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Marital Consideration - Chapter 1

Title: Marital Consideration
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: R-NC17
Pairings: Hughes/Roy/Gracia, Roy/Gracia, Hughes/Roy, Hughes/Gracia
Type: Het, Yaoi, light humor
Warnings: Smut, language
Summary: Maes and Gracia decide they’d like to add a new element to their sex life—Roy Mustang. 

Prologue Here



Marital Consideration




The Invitation



One month earlier...


The day had started off just like any other day—mundane and predicable.  It might have been less mundane if Roy had been married, or if he’d had kids, or even if he’d had a pet, but he had none of those and so his morning consisted of waking up sixteen minutes after his alarm went off—after pushing the snooze button twice—a shower, fifteen minutes with the Central Times while eating a bowl of cereal made for kids—he’d never grown out of liking the kind with the cute shapes and the sugary marshmallows. 


Then it had been off to work using public transportation.  He did had a car, but why use it when the military paid his bus fare, and he didn’t live all that far from Central Headquarters; besides all the little old ladies knew his name by now and they all liked to talk to him because he paid them attention and would flirt with them as if they were still young. 


After getting off the bus, he spent another thirty minutes in the break room drinking coffee, reading the newspaper, and talking to people; then it was off to his office after getting a cup of coffee to go, and finishing the newspaper before finally settling down to his actual work—which was boring and uneventful, but he got paid for it, and it was much better than being deployed and risking his life by the minute.


He’d had no idea that this mundane, though admittedly happy and satisfying, life would soon come crashing to a halt.  At twenty-two minutes past eleven when Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes, an old comrade and an even older friend, let himself into Roy’s office, closed the door, and strode up to his desk and thrust his most recent picture of his daughter—Elysia—into Roy’s face.




Roy moved his head back so that his nose wasn’t touching the glossy finish of the photo and saw a cute six-year-old with her light-brown hair in pigtails and wearing a bright yellow dress.


“That dress is new and I just had to get a picture of her in it,” Maes exclaimed gleefully.


“How many new dresses does a six-year-old need?” Roy asked, pushing the picture away.  Maes had already shown him at least ten other pictures in the past couple of weeks with Elysia in new clothes.


“She’s a school girl now!” Maes protested with a grin.  She needs to look her best.


Roy gave his friend a bland look and said, “If I ever have a daughter, I’m sending her to a school with uniforms.”


“Uniforms are expensive,” Maes said, slipping the picture into a pocket and taking a seat in one of the chairs in front of Roy’s desk. 


“Compared to buying a whole new wardrobe for a child that will outgrow it in a year or two?” Roy asked skeptically.


“They’re not cute,” Maes pointed out.


Roy grinned.  “I like uniforms.”


“That should have nothing to do with little girls,” Maes said as he made himself more comfortable.


“Trust me, it doesn’t,” Roy said pointedly.


“Right, so now that we’ve addressed your uniform fetish—which I’ll be sure to remember, by the way—we should get to the reason why I came here.”


“Does it have to do with your family?” Roy asked, not wanting to get another heavy dose of Maes’s family love.


“Well, yes.”


“Then you can leave.”


Maes smiled appreciatively.  “Elysia will be spending the night at Gracia’s parents’ house tonight and we thought we’d invite you over for dinner and maybe a few card games.”


Roy sat back in his chair and folded his arms in thought.  A home cooked meal would be great.  Roy cooked as well as most bachelors, meaning he frequented the military’s cafeteria, and bought a lot of take out and frozen meals.  Games would also be a nice change in pace.  But something seemed a little off here, and Roy couldn’t quite put his finger on it.


“Wouldn’t you rather have a nice, intimate evening with your wife in the absence of your kid?” Roy asked skeptically. 


Maes chuckled and shook his head.  “Elysia spends one night a week with Gracia’s parents.  And at least one night every two weeks with my parents.  We’re looking to spend some time with an adult friend, and you’re it.”


“Why me?” Roy probed.  He was still getting a discordant vibe from all of this.  It wasn’t unusual for Maes and Gracia to invite several friends over for food and games, but it was rare that they only invited one person; or, at least, it was rare that they only invited Roy.  He didn’t know if they ever invited anyone else over on an individual basis.


