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Oneshot: Double Duty

Title: Double Duty
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: NC17
Type: Oneshot, PWP
Pairing: Older!Ed/Younger!Ed, mentions of past Roy/Ed
Word Count: 2,554
Summary: Younger!Ed talks Older!Ed into having some fun.

A/N: Written for inugrlrayn. Hope you enjoy the Ed on Ed action <3

Originally I’d planned on making the older Ed 18 (i.e. movie!Ed) and younger Ed 15 (i.e. anime!Ed), but when I was giving it the last read through I decided to make older Ed 22 instead because he seemed a little more mature than 18.



Double Duty



With a tired sigh, Edward opened the door to his small one room apartment, then stopped short.  Sitting there on the floor was his younger double, which was not what had made him stop since he’d already had Ed living with him for the past couple of weeks and had gotten used to seeing himself.  No, what had made him stop was the mess of books and papers strewn all over the floor, with Ed just sitting there going through what was nearest to him.


“What is going on here?!” Edward said as he stepped inside and shut the door.


His younger self looked up with an oblivious look on his face.  “What?”


Edward put a hand out, gesturing at the chaos around him.  “The... the mess!”


Ed glanced around the room, then looked back up at him.  “I’m researching...”  Edward stared for a moment, in disbelief.  This wasn’t researching!  It was... it was... well it wasn’t researching.  Ed seemed to understand what was going on in Edward’s twenty-two year old brain, because he said defensively, “I’ll clean it up...”


“Didn’t you... Weren’t you ever...  Did you grow up in a...”  Edward finally gave up.  Anything he said to Ed would be an insult to himself.  “Never mind.”


Ed gave him a surprised and confused look.  “What did I do?”


Unbuttoning his overcoat, Edward hung it on a peg and crossed the room to the small kitchen, trying not to step on any of the papers.


“Are you sure you’re me?” Edward asked, pulling out a cup and getting himself a drink of water.  “I was never this messy.”


Again, Ed looked around the room.  “It’s not that bad.  I don’t know what the problem is.”


Edward set down his cup and said irritably, “You’re right.  It’s not.  I’m sure it would look much worse if a tornado blew through.”


Ed frowned at him, then stood up and walked over to him, careful of the documents on the floor.  When he was so close that they were almost touching, Ed said, “You’re going through sex withdrawals, aren’t you?”


Edward could feel his face heat.  “WHAT?!  No!”  What kind of a question was that?!


“Really, it’s okay,” Ed said easily.  “I go through this all the time.  I can help you out.”


“I’m perfectly aware of what you do,” Edward muttered.  Ed was him after all. 


“Oh, come on!  I don’t know when you turned into such a prude, but it really doesn’t suit you,” Ed said, then reached down and started to unbuckle Edward’s belt, but Edward immediately reached down and grabbed onto Ed’s hands, pulling them away.


“What?” Ed asked, surprised.  “You let Mustang undo your belt for you all the time.”


“That was years ago!” Edward protested in embarrassment.


“Not for me,” Ed said.  “Was only...”  Ed trailed off, and glanced up in thought.  “One month, one week, three days, nine hours, four minutes, and twenty-seven seconds.”


Edward blinked, then stared at Ed in disbelief.  “You made that up.”


“Well... the minutes and seconds part...” Ed admitted.


With a heavy sigh, Edward let go of Ed’s hands and said, “Why don’t we just forget this happened, okay?”


“Before or after we have sex?” Ed asked, not detoured at all.


“We are not going to have sex!” Edward exclaimed.


“Yeah, but... I haven’t been with anyone in a while and you obviously need to get laid.  We can help each other out,” Ed said, as if it was the most sensible thing ever.


Edward shook his head.  “No way.  We’re not having sex.  I just wouldn’t feel right about it.”


“But you’ll wank yourself in the bathroom?” Ed asked.  “What’s the difference?”


Edward had to admit that Ed did sort of have a point there, but... but...  “There’s... There’s a difference,” he said, knowing he sounded lame and unconvincing.


With a dramatic and overplayed sigh, Ed said, “You know what the sad thing is here?  I’m seven years younger than you.  I mean, you totally remind me of how I used to be with Mustang when we first started.  You remember that, right?”


Edward shifted uncomfortably.  Of course he remembered his first time with Mustang.  How could he not forget his first time with Mustang?  You just didn’t forget it when someone threw you over their desk and started...


