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Marital Consideration - Chapter 2

Title: Marital Consideration
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: R-NC17
Pairings Hughes/Roy/Gracia, Roy/Gracia, Hughes/Roy, Hughes/Gracia
Type: Het, Yaoi, light humor
Warnings: Smut, language
Summary: Maes and Gracia decide they'd like to add a new element to their sex life—Roy Mustang.

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Marital Consideration




The Inquiry




“If this is a bad time, sir, I can come back later.”  Roy stared at Riza Hawkeye for a moment, realizing that his mind had wandered and that she’d noticed.  


“Not at all.  Please continue.”


With a small sigh, she started her monthly report again.  Roy tried to pay attention, but the report was mundane and his attention kept wandering to other things; or, rather, to one other thing.  It was the same thing that had been on his mind for the past week.


“And all the numbers can be found in here,” Hawkeye said, handing him a folder with several documents in it.


He took the folder, opened it, and idly scanned over the papers.  The written report contained all of what she’d just told him, any supporting documents, and additions that were too menial to go over in an oral report.  Closing the folder, Roy set it down on his desk.  He always read his subordinate’s reports after they’d gone.


“Thank you.  Is there anything else?” he asked, trying to maintain his professional exterior.


She seemed a little hesitant, then shook her head.  “No, sir.”


Sitting back in his chair, Roy folded his arms and looked at her a little sternly.  He’d known Riza Hawkeye too long not to know when she had something on her mind.




“No,” she confirmed.  He tapped his fingers on his arm, considering if he should just let it go or not.  If it was important, then she wouldn’t be hesitant.  Just as he’d decided to forget about it, she said, “Permission to speak freely, sir?”


“If I said no, would that stop you?” he asked with a bit of humor.

She glanced up as if considering that point, though he knew she was just playing with him.  Hawkeye wasn’t one to push into other people’s business if her attention was unwanted.  When she looked back at him, her expression was serious again.


“You’ve seemed preoccupied recently.  Is there something wrong?”


And what could he say to that?  How would she react if he told her that his mind was preoccupied with whether or not he should have a relationship with Maes and Gracia Hughes? 


He’d told them that he’d think about it for a few days, but a few days had come and gone, and he hadn’t been able to bring himself to talk to them about it.  He’d even gone as far as avoiding Maes at work.  And, surprisingly enough, Maes hadn’t sought him out.  Roy had thought he would, but it hadn’t happened.


The answer should have been easy enough.  Roy should have been able to take a few days, then come see them and say that while he really did appreciate their trust in this matter, that he’d have to respectfully decline.


And yet it hadn’t been that easy.  Roy had actually thought about it more than he’d planned on.  He’d considered it, weighed the possibilities, found himself being repulsed by the idea even as he admitted that he was slightly curious and that it could be beneficial. 


As much as he liked Gracia, Roy had never thought about her in a sexual way.  And Maes?  Well, Roy had definitely never thought about him in a sexual light before, especially not in a situation that involved Roy himself.  But, be that as it may, Roy knew that he needed to decide on something.  He couldn’t just leave this hanging in the air between them.


“I’ve had a lot on my mind recently,” Roy admitted vaguely.


“That much is obvious,” Hawkeye retorted.


Roy smiled in a way that he hoped was reassuring.  “But nothing is wrong.  I just have something I need to decide on soon.”  He couldn’t tell if she believed him or not, but she seemed to accept that he wasn’t going to give her any more information than that.


“I see,” she said.  “Is there anything I can do to help?” 


“No.  It’s a personal matter, but thank you anyway.” 


A long moment of silence passed between them, and again Roy’s thoughts flitted away.  But this time an idea came to him and he returned quickly to the present.  He glanced at the clock, then back to Hawkeye.


“I’ll be taking an extended lunch today.  I have something I need to take care of away from the office.”


“Yes sir,” she said, not sounding particularly pleased, but also not in a position to deny his ability to leave.  “How long do you think you’ll be gone?”  Roy thought about that.  They only got an hour for lunch, but this might take a little longer.  Roy wondered if he could get away with borrowing one of the state cars.  It would be faster than taking public transport.


