.  You have to make me want to have sex with you.  It’s a shame you’ve never dated a woman, Ed.  It’s a real challenge to get one of them into bed.  You have to know just what they like, and how to talk to them, and what to do for them.” 


He paused, trying to think of how to make Ed understand how easy he has had it, and what kind of work has been put into... well... not getting into Ed’s pants... well, actually, yeah.  That’s about it actually...


“You remember the date we had where I first got you into bed?  It took me quite a while to figure out just what made you tick.”  That was a definite understatement... “Hamburgers and sparing would never have been my first choice, but...”  He shrugged.  It was the perfect date for you.


Ed groaned and held his head in his hands.  “That means that I got to take you to a fru-fru restaurant like that one?  And you’d want some...”  He waved a hand around vaguely.  “Sort of gift.”  He looked worried and said, “And then what else?  Um...”


Roy snickered.  This... could be really fun...  “Well, I don’t know, Ed...  How well do you really know me?  It will be trial and error.”  He turned around and started walking,then stopped and glanced back at Ed.  “But remember, you said you wanted to be on top.”  That, too, should be interesting...  “If you want it you’re going to have to earn it.”  With a grin, Roy turned around and waved a hand.  “Let’s get your coat and get out of here.”


“Doh!” Ed said, and Roy could hear him scrambling after him.  “This sucks!” Ed yelled, making Roy grin all the more.

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