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some random story with no name yet - scene 1

As the subject says, this is a random story with no title, no direction, and no planning as of yet. Perhaps there won't ever be any direction. So therefore I cannot give much in the way of Title, Warnings, Rating, Summary, etc.

I can tell you it is Roy/Ed. I can tell you I'm not necessarily following any specific canon. I can tell you every scene will probably be short, but that will make the likelyhood of updating much more likely. Also, the shorter scenes I won't use a cut unless it's NSFW.

When the alarm went off, Roy didn’t immediately wake up. Instead he listened to the tinny sound coming out of the machine and let it climb into his dreams, giving his cozy dreams a rather nice sound track. He reached his arm over to wrap it around the warm body his mind said was there and when he found nothing, Roy finally opened his eyes.

The bed sheets were wrinkled, giving evidence that someone had indeed been there, but they were also cold, telling Roy that body had been gone long enough that the warmth had also receded.

Roy closed his eyes and breathed out slowly, letting his mind go back a little to the night before. He and Ed had breached the professional wall that separated them and took advantage of the darkness, hoping it would keep their newly made secret. Perhaps it would. Perhaps not.

Roy had indulged from time to time with random one night stands, or short lived affairs, though none with any so young as Edward. At seventeen, Ed was a year past the legal age of adulthood, but... well, there was just something to be said about taking someone into your bed who was fourteen years your junior.

Rolling over, Roy yawned and turned off the clock radio. The alarm wasn’t needed today. Not on the weekend, but he’d forgotten to turn it off. He blinked a couple of times from the light creeping in through the closed blinds, then decided a little more sleep would be nice.

Closing his eyes, Roy let his mind wander idly to the night before. Ed’s skin; the metal; the long, well kempt hair that felt clean but rough from the lack of conditioner; the musky combination of Ed’s soap, deodorant, shampoo, and Ed’s own personal smell—one that hinted at a young man who traveled often, and lived the life of a bachelor.

He thought of those things, the intimate things he had learned in the secret darkness of the night, and drifted back to sleep.

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