“I’m not sure.  Possibly two hours.”


Hawkeye considered this, then nodded once.  “Please call in if you’ll be longer,” she requested.  Not because he had to report into her.  No, it was more that she worried about him.  Even Roy’s own boss—General Hakuro—didn’t keep track of him as well as she did.  Truthfully, as far as Hakuro was concerned, Roy could come and go pretty much as he pleased as long as he was around for any meetings and other responsibilities he might have.  Roy worked hard and got his work done.  He often stayed far later than necessary, even working weekends on occasion, so he was often given a bit of a break concerning his hours.


“I will,” he agreed.


With a nod, Hawkeye saluted, turned, then walked out of the office, closing the door behind her.  Roy stared at the door for a moment, then opened the folder with her report and read it through before heading out on his lunch break. 


It wasn’t hard to get a car.  He used them often enough for official business that no one blinked an eye when he went to sign one out.  So he drove away from headquarters, knowing exactly where he wanted to go, but uneasy about going.  He drove past his destination more than once, but finally, after about twenty minutes, stopped the car and got out.


There were no kids playing in the street this time—as it was the middle of the day and they were most certainly in school—and the neighborhood felt a little too quiet.  Trying to shrug off the unease, Roy quickly made his way up the steps and knocked on the door.  There was a moment where he had an undeniable urge to run back to the car and drive away, and then the door cracked open.  He saw Gracia’s confused look, which changed to one of surprise before she smiled and opened the door wider. 


“Elysia is taking a nap,” she said quietly as she motioned for him to come in.  He nodded as he walked inside.  The house smelled of chemical cleaning products and sanitizer, and he could see a broom leaning against the wall near the kitchen next to a bucket with a mop.  The floor gleamed wetly in the light from the window and he guessed that she’d just finished mopping. 


“The only time I have to get any deep cleaning done is when she’s asleep,” Gracia said, seeing him look toward the kitchen.


He looked back at her, and said in a tone to match hers, “If this is a bad time—”  But he cut off when she started shaking her head. 


“This is actually a good time.  It’s easier than talking over Elysia running and screaming all over the house,” she said with a small, but weary, smile.


“Alright,” Roy said, feeling uneasy.  He wasn’t sure how to bring this up, but he wanted to talk to her first before giving them his final decision.


As if she knew exactly why he was there, she smiled and motioned to the couch.  “Please sit down.”  He did and was surprised that she sat right beside him.  “We need to speak softly.  I don’t want to wake Elysia, so I hope you don’t mind me sitting this close.”


“No...” he lied.  “No it’s fine.”


“So, tell me what’s on your mind.  Please don’t hold back,” she said kindly.


Roy studied her face, trying to imagine what it would be like to touch her and kiss her.  He searched his feelings.  Could he like her in such a way?  She was a very sweet person, but she seemed so off limits.  Perhaps that was because, in his mind, she belonged to Maes.  And if she didn’t belong to Maes?  Well, Roy most likely would never ask her out.  Even before she and Maes had gotten married, it was obvious that Gracia was one of those women who wanted a family life, and that wasn’t something Roy felt that he could really provide for someone.


To Roy, his career was extremely important.  His friends were important.  His subordinates were important.  But, then again, most of his friends were his subordinates, or at least people who he worked with in the military.  They were all capable of defending themselves and they had the same goals as he did.


A family was something else.  A family could be a liability.  Everything was more difficult with a wife and children.  Moving to another city was much more problematic, and there was that extra burden of wondering what would happen to them if you should die.  Or, even worse, what would happen if someone tried to go after them?


And so, while Roy would have been interested in having a family, it just didn’t seem to be practical.  But Maes and Gracia were offering him something that made it probable.  He could still have his career, but he’d be able to have somewhat of a family as well and not be as tied down.  Yet, Roy couldn’t help thinking that this seemed too good to be true.  Surely such an arrangement wouldn’t work.


Clearing his throat, Roy said, “I just need to ask some questions.”  She nodded, as if expecting this, so he continued.  “About what we talked about before... Is this... thing... with having someone else in your marriage...  something that you wanted to do, or is it something Maes talked you into?”