“You’re not planning on trying to set me up with someone, are you?” he asked suspiciously.  It seemed to be Maes’s ambition in life to get Roy married with children as soon as possible.  It wasn’t that Roy wouldn’t like to have a family, but he was too committed to his career.  His wife and children would most likely end up feeling neglected, and that really just wasn’t fair.  Better that he never got married at all.


Maes shrugged.  “It’s just going to be you, me, and Gracia.”  Roy gave his friend a wry look.  That hadn’t exactly been the most straightforward answer.  With a smile, Maes stood and said, “Come around six.  Dinner should be ready sometime around then.”


“I haven’t agreed yet,” Roy said. 


“The refusal to answer is also an answer,” Maes pointed out, before walking to the door and saying, “Six.  Don’t forget.”  And with that, he was gone.




Roy could have walked or taken public transport to the Hughes home, but he decided to drive instead.  Knowing Maes, it could be midnight be the time he got out of there.  He’d picked up some flowers for Gracia on the way.  Roy always tried to bring some sort of gift whenever he was invited over for dinner, but had learned quickly that if he brought chocolates, Maes generally ate most of them before Gracia had a chance.  He’d brought wine a few times, but Gracia seemed to like getting flowers most of all, so that was what Roy usually brought.


Stepping up to the door, Roy knocked, then glanced idly around at the children playing in the street while waiting.  It didn’t take long for the door to open, and when Roy turned he saw Maes grinning widely and holding the door open for him.


“Come on in!” Maes said in an exuberant tone.


“Thanks,” Roy said, stepping in.


“Flowers for me?  You shouldn’t have,” Maes said.


Roy moved them out of Maes’s reach and said, “I didn’t.  They’re for your lovely wife, who probably did all the work for dinner.”


“I helped,” Maes said in a slight pout.


“Really?  What did you do?” Roy said skeptically.


“I...”  Maes paused, glanced toward the kitchen, then back at Roy with a grin.  “I brought in all the money that it took to buy the food.  Without me, there wouldn’t be any food.”  Roy rolled his eyes at the triumphant smirk Maes was wearing. 


“That doesn’t count.”


Maes grunted good-naturedly, then said, “So, do you really think my wife is lovely?”


Roy blinked, surprised at the unexpected question, then said, “Well, yes.  Of course.  She’s very lovely and kind.  Why?” 


“If she was single, would you date her?” Maes probed.  Roy only stared at his friend in disbelief.  What kind of a question was that?  He wanted to believe this was a joke, but Maes was looking at him in complete seriousness.


“But she isn’t, so that’s really not a valid question,” Roy said evasively.  Answering any other way was only asking for trouble.  If he said yes, then Maes might feel threatened in some way; and if he said no, then Maes might take it as an insult to his wife.


Suddenly the serious expression was gone and Maes was laughing.  “Don’t be so serious!” he said, then waved for Roy to join him as he started toward the kitchen.  “Sweeetheeeaart!  Our guest is here.”  As they moved into the dining room, they could see Gracia in the kitchen, spooning green vegetables onto three plates that already had chicken and potatoes piled onto them.  She looked up and smiled welcomingly, before coming around the counter.


Roy, I’m so glad you could make it,” she said amiably.


Roy smiled and, and said courteously, “Thank you for having me.”  He held out the flowers.  “For you as a thank you for what I know will be a wonderful meal.”


“How lovely,” she said, taking the flowers and admiring them.  “Thank you.  I’d better put them in water before they wilt.”  Gracia went back into the kitchen, and pulled a vase out from under the sink, then added, “Dinner is about done, if the two of you would like to put the plates on the table.”


It didn’t take long before all three of them were sitting at the table and sampling Gracia’s hard work, which was amazing, as always.  They talked about family and work before the topic turned to local news stories and back to Elysia.  Gracia talked about her project of growing a small garden, Maes talked about his favorite sports team losing their best player, and Roy told briefly what he was doing for his yearly assessment.  And with that, dinner was cleared and the cards broken out.  They were well into their second game, when the conversation took a turn Roy would have never expected.   


