ZaKai Stonewall (zakai_) wrote,
ZaKai Stonewall


If you want a card from me, leave your name and address in a comment (they're screaned). Or you can message me. Or you can email me. OR you can text/call me if you have my number. Any of those work.

Yes you can still get a card if you don't send me one, I'm sending them because I want to, but I WANT A CARD IF YOU ARE SENDING CARDS OUT! I need something in my mail box besides bills and ads. I am not online much right now so if you have a card post, please include the link to it so I can sign up, or give me an e-mail, or whatever. <3

For those of you who have already replied to my previous posts, I sent out international cards a few days ago (when I picked up stamps) and any cards going to U.S. resident addresses will be sent out in the very near future.
Tags: christmas, christmas 12
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