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1 of 4 Cosplay Posts: My Cosplay Group

Okay so, I'm aiming for about 20 pictures or less in each of these posts. That way I don't crash anyone's computer. Also, in order not to spam your friend list, and so that I'm not spending my whole day posting cosplay pictures, I'm only going to do one cosplay post per day. I'll try to get more up soon, but busy weekend is busy, so it might be Sunday before the next post goes up.


To start you off, this is my non-yaoi!Ed (she absolutely hates yaoi, thus the name). For those of you wondering, yes, her eyes are yellow, it's not a problem with your screen color nor did I photoshop them. She had the contacts custom made and it put her out 200USD, but she thinks it was worth it (so do I). Though, without the cosplay it looks more than a little freaky.

Poor Riza, having to deal with such hot headed boys.

Roy decides to make it worse by insulting Ed, again; which, of course, sets Ed off.

Riza is having none of that and lets the colonel know that he is the adult and he needs to act like it. Ed decides to give the 'see I didn't do anything wrong' pose.

Now that Mustang has been taken down off his high horse, Riza listens as Ed explains the unfairness of how Roy is always picking on him. Riza isn't buying it for a moment, but she listens anyway.

Group photo <3 For anyone not familiar with my cosplay photos from other cons, I am Riza, Roy is my husband (wow I feel like some crazy fangirl actually saying "Roy is my husband" XDDD ), and Ed is our friend (she's well into her 20s even though I know she looks like she could be 17).

Another group photo. The lighting was horrible with this one and I was able to make it a tiny bit better with photoshop, but not much. I liked the picture so much I decided to post it anyway.

This is obviously heavily shopped, but the lighting was HORRIBLE (so bad that the wall behind us looked pink. So I played with it and made us look human again. I wondered how it would look to darken the cosplay and I really liked how it turned out. I think it looks less 'animeish' and more 'realistic'.

Another group photo. For those who don't know, I am Roy and Kimblee is another friend of ours.

Ed and Kimblee fighting.

Ed looking at his watch.

Roy lighting the fireplace.

After the cosplay contest we got a lot of people requesting us to drag Ed so that they could get a picture. This is in reference to our little walk-on 'skit' that we did. If you haven't seen it, you can go HERE and see it on youtube since someone was awesome enough to record it and put it up.

For fun, we carried Ed around the halls while he was kicking and screaming about it being undignified. It was crazy fun.

Okay! That's it for this post. As I get the other three up, I'll link them all together, but until then the links below won't go anywhere. I'm kinda sory that I have to lump the Roy and Ed pictures (non-yaoi) with the Royai ones, but such is fate.

Post 2: Roy and Ed (non-yaoi) cosplay (6) / Royai cosplay (11)
Post 3: Random FMA characters and craziness (14)
Post 4: Other cosplay besides FMA, though there are still a few FMA ones here and there. (22)
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