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Roy/Ed cosplay pictures 01

As mentioned before, I have a bunch of Roy/Ed cosplay pictures I did with hikaru_9. Now that I'm home, I'll be posting some of them for you to see. 16 today and 14 tomorrow.  Depending on your computer screen the pictures might look a little dark.  They look great on my laptop, but seem a bit darker on my desktop screen.

Many, many thanks to cryogeniafor taking the pictures. <3

This one is probably my favorite, so you get to see it first XD

Ed decides to make a seme move.

Sleeping on the couch.

Looks like the colonel is awake.

Not only is he awake, but he's found something that interests him...

Do you like what you see, Roy?

Looks like he does.

Ed doesn't agree that srs foto is srs.

Ed trying to assume the seme position.

Roy braiding Ed's hair, each knowing that Ed will just redo it later.  But it's the thought that counts, right?

Never missing an oportunity to insult one another.

Looks like it turned into an all out fight.

Ah well, that fight didn't last too long.  Doesn't seem like they're too upset about the outcome.  Now if only Roy could make up his mind exactly what he wants to do now that he's asserted his dominate position.

Still thinking...

They know you're watching and they're not into public sex.

So they decide to spend some quality lounge time together instead..

The second set of Roy/Ed cosplay photos is HERE.
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