“Why don’t we talk about something else?” he pressed.  Edward had thought he’d been over his feelings for Mustang—his feelings for anyone of the same sex.  He’d thought he was somewhat normal now, but he couldn’t deny that Ed’s offer was sounding more tempting by the minute.


“Cause I don’t want to,” Ed answered bluntly.


“Smartass,” Edward mumbled.


Ed rolled his eyes, then said, “I don’t get it.  What’s the problem?”


“Look, this isn’t Amestris.  People aren’t as accepting of specific things here,” Edward said, trying to explain.


“Not like they’d have to know.”


“Yeah, but—”


“No, really, no one will find out if neither of us say anything,” Ed pressed.


“Now you’re sounding like Mustang...” Edward said, almost automatically.


Ed grinned.  “Well, you know that’s where I learned it all.”  When Edward still looked doubtful, Ed said insistently, “How many people can really say that they’ve had the chance to fuck themselves?!  You’re passing up a golden opportunity by being some pansy, watered-down version of me!”


At that, Edward’s mouth dropped open.  “I am not a pansy!  I’m just more mature than you are!”


“I’ve always wondered how if my blow jobs were really as good as Mustang always said they were,” Ed said thoughtfully, ignoring Edward’s outburst.  “If you blow me, I’ll let you do me up the ass.”


Edward sputtered a little, then said, “I haven’t given a blow job in a while...”  His pitiful excuse was his last line of defense, and he knew it would be easily broken.


“Like riding a bike,” Ed said, unbuckling his heavy, leather belt before starting to undo his pants.  “You never forget.”  When Edward just stood there, Ed motioned with his hand and said, “Come on, come on.  I’m already hard.  Not like I have all day.  I still want to read through a couple more books before I go to bed.”


Edward watched Ed’s pants drop and stared at Ed’s penis, just as fully erect as he’d said it was, then shook his head and started undoing his own pants.  He remembered Mustang always telling him not to be in such a rush, but until now Edward hadn’t really grasped ahold of why he should take it slow. 


Now, though, Edward could understand.  If he was going to do this—and he was going to, not only because Ed was insisting, but because... well, he really did want to do this, and Ed was right, how often did people really get a chance to have sex with themselves in this way—then he wanted to enjoy and savor the experience.


“Hurry up,” Ed demanded, shifting his weight and looking at Edward impatiently.  “You don’t have to undo your pants to blow me.  Do that after.”


Edward dropped his pants and stepped close to Ed.  “Just wanted to compare how much I’ve grown since I was your age,” he said, eyeing both his and Ed’s penises before glancing to Ed’s eyes and giving a grin at the obvious annoyance in the boy’s face.


Kneeling down, Edward glanced up at Ed before turning his attention to Ed’s erection.  It was hard and pointed high, the head an almost angry red.  This wouldn’t take long.  Edward remembered being fifteen, and the amount of time it took him to get off was much shorter than it was now.  Not that it took him all that long to cum at twenty-two, but he could tell there was a difference.


“Come on, come on, come on,” Ed chanted eagerly.  There was a needy note to his tone now, so Edward leaned in and slowly licked the precum off the tip of Ed’s cock.  Ed gave a high exclamation of pleasure, then started making more noises when Edward wetly moved his tongue over and around the head.  Leaning in, Edward nibbled at Ed’s shaft and lightly licked the boy’s balls.


“You’re teasing me!” Ed exclaimed in frustration.


“What makes you think that?” Edward murmured with a smile, then moved his tongue along the underside of Ed’s shaft.


“ARG!  I know!  How could I not know?!”


“So it’s only okay for you to do it to someone else, but not have someone do it to you?” Edward asked, starting to get into the game now.  “I thought you said you wanted it just like you gave it to Mustang.”


“I do!  But I don’t want the teasing!  I’m gonna cum before you even get to the good part!” Ed complained.


Rolling his eyes, Edward pressed his lips against the head of Ed’s penis and slowly parted his lips and let his younger double enter his mouth.  He teased the head with his tongue, eliciting another exclamation of pleasure from Ed, before he wrapped a hand around the shaft and began to move his mouth and his hand.


He felt Ed grab the back of his head and hold onto it as he started to move his hips in sync with the motion of Edward’s hand and mouth.  Edward could hear Ed’s gasping breaths along with the moans and the murmured pleadings, then Ed’s cock spasmed in his mouth and a moment later he tasted the warm saltiness of Ed’s cum—his own cum...


