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Roy/Ed cosplay photos 02

And the second set of Roy/Ed photos ^__^  First set is HERE.  I'll be posting some pictures from the con sometime later this week.

G rated photo to begin our PG13 photo viewing session.    

Roy thinks he sees something different under that jacket.

Yep, something different.  When did you grow those breasts, Ed?

(one of my favorites of the set)

Roy is tired of waiting and starts to undress.

(another favorite of mine)  Ed is looking a little sad :(

Roy knows just how to cheer Ed up. XD

Roy gets dressed after all the hot steamy sex that just happened to not be photographed.

fem!Ed returns to pose for the camera while Roy dresses.

Just because they just had sex doesn't mean it couldn't happen again, right?

Roy trying to be smooth and get in Ed's pants again.

Ed knows he's being played and decides it's time for Roy to leave... the quickest way possible....
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