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Random FMA characters and craziness

Content: Cosplay Pictures
Characters: Random
Type: Random
Picture Count: 14
Picture Size: 500x375
Notes: Some pictures from the FMA photoshoot at Sakrua Con 2009

Lots of Eds from tallest to shortest.

Roy with all the Eds.  This could either be good for Mustang or really bad...

Ed pulling the moves on Lust.

All the cosplayers.

Olivia giving Roy and Ed "The Look".  (For some reason I get a little chuckle out of anime!kimblee on his cellphone in the background)

"I'm gonna pluck that hair right out of your head.  I'm gonna pluck that hair right out of your head.  I'm gonna pluck that hair right out of your head, and send you on your way~~~"  (name that tune!)

Roy giving Olivia a flower.  <333

Two Hugheses and an Ed (not taken at the photo shoot)

Roy pimping it out with all the loooovely ladies~!

Apparently Ed isn't the only one who is privilaged with Lust's attention.


Riza knows how to get Roy to be all submissive.  (Actually I have no idea what was up with that pose ^ ^; )

And lastly, Roy/Winry... which happens to be a guilty pleasure of mine.  Therefore I will afflict it on you :p

Well, that's it for most of the FMA pictures from Sakrua Con!  If you're visiting from one of the communities, I hope you enjoyed, thanks for stopping by. 

For those of you who have this journal friended, I still have one more random post for you.  Mostly they're just some of my favorite shots from the con, and some shots of some favorite cosplays I saw there.  ^__^.

Post 1: My Cosplay Group (14)
Post 2: Roy and Ed (non-yaoi) cosplay (6) / Royai cosplay (11) 
Post 4: Other cosplay besides FMA, though there are still a few FMA ones here and there. (22)
Tags: cosplay, sakura con, sakura con 09
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