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Some pictures

Okay so, I seriously did not get any pictures at the con with my camera. I got loads of pictures of sky_dark's kitten, some group shots of the people who were there, and some pictures of hikaru_9and I doing a Fem!Roy/Fem!Ed photoshoot in our hotel room. We thought it would be interesting to do a fem shoot for a change. It was interesting, though I think we'll stick with not gender switching them in future photoshoots XD

Mostly I'm just going to post some pictures of the kitten and a few from the photoshoot. I'd forgotten until now why I hate using LJ's scrapbook feature... So yeah, this is all I'm going to put up. Sorry ^^;


Aaaand the Fem!Roy/Fem!Ed pictures... NSFW....

Roy: You've got pretty small breasts, Ed, but at least they match the rest of you.

Ed: Fuck you, bitch!

Roy decides to make it up to Ed.
(It wasn't until near the end that we thought about opening the curtains and letting in some natural light. *fail*)

Really decides to make it up to her.

But of course Ed can't seem to pull herself away from the books.

But, Roy loves Ed anyway.

And Roy finally realizes at the very end that the gloves were missing. (photoshoot fail~! ^^; )
Tags: awa, cosplay, kitties

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