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Title: Jealousy
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: R
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Warning: Abuse
Summary: When Roy sees Ed talking with a woman, his jealousy overtakes him in cold rage.

Written for a request on the Roy/Ed kinkmeme thread at fmakinky






Ed hummed idly to himself as he headed down the hall to Roy’s office.  Just moments before he’d been stopped outside of headquarters by an incredibly beautiful female sergeant, who had complimented him on the thesis he’d submitted to one of the local scientific journals.  They’d talked for almost fifteen minutes, and though he was sure she was at least five years older than him, Ed was almost positive that the light touches on his arm and the warm smile had been her way of flirting with him.


It didn’t really matter if she was; he was currently in a relationship with Roy Mustang, the most handsome and brilliant man he’d ever met, and couldn’t be happier.  Granted they’d only been dating for a couple of weeks now, but he hoped that it would turn into a long term relationship.


Nevertheless, Ed did feel genuinely flattered by her attention, and he couldn’t help but smile all the way to Roy’s office, where he knocked on the door, then let himself in without waiting for an answer.


As he stepped into the room, Ed saw that Roy was standing by the window, looking out with a serious and foreboding expression on his face.  Concerned, Ed shut the door, walked to the desk, and said, “You okay?”


There was a slow nod from Roy, and Ed waited for him to say or do something, but instead he simply stood there.


“You ready to go?” Ed asked.  They were supposed to walk to Roy’s place today after work.  Roy stood there a moment longer, glowering out the window, then nodded and silently set about his office, getting ready to go.


Ed watched in confusion, his earlier elation fading away.  Had something happened?  Maybe Hakuro had chewed Roy out for something.  Ed had noticed that Roy didn’t take well to being corrected or called out, even if it was by a superior officer.  He thought of asking again if anything was wrong, but Roy had said there wasn’t, and Ed didn’t want to make a nuisance of himself.


When Roy was ready to go, he walked to the door, opened it, then gave Ed a fiercely expectant look.  Not wanting to cause any problems, Ed hurried through the door, then stopped and waited while Roy followed him, then locked the office door.


They walked through the halls, down the elevator, and out the front entrance without either saying a word.  Ed saw the sergeant he’d been talking to and gave her a smile and a wave.  She waved cheerfully back.


Ed looked away and sighed.  Well at least someone was cheerful.  Maybe he’d be able to do something for Roy later that would cheer him up.  Ed was starting to think of what would be the best thing for later when Roy spoke up.


“She doesn’t like you, you know.”  Ed glanced up at Roy and blinked in surprise. 


“Who?” he asked.


“That woman you just waved to.  She’s only being that friendly because you’re higher rank and a state alchemist.”


Ed glanced back to where the sergeant was standing, though she wasn’t looking in his direction now.  Was that true?  He hadn’t considered that possibility.  Ed tended to take people at face value, and he felt sadness prick at his heart.  She’d really seemed interested in him too.  No... what was more important was that she had genuinely seemed interested in his research.


He turned back around and frowned unhappily at the ground.  “She said that she liked my thesis...” he said sadly.


“I doubt she even read it,” Roy said bluntly. 


Ed looked up at Roy.  “Why do you say that?” he asked in hurt surprise.  “We talked about it for a while.  She even mentioned a few things specifically that she liked.”


“Any fool can look over something like that and just mention a few things.  Did she understand what those things were about?  Did she give any of her own thoughts on the subject?”


“Well... No, she didn’t,” Ed said, feeling a little stunned.  He was surprised at how bitterly disappointed and hurt he felt over this.  Had she really not read his thesis?  “She seemed so nice and friendly too,” he mumbled.


“Don’t flatter yourself,” Roy said a little more harshly than what Ed was used to.  “She was only nice to you because you might be able to put in a good word for her come promotion time.  She doesn’t care one shit about you as a person, and if you think for one moment she was physically interested in you, then you’d better think again.  Good looking women like that aren’t interested in short little boys with missing limbs.”


Ed’s head snapped up and his mouth dropped open in hurt astonishment at what he was hearing.  Sure he and Roy teased each other from time to time, but this wasn’t teasing—it wasn’t teasing at all.  These were hurtful barbs and they sunk deep into his heart, making his chest physically hurt with the anguish.


He waited for the indignant words to come to his mind so that he could respond, but he was completely stunned at the harsh words, that for once he was completely speechless.  Finally, Ed looked away and stared down at the sidewalk.


“I hate to say it, but the only thing you’ve really got going for you is your brains, Ed, and most people don’t really appreciate that.  You have to have something on the outside to draw them in, and frankly...”  He trailed off and stopped walking as they reached the door of his apartment.  Ed looked up to see that Roy was now looking down at him with a hard and angry expression.  “You really don’t have much on the outside to make anyone be really interested.”


Ed opened his mouth, hurt beyond comprehension now.  What was this?  What had he done to deserve such hurtful words from the person who was supposed to like him?  After the door was unlocked and opened, Roy reached over and pushed Ed roughly inside.  He went without resistance, still trying to claw his way through the pain that was flowing through him.


“But, she seemed like she liked me,” Ed said in almost a plea.


Roy slammed the door shut and turned quickly.  The only light in the apartment came through shut blinds, and Ed was still getting used to the gloom when he felt the violent blow as Roy backhanded him across the face.  Ed staggered back in shock and pain.  His cheek throbbed and he felt a trickle of blood starting to ooze from his nose.


