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Marital Consideration - Prologue

Title: Marital Consideration
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: R-NC17
Pairings: Hughes/Roy/Gracia, Roy/Gracia, Hughes/Roy, Hughes/Gracia
Type: Het, Yaoi, light humor
Warnings: Smut, language
Summary: Maes and Gracia decide they’d like to add a new element to their sex life—Roy Mustang.



Marital Consideration




The First Time



Roy’s eyes widened as he saw her.  Gracia Hughes was standing there in lacy, white lingerie.  The bottom of it rested barely below her crotch, exposing her creamy legs.  His eyes traveled to the top of the nighty, where her cleavage and much of her breasts were visible.  They were smooth and firm-looking, which was always a nice surprise when bedding women who’d had children.  Her nipples were hard and slightly tented out the filmy fabric.  Thin straps hung loosely over her pale shoulders and when she shifted, one of them fell down her arm.


He licked his lips lustily, but still he remained where he was.  This was Maes’s wife, after all...  It all just seemed so... well, wrong...  But it wasn’t as if someone had dragged him here unwillingly, but he still couldn’t push aside that nagging feeling of wrongness.


Gracia smiled at him in a way that made him believe she knew exactly what was going on with him, and this left him feeling embarrassed.  After all, it wasn’t every day you had sex with your best friend’s wife...  Roy grimaced slightly, then glanced around as if he could be saved from the mess he’d gotten himself into.  But, there was no help for it.  He glanced back at her.  No... no help for it at all...


Her hips swayed seductively as she moved toward him, and he could feel the heat in his groin flare up hot and consuming.  Normally, she dressed so conservatively, and he never would have guessed such delicacies were hidden away, but tonight... well, Roy could definitely see why Maes had chosen her. 


When she was close, Gracia reached up and gently touched his cheek.  “Don’t be nervous,” she whispered with a small smile.


“I’m not nervous,” he said, pleased that his voice sounded firm and sure, even if he didn’t really feel that way.


The smirk she gave him was one that he never would have thought to see on her lips, and her hand slid down his face, to his neck, then down the shirt covering his chest and stomach, and a moment later his eyes widened slightly when her hand pressed against his groin.  His breathing quickened and he rocked his hips, grinding his erection against her hand and suddenly wishing that he could feel her fingers against his skin rather than the pressure behind his pants.   


He wanted to touch her... wanted to feel her and...  But was this really okay?  Her face and actions said it was, but... Again he looked away as if for help, for some sign that he should stop, but when none came, he turned back to her.


“Is this really okay?” he asked quietly—nervously.  She’d said it was, but he just needed her to say it one more time.  He just needed her to calm his doubts...


Instead of answering him verbally, Gracia reached down and grabbed his hand.  She brought it up and pressed it against one of her breasts before looking up at him through thick eyelashes.


Roy swallowed as his mind concentrated on how round and firm her breasts were.  Her nipple was hard under his palm, and he had the sudden urge to run his tongue over it, or to suck on it.  With one last look into her eyes, Roy moved his hand away, leaned down, and gently pressed his lips against the hardening nipple.  He could feel the smooth satin of the lingerie slide easily against his lips, and he opened his mouth slightly, wrapping his lips around her nipple before teasing it a little with his tongue. 


She moaned and the next moment he could feel a hand against the back of his head; her fingers threading through his hair and pressing him closer.  Roy moved his hands to her thighs and slid them slowly up her bare skin, then under the lingerie.  She wore no panties beneath the nighty and he took a moment to appreciate her with his hands before moving up to her breasts.


He touched them gently as he moved his head away from her chest and looked into her face.  She smirked a little and said, “Do you treat all your women so tenderly?”


“Well... sometimes...” Roy murmured, letting his hands slide down her sides as he stood up straight.  “I just...” 


“I’m not a virgin,” she said seductively.  “I don’t need an introduction.  I want what you give all the other women you’ve been with.”


He stared hesitantly at her for a moment.  It wasn’t that she wasn’t attractive or sexy, because she was, but he was always so used to treating her... well, like a lady...  Of course, he’d never been in a situation like this with her...


Wrapping her arms around his neck, Gracia pressed her body against his and said, “I want you to fuck me, not make love to me.”


Roy’s cock twitched at the words and the way she said them, then breathed in deeply and rubbed his hands up and down her sides.  “Say it again,” he whispered breathily.


She grinned and purred, “I want you to fuck me, Roy Mustang.”


He tilted his pelvis so that his cock ground against her pussy and let out a low growl deep in his throat.  He loved dirty talk, and for some reason, getting it from her, of all people, was even more arousing.  Well, if she wanted it rough, he’d do his best to fulfill that desire.


