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The More I learn to Care for You - Roy's POV: Ch: 3

Title: The More I learn to Care for You - Roy's POV

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Main Characters: Roy Mustang, Ed Elric
Rating: R

Warnings: Language, Probably eventual limes and lemons,
SummaryRoy takes Ed out on New Year's Eve, but it doesn't go as he'd planned... [RoyEd]

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The More I learn to Care for You - Roy's POV


Chapter Three – Part One


New Year’s



Roy stuck his hands in his coat pockets and watched Ed walk in front of him.  It was a shame the dress, winter coat hid the teen’s rear so well...


“It’s around here somewhere...” Ed said and looked down at a small piece of paper in his hand.


Roy scowled at the shorter alchemist in front of him and said, “So would you like to tell me where we’re headed now?”


Ed stopped and looked back over his shoulder.  “We’re going to the Legion.”


Roy had lowered his eyes to stare appreciatively at Ed’s lower front region, but when he heard that he looked up in surprise.  “The Legion... that dance hall...?  You’re not serious,” he asked in disbelief.


Ed gave him a grin and said, “Oh yeah...can’t wait, eh!”


“I don’t dance,” Roy said flatly.  It was true.  He didn’t dance.  Hawkeye had once said that she would teach him, but after three ‘lessons’ the woman had proclaimed him hopeless.  It hadn’t bothered him that much at the time, since he had plenty of other charms to pull on the ladies, and dancing wasn’t a requirement for promotion.  Now, however, the thought of making a fool out of himself on the dance floor in front of Ed made him wish he’d took the time to learn at least a bit.


Ed shrugged and said, “That’s okay.  You can hold up the wall while I dance with the ladies.”  That said, the teen turned around and started walking again. 


Roy raised an eyebrow and held back a comment about women liking to dance with men taller then them.  Following after Ed, Roy thought he heard the faint sounds of music. 


“Um...this way, I think,” Ed said and turned down another street.  Following his date, Roy grunted and looked up the street to see the dance hall; the entrance was packed with people standing about talking over the loud music from inside.  Seeing the mass, Roy was glad they’d decided to walk here from the restaurant seeing as how it would be difficult to find a place to park.


As they approached the front of the building, Ed grinned and said, “This looks like fun,” before pushing past the milling people toward the door.


Roy grunted again and muttered while following Ed, “Oh yeah, loads...”


Roy frowned as he watched Ed fish a couple of wadded bills from his pocket to pay his own way into the dancehall, then hand his coat to the coat check.  Irritably, Roy pulled his wallet out, and paid his way in before handing his own coat to the coat check.  Walking to the teen, Roy stuffed some money into Ed’s pocket. 


“I’m paying...” he grumbled. just did that much more damage to his ego to have the teen try paying his own way...  Ed was his date, and he sure as hell was going to pay for him.


Ed snorted and said, “Contrary to popular belief, my long hair does not make me into a girl...”


Roy glared down at Ed and said, “You seem rather obsessed with me thinking you’re a girl.  Trust me, Ed.  I’m quite aware of your gender.  Since I am supposed to be taking you on a date, I want to open doors for you, and pay for you.  I guess I’m just old fashioned that way.  If you don’t like it, get over it.”  He paused then said, bringing up Ed’s point from the restaurant, “Or does telling someone not to try changing another person only go one way?”


Ed stiffened and blinked, and after a moment he said, “Yeah, okay.  So when do I get to take you out so you can be the girl?”  The teen lowered his voice and leaned in close.  “That means you get to be bottom.”  The last was said with a smirk.


Roy thought he should feel amused, but he didn’t.  Instead he felt a little thoughtful.  How would it be to be taken out?  He didn’t know.  He’d only ever taken other people out.  Would he even want Ed to take him out?  That could be an unholy disaster all in itself...


Shrugging, Roy glanced around, suddenly wondering where the liquor was located.  He had a nice little buzz from dinner, but he could still use another drink.  Glancing down at Ed, he said seriously, “I don’t know.  You’ve never asked me out before.  Usually that’s what people do when they want to show they’re interested in someone.”


Well, at least, that’s what men did.  Women just flirted you to death until you asked them out.  Ed had done neither.  Roy had wanted Ed, so he’d pursued him.  Simple as that.  Thinking about it now, the kid probably didn’t know what had hit him.  It might have been different for Ed had he been pursued by someone as inexperienced in relationships as he was, but to have someone with Roy’s know-how trying to court him...


“Oh... I never?” Ed said sounding a little upset.  His shoulders sagged and he frowned a little while chewing on his automail thumb.  “Well... you wanna go out sometime, then?”  He looked up into Roy’s face, waiting for an answer.


