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FMA Meme - Day 10

I didn't do this yesterday due to fail at work and having to deal with all of that, plus car problems. But look! I am back! *laughs*

Day 1- How were you exposed to the phenomenon that is Fullmetal Alchemist?
When Newtype started coming out in the U.S. I got a subscription and I read about FMA there. My first thought was, "That sounds kind of dumb..." but then I found the fan subs online (it wasn't out in the U.S. yet) and I fell in love.

Day 2- What was the first episode you saw of the series? What were your thoughts then?
I started from the first episode and I really enjoyed it from the very first. I don't think I had any specific thoughts on what I thought of it other than, "time to go on to the next episode".

Day 3- Your favorite character.

Okay, this is an interesting question. Because I watched the original anime before I read the manga, I really liked a number of characters that I might not have liked as much or would have liked for different reasons if I'd read the manga first. I really liked Ed's emo-ness in the anime, but I'm drawn to angst anyway. And I really liked Roy Mustang, again, he had some great angst going, but he was a strong character and he wasn't a 15 year old boy. At the time Roy Mustang was far older than I was and I've always liked older men *winks* let's not get into the fact that Roy Mustang and I are now the same age... D:

So yeah, I was attracted to the angst factor first and foremost, which I feel like is not nearly as prevelant in the manga, and I feel like Ed and Roy and other characters are almost 'different characters' in a way, in the manga.

I also loved Maes Hughes and was completely devistated when he died. I should also add that I do like Riza, Izumi, Winry, and Olivia. But in the end, I'm going to say that Roy Mustang is my most favorite character. I like his character both in the anime and in the manga (though for different reasons). I love writing him and I love cosplaying as him. I think he's stoic, angsty, and kind of an ass in the anime, but in the manga he has this underlying dorkiness that I find endearing when combined with his focus on his goals and the people he cares about. Also, I love how he gets so wrapped up in avenging Maes Hughes's death.

So yeah. Roy Mustang <3

Day 4- Did you read the manga? What did you think?

Yes I read the manga and I actually really liked it. I loved the plot element a lot and it had a lot of characters in it that the anime didn't. I absolutely love the characters from Briggs. I wasn't very satisfied with the last half of the anime. It was okay, it worked, it fed my need for angst and I think because I didn't really care for it much I was able to feed my writing muse.

I know a lot of people didn't like the end of the manga because of who ended up with whome, and all that, but I'm going to be honest... I actually liked how it ended. It ended happy. I wasn't emotionally shattered by the end like I was with the anime (It broke my heart to see Ed and Al seperated like that :( ).

There were also scenes in the manga that we didn't get in the anime, like Roy fighting Lust. I also felt like the Homunculi made sense in the manga, which would be so since they were kind of winging it a bit with the anime.
Day 5- Who's scarier? Izumi or Hawkeye? Why?

I don't find either of them particularly scary, truthfully. I think they're both bad-ass and awesome, but I think Izumi is slightly more bad-ass because I don't think you'd see her turn into a blubbering mess if she thought Sig had died. She'd be pissed and go out there, kick some serious butt, and then when the danger is over and she had time, she would cry it out or whatever she needed to do.

So, in that sense, I would say Izumi.

Day 6- Your favorite Homunculus

I'd have to say Greed. Both Greed from the original anime and Greed!lLing. I'm not a fan of any of the other homunculi from the original anime, though I do like Pride and Wrath from the manga. I do really like Greed!Ling because he has that extra depth of being Ling and Greed, but I just like the whole posessive idea going on there.

Day 7- Did you see Conqueror of Shambala? Your thoughts?

I did (I also had a chance to see it in the theaters, which was so fun), and you know what, I actually liked it for the most part. I didn't care for Noa all that much, but I liked that Ed and Al ended up together. I also liked that Roy seemed to be waiting for Ed to return. I liked the history aspect of it, and I liked seeing Ed in the new outfit. It was also nice seeing him grown up a little. Plus, while Alfons wasn't in that much of the movie, I did like his character, and the possibilities for fanfic and doujins. But mostly I loved that Ed and Al ended up together. As I stated before, I was sooooo sad that they were seperated. It just seemed so wrong.

Day 8- Your favorite antagonist

Hmmm... Good question. I'd have to say Kimblee from the manga, not from the original anime. I like how he's such a gentleman yet he's as corrupt as they come. He enjoys a good boom and a bang and maybe a good scream or two. I like the politely evil ones. *laughs*

Day 9- Your thoughts on the first anime

Well, I kind of covered this before but I'll put another few cents in here. I really l iked the first anime. I loved the colors and the animation quality. I loved that angst factor. I did like it a little more before it deviated from the manga, but I like that there are many things that are different from the manga so it gives us a great alternate universe from the manga (and vise versa). I also love how there are things that are similar in nature but not quite, to both the manga and the anime. Like Roy losing an eye in the original anime and losing his sight in the manga, or how Ed loses the ability to do alchemy in the other world in the first anime and loses that ability forever in the manga (there are other examples but I can't think of them off the top of my head).

I didn't like the end of the original anime because, as stated before, Ed and Al were seperated. It was just a lousy, depressing ending. And of course there was no movie in sight when I finished the anime so I was left upset and scarred for quite a while.

Anyone who reads my fic will probably get the sense that I take my characterizations from the original anime for the most part. It is the 'original universe' that I build off for most of my writing, unless otherwise stated. More recently this leads to some luling and facepalming on my part when someone messages me and is like "Nice story, but the fuhrer is actually Wrath, not Pride" or other things that indicate that they've really never laid eyes on the original anime.

But yeah, loved the first anime. :)

Day 10- Barry the Chopper: love him or hate him?

Uh well, in the original anime I thought he was kind of a waste of screen time, but in the manga I found him kind of amusing and at least he had a purpose in being there that added to the plot. I will forever be amused by him hitting on Hawkeye.

But overall... uh... I'm kind of indifferent actually.

Day 11- Your favorite fight

Day 12- Your all-time favorite line(s)

Day 13- Would you ever take the risk and do human transmutation?

Day 14- Which artistic style did you prefer? The first anime or the manga/Brotherhood?

Day 15- Your favorite animal/chimera character

Day 16- Do you have a favorite episode and/or manga chapter? Why?

Day 17- Do you have a favorite ship or crack pairing?

Day 18- Your thoughts on Brotherhood

Day 19- What is your overall favorite moment in the series?

Day 20- Your favorite anime OP/end

Day 21- Do you think Maes Hughes is an adorable and loving father or just creepy?

Day 22- Your opinion on the anime: raw or dubbed?

Day 23- Do you have a favorite Elric brother? Why or why not?

Day 24- Do you have any opinions of the OST? What are they?

Day 25- Roy Mustang: What do you think?

Day 26- Has the series impacted your life in any way? How?

Day 27- What attracted you to the series overall?

Day 28- You know someone is an FMA fan when.

Day 29- What did you think of the series' end?

Day 30- What do you think happens to the characters after the series ended for good?
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