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Random Story scene 2

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Ed froze in the act of combing his hair with Mustang’s comb when he heard the alarm go off.

“You’ve got to be fucking kidding me,” he thought. “An alarm on the weekend?!”

Slowly, Ed set down the comb, trying to be quiet and hurriedly buckled up his belt, not bothering to tuck in his shirt. He’d planned to be long gone before Mustang woke up in hopes of avoiding an uncomfortable morning after, but this might just fuck it all to hell.

The music continued to play and Ed wondered if perhaps Mustang was sleeping through the alarm. The music was from a big band group that had gone out of style when Ed was a kid, but was still popular with those of the generations before him.

Looking down at his boots and jacket on the floor, Ed considered what he would do now. He really did not want to see Mustang this morning. He didn’t want to be confronted with what had happened last night. Not right now.

Ed glanced at the bathroom window. It was large enough that Ed would be able to open it and escape if he wanted to, but Mustang lived several floors up and it would be a pain to get down to the—

The music stopped.

Moving his gaze away from the window, Ed crept to the door way that led from the master bathroom to the master bedroom and peaked through it. Mustang was still in bed, eyes closed. He was going back to sleep.

Ed let out a silent sigh of relief and retreated back into the bathroom. With a practiced efficiency, Ed braided his hair slowly, doing it just right so that he avoided getting his hair caught in the automail, tied it off at the end, then silently picked up his boots and jacket.

Taking a deep breath, Ed snuck out of the bathroom, through the bedroom, then out into the main living room area of the apartment. Ed took one last glance around, the memories of the night before trickling into his mind from all the little reminders.

The table littered with the papers and books he and Mustang had been looking at; the empty bottle of wine sitting at the end of the table; the two empty glasses on the end tables, the couch pillows cast carelessly on the floor to make more room on the couch; the...

Ed shook his head as if that would clear the thoughts, pulled on his boots and jacket, and made a quick exit out the front door, closing it silently behind him.

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