“What do you think of Polyamory?” Maes asked, then played a card.  It was asked conversationally enough, but there was a note to Maes’s voice that told Roy this was an important question.


Roy looked up from the cards in his hand.  “Polyamory?  I’ve never heard of that.  What is it?” 


He watched Maes and Gracia exchange a look before Gracia said, “I’m surprised you haven’t heard of it.  With your reputation with the ladies, you just seem like you’d know.”


Roy gave a bland smile.  “Don’t believe everything you hear.”  That was all he was going to say on the subject.  He wanted people to continue believing he was the playboy they thought he was.  It was the best way to protect his informants.  In reality, Roy was just the average run-of-the-mill bachelor who hadn’t had a ‘real’ date in well over a year.


Gracia studied him for a moment, then she nodded as if understanding all the unspoken.  “I see,” she said slowly, then looked at Maes again.  She raised her eyebrows as if to say, ‘Are you going to go on?’


Maes shrugged, then looked at Roy.  “Polyamory is basically a relationship between more than two people.  There are different forms, but I’m mostly thinking of a triad, where three people are involved; more specifically where a married couple invites someone else to join their relationship.”


Roy stared at Maes as he let this sink in.  As far as sexual deviancy went, Roy was as vanilla as they came.  The occasional soft-core girly magazine was his idea of being racy.  The few women he’d had sex with, had never been into anything unusual either, as far as he knew, so the idea of three people in a relationship seemed more than a little odd to him.


“You’re saying, that if a man and a woman invited, say, another woman into the relationship, then the man would essentially have two wives or at least a wife and a girlfriend?” Roy asked slowly.


There was another look exchanged between Maes and Gracia.  “Well, yes, it can be something to that effect, but what I am meaning is... well, let’s take your example,” Maes said.  “So a couple invites a woman into their relationship.  The man will have a relationship with her, and so will the wife.  They’ll also have a relationship that involves all three of them together, and the married couple will also have a relationship between the two of them.  Does that makes sense?”


Roy nodded slowly.  So basically, they all had some sort of one-on-one relationship, but all three of them were also in a relationship together.  It seemed a little complicated at first glance though.


“And this involves them all in a sexual way?” Roy asked cautiously.  Given the fact that they had invited him here for dinner and asked him this question, Roy thought he knew where this was going, and he wasn’t sure how he felt about it.


“Yes, but not just that,” Gracia said.  “There are some people who just want to change up partners for a while, but this isn’t what we’re talking about.  We’re talking about having a loving relationship that is fulfilling on an emotional and sexual level.  Just the way a marriage is, only with three people instead of two.”


“Uh huh...” Roy said, then stared at the cards in his hand.  “So what about it?”  There was another moment of silence in which he was sure they were looking at each other again.


Finally, Maes said, “Gracia and I are interested in having something like that.”  Roy stared fixedly at the eight of spades, trying to breathe normally as he listened.  “We’ve been talking about it for years, and we finally decided to go for it.”


“That’s... nice...” Roy said stiffly.  Apparently neither of them was sure how to continue because the silence stretched on for an unbearably long time.  He chanced a glance at them and saw that they were both staring fixedly at him.  Apparently this was the part where he asked who they’d gotten to join them or something like that.


Only, he didn’t want to ask, because he had a feeling that he already knew who they’d decided to ask, and that they’d lured that person to their home with a non-threatening promise of dinner and games.  And now that person was sitting in front of them stunned beyond belief and not sure if he could get his open his mouth to breathe let alone speak.


Finally, Maes cleared his throat and said, “So about my question?  What do you think about it?”


“I... eh... well, I guess it could work,” Roy practically croaked out.  He took a deep drink of his ice water to wet his throat.  “If everyone involved is okay with it, I guess it could work.”


“Could you ever see yourself in that kind of a relationship?” Maes asked cautiously.


Roy just stared at him for a long time before saying, “Maes... we’ve been friends for a very long time.  You’re probably the best friend I have or have ever had.  If you have something to say, then just say it.”  He couldn’t deal with any more bush beating. 