“You belong to me!” Roy snarled.  “Do you understand this, or is it too difficult of a concept for your little mind to understand?”


Roy!” Ed gasped, stepping back and putting a hand to his face.  His mind was spinning now, and a high-pitched ringing sound had started in his ears.  What was happening here?  Why was he being attacked for no reason?


Roy stepped forward, grabbed Ed’s jacket and slammed him hard against the wall.  The air left him in a rush as his back connected painfully with the wall.  A mere second later, Ed’s head hit the wall and he cried out involuntarily at the pain.


“Did you hear me?” Roy bit out in a sour tone that was dripping with fury.  Ed licked his lips nervously, and tasted the blood that was now dribbling down his lips and chin from his nose.  He grimaced at the metallically bitter taste, and looked up at Roy with a hurt expression.


“Why did you hit me?  I don’t understand?”  He was trying to be calm, but the emotional hurt he’d been feeling from Roy’s harsh words, and now this physical pain was enough to make Ed feel like crying.  Roy was supposed to like him!  He was supposed to care!


Roy’s lips tightened, and he raised his hand again.  This time when the blow came down, Ed was expecting it and he lifted an arm to defend himself, only to feel Roy’s other hand, balled in a fist, connect with his gut.  Ed doubled over, moaning in pain, but at the same time glad that he had enough muscle to protect him from even greater damage.  Before Ed could regain his composure, another blow came to his back, knocking him down to the floor.  


“I asked you if you heard me, you unfaithful son-of-a-bitch!” Roy snapped.  “You belong to me.  Me!  A kick to his stomach punctuated Roy’s angry words.  “I don’t want you flirting with anyone else.  I don’t want you touching them, or letting them touch you!”  There was another kick, but this time Ed was able to block it.  His natural instinct to fight back was starting to kick in, but he held back.  This was Roy.  Roy was his partner, his lover.  It would be wrong to strike back against him.


“Stop it!” Ed yelled.  His tone was pleading and desperate.  “I didn’t do anything!  Nothing happened between me and her!  I don’t even know her!”


Roy knelt down and Ed could see the jealous rage painted across his features.  He reached down and grabbed a fistful of Ed’s hair and pulled his head back roughly so that Ed had no choice but to look up at him.


“I don’t want you looking at anyone but me,” Roy hissed angrily.  “I want you to stay the fuck away from that woman, and anyone like her.”


“But nothing happened!” Ed insisted, his voice tight with pain.  He reached up and put his hand over the one Roy was using to pull his hair.  “Please...” he whimpered.  “Please stop...  I love you...” he whispered painfully.


Roy’s grip tightened on Ed’s hair and he pulled hard, making Ed cry out.  “If you love me, then you’d better act like it and stop flirting with other people.  Don’t think I couldn’t get better than you.  There aren’t very many people out there who would be willing to have anything to do with an incomplete piece of worthless trash like you.  You’re lucky to have me.  You should be a little more grateful.”


Tears pricked unbidden in Ed’s eyes; not at the physical pain, no not with that.  Ed had been through enough fights to learn to deal with that kind of pain, though it was different when the blows came from someone he cared about.  No, these tears came from Roy’s words.  He’d already been hurting from what Roy had said before, and now there was this.  He hadn’t done anything to deserve this, and yet it was happening anyway and he couldn’t get it to stop.  Didn’t Roy see how much his words were hurting him?  Didn’t he care?


Roy...” Ed choked out.


“You’re grateful, right?” Roy asked in a soft, tender voice, and stroked Ed’s cheek—which was now starting to swell.


Hearing that tone right after the cold angry one he’d been exposed to since they left made Ed feel even more confused and hurt.  Roy could be gentle.  He could be soft and loving, could be caring.  That was part of why Ed had fallen for him in the first place.  And to see the person he knew peek out from behind this horrible monster that he didn’t know made him break down completely.


“Yes...” he admitted with a small sob. 


Of course he knew he was lucky.  Roy could have anyone he wanted.  He was tall, good looking, socially adept, intelligent, suave...  Ed could never be any of that.  Oh, he was brilliant, just like Roy, but all the other...  No, he wasn’t any of that.  Ed would have to settle for someone who would have him, and he really had lucked out.


Roy was right.  He should be grateful.  No one in their right mind would want to be with someone like him.  No one...  Not unless they wanted something from him.  Like that sergeant...  Maybe he’d been naive to think someone would want him just for who he was.  


The tightness was back in Roy’s eyes and Ed felt his hair pulled harder.  “Yes... what?” he said flatly.


“Yes!  I’m grateful!” Ed gasped.  “I am!”


The pain in his skull lessened, then was gone in place of Roy smoothing back his hair.  “Good.  I didn’t want to hurt you, but you deserved it for paying attention to that woman, when you should only be looking at me.”


Ed nodded, letting his muscles relax now that the immediate danger seemed to be gone.  Yes, Roy was right.  He had deserved what he gotten.  He’d been wrong, he knew that now.  Ed leaned into Roy’s caress, trying to ignore the pain in his body and the tears in his eyes.  He was lucky to have someone like Roy and he wouldn’t mess up again.

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  • fma cake

    Okay, so seeing as how I have not posted here in forever, I don't especially expect anyone to see this, but as some of you may know via…

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