She smiled and shook her head.  “Actually, it was originally my idea.”


“It was?” he asked, a little surprised.


Gracia nodded, looking a little amused now.  “I’d actually said it as a joke, but Maes said that he’d be okay with it as long as it was someone we could agree on.  It was only after several months of us teasing back and forth about it that we finally decided that we’d each write a list of men and women we would be okay with having in our relationship, and we’d see who matched.”  She stopped, then said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t offer you anything to drink.  Can I get you some water or something?”


“No thank you,” he said.


Accepting that, Gracia continued.  “There were only a few names that matched, and we talked seriously about each of them.  We let some time pass so that we could write pros and cons about each.  We eventually came to the conclusion that you would be the best fit for us.  We would talk about it for a while, then let it lie because, really, we just didn’t know how to ask.  But after a long time, we finally decided to just go for it.”


“Well, I was definitely shocked,” Roy said.


“Put off?” she asked.  When he nodded, she gave him a wan smile.  “And now that you’ve had time to think about it?”


“I don’t know,” he admitted.  “Sometimes I think it could be interesting, at least worth a try, and then other times...” he trailed off and shook his head.  “You’re not just talking about you and me.  You’re talking about Maes and me, and you, Maes, and me.  You’re talking about something more than just a fling or some casual sex between the three of us.  You’re talking about a commitment.  I just don’t think I can be what you want.  I care for Maes and you a lot, but I’m not sure I could ever... love... either of you the way the two of you love each other.”


Roy lowered his gaze, not wanting to look at her anymore.  He was embarrassed about laying his emotions out so plainly, but Gracia had a way about her that made you want to spill your deepest secrets.


“I understand,” she said gently, and rested her hand on his knee.  “We don’t want to force you into this, but we also don’t expect you to suddenly be a different person if you decide to accept.  Maes and I didn’t start out with the relationship we have now.  We got to know one another bit by bit just like anyone else.  All we’re hoping for is that you’ll give it a chance, just like any other relationship.  See if it grows on you, see if you want more.  If you decide that it’s not for you, we’ll respect that.”


He stared down at her hand, which was now squeezing his knee.  He supposed that was fair.  It wasn’t too much to ask, just to give it a shot.  But...


“Something else is bothering you,” she said, not making it a question.


Roy brought his gaze up to look at her squarely.  Had she sensed his reluctance?  “I don’t like men romantically,” he said simply.  It wasn’t the main problem, but it did have a bit of a factor. 


“Are you repulsed by the idea of being with another man?” she asked curiously.


“No, not repulsed, but...  I’m just not interested.”


Gracia smiled.  “But maybe you could be interested, if the right person came along.”


“Maybe,” he said in a non-committal tone.  Truthfully he hadn’t even thought about it before this last week.  “Even if that’s so, I’m not sure it would be Maes.  He’s my best friend, almost like a brother.”


“You never know what the future will bring,” she said encouragingly.


“And you’re okay with that?  With Maes being with someone other than you?  With him being with me?”


“I think it sounds absolutely...”  She paused, then gave him a smile that he could only call ‘wicked’.  “Delightful.”


And it was right then that Roy got his first look at the woman who lay beyond the motherly, home-keeper exterior.  Before that moment, it had been difficult for Roy to believe that Gracia would come up with such a thing, but seeing her expression, one that shone with excitement and deviancy, he believed.


That look also lit a fire under his curiosity.  He was suddenly interested in knowing more about this woman and the secrets only Maes seemed to know about her.  And what about Maes?  How well did he really know his friend?  It wasn’t as if Roy had ever really wanted to know what his friend was like as a lover and a partner, but... if Gracia had such a hidden streak in her, then did Maes have one as well?  And that made Roy wonder about himself.  Did he have a deviant streak within him that he just hadn’t found yet?  Did he even want to have one? 

It was those questions, and pure curiosity, more than anything else, that led Roy to making a decision.  He hadn’t gotten as far as he had in his career by playing it safe, so why shouldn’t he take risks in other parts of his life as well?

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