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FMA #108 - My Thoughts

The No Spoilers Part

I liked it. It is sad that it has come to an end, but at the same time, I admit that I actually like it when stories do come to an end. I don't really care for epic anime/manga that go on for 50 million episodes/chapters with minimum content. I also don't like it when stories are continued just because people want them to be continued. Having an end is good.

The Spoilers Part

First to address the Ed/Winry part. You know, throughout the whole manga, it has been pointing to Ed/Winry. I'm not big on that pairing, but I don't dislike it. Hell, I've even written fic for it. I don't have isssues with it. A more open ending would have been nice, but I have no problems ignoring their relationship for my own Roy/Ed needs or even using it as a plot device for other Roy/Ed fic. *shrugs*

As far as what is canon, I've never denied that Roy/Riza and Ed/Winry is canon. I don't, for a minute, believe that Ed and Roy would ever have a relationship. But, that doesn't stop me from enjoying them together. It's as simple as that.

I am sad that Ed lost his ability to do alchemy. It does make sense, but at the same time I feel sad over it. That loss was something that really bothered me in the first anime/CoS as well. It's just so much a part of Ed that I feel sad for him more than anything else.

Part of me is a little disappointed that Roy regained his sight. I think this makes me a sadist ^^; But I did have a feeling she would find a way to make it possible for him to see again. And I am happy too that he could see again... I just have that little part of me that feels the other way haha. I did like that Roy didn't become Fuhrer. I think that shows that he has to keep going to reach his goals and that everything in the end didn't suddenly fall into place.

Also, Havoc learning to walk again! yay!

I loved the last page with Ed and his family and all the other pictures. I admit that I wish that Riza would have kept her hair short throughout the whole series instead of letting it grow out, but this is for selfish reasons because finding a wig for her is a pain when trying to cosplay her XD Besides, I think she looks better with shorter hair.

As for Hoho, I think it kind of sucks that he died ANYWAY and that Ed could have kept his alchemy anyway, but I think it's better how she did it. It still kind of sucks. But at the same time, he was totally ready to go and he'd be a lot happier with Trisha.

I did like what they did with Al. I like that he got his body back and that both he and Ed are doing their own things. At times, I really felt like they had a very co-dependant relationship in the story, and I like seeing that they moved on and really became their own people and have their own lives, but still have the other as part of their lives (if that makes sense the way I wrote that).

Hm... I don't think I missed anything. But yeah, that's pretty much my thoughts on the end. I loved the whole thing, truthfully. It wasn't perfect, but it was good and Al got his body and Ed and Al weren't seperated by another world (which was another thing that really bothered me with the first anime). I also liked that Winry wasn't left alone like she was in the first anime and CoS. She waited for them all that time just to be left alone in the end. I didn't like that.

So yep, that's what I thought. As for my activity in the fandom, I still plan on being here for a long time to come. I guess you could say that FMA is my 'one true fandom' lol. The manga is over, but the fandom isn't over.

I've met so many great people through FMA. All of you and others not on LJ. And though I don't have the time right now to be here as much as I'd like or to write as much as I'd like, I just want to say that I value all of my experiences and all the people I've met through this fandom. haha I'm tearing up just a little thinking about it, but it's so true.

So, thank you, everyone, for being part of my life through this fandom.
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