Bending in, Roy nipped roughly at her neck before grabbing her and pushing her down onto the coffee table.  It creaked and her face took on a slightly worried look, but he grabbed her chin and made her look at him while pulling up the nighty with his other hand.


She grinned at him and said breathily, “Fuck me hard and deep.  I want it. I’m so wet and ready for you...”  After he pulled the lingerie off of her, Roy kissed her hard while spreading her legs and positioning himself in-between them.  Breaking off the kiss, he began undoing his pants. 


“So you like it like this?  You want to be screwed like all the other tramps I’ve fucked?” he asked lustily as he pulled the pants down to his knees.  Truth be told, he’d only ever had sex with a few women, but he’d built his spy network on an image that countered that truth so neatly that he doubted many people would believe him if he decided to ever disclose that tidbit of information.


She smirked and eyed his body greedily.  “Take off your shirt too,” she said.


He obeyed without thought, and she licked her lips.  “Like what you see?” he asked confidently.


She sat up a little and touched her fingers to his chest.  “Oh yes...” she murmured, then wrapped her arms around his neck and lay back down, pulling him with her.  When his naked chest pressed against hers, she moaned and slid her hands from his neck, down his back, and then to his ass. 


“Fuck me,” she begged loudly.  “I want you inside of me!  I want your cock!”


All reserve gone now, he positioned himself and thrust inside of her making her let out a, ‘ahh’ sound.  He thrust again, and again, feeling the pressure build, then suddenly there was a loud creaking, followed by a crunching sound, then the coffee table gave way and they crashed heavily to the floor.  They both grunted as he fell hard on top of her, but the fact that they’d just destroyed what they were screwing on only served to turn him on even more.


“Um...” she said, reaching over and touching one of the broken pieces.  Ignoring her concern, Roy began thrusting into her again.


“I’m an alchemist.  I can fix it,” he grunted, then pressed his lips against hers in an effort to bring her back to the moment.  Reaching his hands up, Roy grabbed her breasts roughly as he bucked his hips, and her hands, still on his ass, grabbed him tightly and pulled on him each time he thrust into her.


Their bodies began to sweat with the exertion and they both moved easily with the natural lubricant.  He moaned as her hips bucked up over and over again.  Suddenly, all of the sensations came to a point as he climaxed hard; causing him to squeeze tightly on her breasts and let out a panting groan.


His mind began to clear from the lust induced fog and he cringed as he realized how quickly he’d cum.  Roy hadn’t realized how arousing it would be to do this.  He glanced up at her and felt some of his earlier reserve come back to him, as well as a feeling of humiliation for grabbing her and fucking her like some wild animal.  He should have at least thought about her pleasure, but...


Letting his body sag down on hers, Roy cleared his throat and muttered in embarrassment, “Sorry...” 


She laughed lightly and pinched his butt cheek.  “Don’t worry.  We have all night for you to satisfy me.  Besides, there’s something extremely sexy about being handled in such a way.  At least I know you enjoyed it.”


He lifted himself up on an elbow and shook his head.  “I don’t usually cum that fast...” he said, still embarrassed that he’d been so thoughtless, and that he’d let his passions take such a strong hold on him.  It was the first time in a long while that he hadn’t needed to rely on his own hand for pleasure, and he’d almost forgotten how amazing it was. 


“It was just that this was really arousing...” Roy added, still trying to defend his pride.


“You can say that again,” said Maes, and Roy glanced over to where the man was sitting on the couch; cum-covered hand wrapped around his now softening cock.  With a small, embarrassed smile, Roy shook his head and buried his head against Gracia’s shoulder.  How he’d let Maes and Gracia talk him into this was beyond him.


He glanced over at Maes, who was looking at both him and Gracia with a lazy grin, and suddenly Roy’s embarrassed smile vanished as that lazy grin took on a predatory gleam.  Roy wanted to believe that having sex with his best friend’s wife at his best friend’s urging was as crazy as his life would ever get, but he had a feeling his life was about to get much more complicated than he would have ever imagined.



A/N:  I originally wrote this prologue about two years ago and had meant it for a oneshot, but then I got an idea for this story and I just sort of put it aside because, well, I didn’t need another WIP, and because I liked the idea of it being sort of a surprise that Hughes was there at the end, but with the WIP story idea, I couldn’t do that. 


Every now and then I would take this out, play with it, ho-hum about what I wanted to do with it, then put it away without doing anything.  I’d even considered putting it in with a group of oneshots that I planned on loosely putting together as a ‘story’ (which I’ve written on, but as of yet haven’t posted, cause I’m still ho humming about that too).


Anyway, I know I already have a lot of WIPs going on (and, of course, I need another WIP like I need a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, sorry ya'll), but I had the urge to post something new (new for you anyway), so I decided to take this out, dust it off, shine it up a bit, and go with the WIP idea.   

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