He smiled a small smile and chuckled.  He couldn’t help it.  The blond just looked so damn cute and the thought of Ed trying to court him... “I don’t know... do you think you can handle taking me out?” 


“Tch, what’s there to handle?  We’ve been out lots of times,” he said, then grabbed Roy’s hand.  “Come on, let’s get out of the way.”  Ed threaded his fingers through Roy’s and dragged him down the hall.


Roy chuckled again and decided to let Ed take the lead for the moment.  The more he thought about it, the more intriguing the idea of Ed courting him was.  Ed had never actually had to plan a date before.  He’d never had to call and ask, time and time again if his target date wanted was free to go out on a specific night.  He’d never been turned down before.  He’d never had to actually pay for someone else on a date or...


Suddenly he stopped as Ed paused for a moment in the hall proper.  Roy glanced around at all the people.  He’d been to State Balls before, so he was used to an environment a little like this, but much more refined than what he was seeing.  The music from the live band was loud but the din from the people almost matched it. 


Without warning, his hand was pulled again and he suddenly felt himself pushed into a line.  Roy tilted his head a little to see to the front and was gratified to know that it was the line for drinks.  Not able to stop the quip, Roy said in amusement, “You didn’t have enough wine at the restaurant?”


“Not for me, for you,” Ed explained.  “I can tell you’re tense.”  Ed smiled, then took off, calling, “Be right back.”


Roy shook his head and chuckled, watching Ed wander off.  The teen had been rather amusing in the last couple of minutes.  Maybe their night would be somewhat pleasant after all. 


Turning to stare at the line, Roy frowned when he saw how slow it was, and said, “Excuse me,” to the lady in front of him. 


The woman turned around and when she saw him a faint blush heated her cheeks.  “Yes?” she asked.  He could tell she was trying to be charming, but she needed a little more work at it. 


“Have you been waiting very long?”  He didn’t want to give her the wrong idea, so he tried to sound a little detached. 


She seemed to get the message and said politely, “Well, not this time, but I was in the line before and it was slow then.  That was before it really started picking up in here.”


“I see...” Roy said, a little disappointed at having to wait so long, then stepped forward when the line moved.


The woman nodded and ran her eyes over his face before smiling more broadly and turning away.  It was flattering, and if he knew Ed wasn’t coming right back, he might have flirted with her a little, but that just wouldn’t do in such a short amount of time.


Suddenly, Ed walked up beside him, jacket slung over his shoulder and tie loosened.  It was actually a rather attractive look.  The only thing that marred the scene was the bread crumbs at the corner of Ed’s lip.  “You still haven’t gotten anything to drink!”


Roy shrugged and murmured, “Long line,” before brushing at Ed’s mouth.  He felt a little irritated that Ed was eating the cheap party food here, but he’d hardly touched his food at the restaurant.  Trying not to dwell on it, Roy said, “I see you had no such problems getting food.”


“Eh?” Ed said and started brushing at his own face as well.  With a grin he said, “I’m still growing – and don’t you say anything!”  Ed held up a threatening finger.


“You know,” Roy said hopefully.  “We could skip the line and just go back to my place.”


“Then I couldn’t torture you,” Ed answered, then pulled on his shoulder.  Roy leaned down and the teen whispered, “No sex until the new year.” 


Roy quickly stood up straight and glared down at Ed.  “What?” He exclaimed in surprise, then paused.  So that’s how it was, was it?  Well, two could play that game.  Smirking, Roy leaned down and whispered into Ed’s ear, “How about no sex until you can take me out on a successful date?”


Ed shivered a little, then motioned for Roy’s ear.  He turned his head and Ed whispered, “The new year’s closer... but if you want to wait, fine.”  Ed shrugged and stepped away slightly.


Roy stood up straight and shrugged, feeling pleased that he was now back in control.  “As you wish,” he said and stepped to the bartender when he realized he was next in line.  “Long Island Iced Tea,” he said, as he pulled out his wallet for the right amount.  He glanced at Ed, who wasn’t looking too happy, then back to the bar.  Thinking they really should have more then two people making drinks in such a busy dance hall, Roy paid the man, took his drink, and walked back to Ed.


“So are you going to dance with me or just laze around.  There’s so many people out there that no one would notice us,” Ed said and pointed to the dance floor.


Roy shrugged and took a drink.  He wasn’t exactly worried about people seeing him with Ed, he was more worried about looking like an idiot.  “No, I’ll just ‘laze’ over by the wall watching as you try to find someone to dance with.”  That should definitely be amusing, he thought, then continued, “I’m sure I’ll find plenty of pleasant company near the wall.”  At that, Roy turned around and started off toward the chairs and tables near the wall. 

Go here for Part Two
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