Ed bent over him and slightly rested his belly on Edward’s head.  Edward swallowed the cum and licked Ed’s softening sex before pulling away and letting Ed slide to the floor.  It was just as quick as he’d imagined it would be.


Now sprawled out on the kitchen floor, Ed smiled contentedly and said, “Damn... I’m just as good as Mustang always said I was...”


“Yeah, well, why don’t we see if you’re as tight as Mustang always said you were,” Edward suggested.  He wanted his turn, and he knew Ed had a bad habit of falling asleep after sex.


“Right now?” Ed asked in a sedated tone.


“Correct,” Edward said, holding his pants up enough for him to wander to the bathroom for a small bottle of lotion that was kept there.  Wandering back, Edward nudged Ed with his foot, then kicked him.  “Roll over with your butt in the air,” he directed.


Ed did as he was told without comment.  Edward knelt and squeezed some lotion into his hand and rubbed it onto his erection before bringing his hand over and sliding the pad of his pointer finger over Ed’s entrance.  Ed wiggled his rear a little, and Edward knew that Ed was probably starting to get hard again.


He eased the very tip of his finger inside, then slid it back out again before lightly massaging that area with his middle finger. 


“Put it in again,” Ed said, and Edward obliged him.  He watched the first third of his middle finger disappear into Ed’s ass, then pulled it out a little, before sliding it back in to the knuckle.  He felt even more turned on just by watching it and knowing that soon it would be his cock that would be disappearing into Ed’s body.


Ed wiggled is rear again, and Edward could hear little whimpering sounds.  Edward slid his finger in deeper and moved it around a little, massaging the inside of Ed’s body just the way that he liked it.  Ed bucked his hips backward a little.


“More!” Ed demanded breathily.


Edward slid in his pointer finger to accompany his middle finger and moved the fingers in and out of Ed’s body.  He circled the fingers around one another, stimulating the rings of muscle before slowly moving the two fingers apart.  As he stretched Ed out, his younger double’s breathing was beginning to grow shallow and labored.  Edward watched as his body heaved with each breath.  Looking down, Edward saw that Ed’s penis was, indeed, hard again.  


Gently, Edward inserted a third finger, but when Ed bucked his hips back again, Edward knew that Ed was ready for more than fingers.  He was so aroused that any pain that there might be would only be mistaken for pleasure.


Pulling his fingers out, Edward pressed the head of his erection against Ed’s opening and slowly pushed it inside.  The head disappeared and he gave a small whimper of his own as he experienced first hand just how tight he’d been at fifteen.  It was deliciously warm and snug, and his first impulse was to simply push the rest of the way in and start thrusting until he came, but he wanted to give Ed a moment to get used to the feel of something bigger than the fingers.


After a moment, Ed began to move his hips again—a sign that he was ready for more—so Edward moved forward, still watching himself disappear into his younger double’s body.  The idea that he was going to fuck his own ass was even more arousing than he’d initially thought and he wondered why he’d even bothered to argue with Ed over doing this.


Ed bucked his hips back and Edward knew that Ed wasn’t only ready for it, but that he wanted it hard.  Grabbing Ed’s hips, Edward plunged the rest of the way in and began pulling halfway out and thrusting back in with quick jerky movements.  His groin ached and burned with need and as he drew close to cumming, Edward pushed forward with his hips, driving his cock deep into Ed’s body and humping as hard as he could.


Edward was vaguely aware of his own panting breath and the cries of pleasure from the boy beneath him.  He looked down and saw himself how Mustang must have seen him and that thought drove him over the edge.  With one final thrust, Edward came hard.  He could tell by the way Ed’s arm was moving that his younger double was jerking off beneath him, but that knowledge didn’t really make it past the pleasure centers in his brain until he started to come down from his orgasm-induced high.


Ed’s hips moved for a few more moments, before he stopped and Edward could feel the muscles inside of Ed tighten as he came.  Edward’s only regret was that he hadn’t gotten to feel that tightening before he orgasmed. 


Flopping down on top of Ed, Edward smiled to himself as he thought about what they’d just done.  Maybe Ed was right.  Maybe he had become a little prudish.  He’d definitely become a little more recluse since coming to this world.  Closing his eyes, Edward decided that they would definitely do this again and next time he didn’t want to regret anything.

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Recent Posts from This Journal

  • fma cake

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