“Uh...” Maes said, then looked at his wife who shook her head before looking at Roy.


“We would like you to join our relationship,” she said simply.  And there it was.  Straight out.  Roy had the urge to run away right there and then.  This definitely won the prize for the most awkward moment of his life.


“I’m flattered, but—” Roy began, but Maes cut him off.


“Don’t reject it immediately before thinking about it.”


“Why not?” Roy asked, still in shock.  “My best friend wants me to be part of his marriage and I’m just supposed to act like this is the most normal thing in the world?”


“Think about it this way,” Maes said.  “You’ll probably never get married, but you’ve told me before that you’d like to have a family.  Well, now you’ll have a family, but you won’t have to devote less time to work than you already do.  We’ll be able to support you when you need it and you can support us when we need it.  On another note, you’ll get laid more often.”


“Maes, I like you, but I don’t want to have sex with you,” Roy said.  He was embarrassed to feel his face heat a little.  Sex wasn’t something he was uncomfortable with, but he didn’t usually discuss it with people.  Maybe a girlfriend or a one night stand, but not his friends and family. 


“You don’t have to if you don’t want to.  This isn’t just about sex; in fact, we could start out without that aspect until you’re ready for it, just like any relationship.”


Roy looked at Gracia and said in disbelief, “And you’re okay with this?”  She gave him a small smile and a nod.  “You’re both okay with this?”  Roy looked at Maes.  “You’d be okay with me having sex with your wife?  Isn’t that just a little morbid?”


“Well, I’d like to watch sometimes,” Maes said in a tone that seemed to convey that there was nothing wrong or different about this conversation at all.  They could be talking about how dessert would be a fine thing just about now by his tone.


Roy shook his head.  “This could cause all kinds of problems,” he said, trying to think logically.  “I’m your superior officer, that right there could be an issue.  What about jealousy?  Surely this kind of relationship would have all kinds of jealousy issues.  What about Elysia?”


“Yes, there could be problems, but no relationship is problem free.  But there are so many advantages to this type of an arrangement as well,” Maes said, then shook his head.  “But, I don’t want to argue about this.  If you’re not interested, then that’s fine.  We would never want to force you into this.  All I ask is that you think about it for a couple of days before giving an answer.”


Roy set his cards on the table and stared down at them for several long moments.  It was tempting to just say ‘no’ outright and be done with it, but being asked to think about it wasn’t unreasonable, and he wanted to be sure that he was able to refuse without causing a rift between himself and Maes and Gracia.


“Alright.  I’ll think about it for a few days,” he finally agreed.  “But if you start trying to be pushy, then the answer is ‘no’.”  Not that he thought Gracia would push him, but Maes did tend to be a little tactless at times.


“No pushing,” Maes promised. 


Roy looked up at both of them, feeling a little numb and dazed by this idea, then stood up and said, “I’m sorry, but... I think I’m going to go.”


There was a flurry of admonitions that they understood and that they’d be willing to talk to him if he needed, and that they hoped he made it home alright—as if he was going to drive his car into a pole just to avoid having to answer them—as they accompanied him to the door.


As he walked down the stairs toward his car, he noticed that while it was almost dark now, there were still children out playing.  People still drove down the road, or walked on the sidewalk.  There was a man further down the street, sitting on a bench, and reading a newspaper.  Everything around him was completely normal, but as he got in his car and started to drive away, Roy knew that life as he’d known it had come to a complete standstill, and he found himself regretting saying that he would think this over.  He was just prolonging the inevitable anyway.  There was no way he could ever have that kind of relationship with anyone.






I feel the need to make a quick note here about Polyamory, lest I unintentionally offend someone.  There are different types of relationships that are defined as a Polyamory relationship.  The one I’m using in this story is only one example. 


I personally am not in a relationship like this, so there is always the chance that I will write something that some might not view as ‘realistic’.  I do try to keep a lot of my stories in the realm of realism as much as possible, though, so hopefully I won’t have any problems writing this.  But I hope that those in such a relationship will give me some leeway in the writing of this.

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