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Sizable Transmutation - Chapter 3

Title: Sizable Transmutation
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: NC17
Type: Yuri, Growth, Gift Fic, COMPLETE
Warnings: Written for the growth kink so expect more time spent on ‘growing’ than normal.
Pairings: Riza/Winry
Summary: Winry messes with one of Ed’s unfinished arrays, getting herself and Riza into a very “big” mess.

Chapter Listing Here

A/N: I guess I'm on a yuri kick *laughs* But, nevertheless, m_s_fuery, your gift fic is finally complete (after 2 years :F ).  I totally fail for it taking this long, but it is now complete.  <333



Sizable Transmutation


Chapter Three





Winry stared at the door for several moments after Ed and Colonel Mustang left.  Her huge breasts—which she was trying desperately to keep covered—were rising up and down with each deep breath she took.  She would not panic...  She would not panic...  Or, at least, she would try not to show that she was panicking...


She glanced over at Lieutenant Hawkeye as if the woman would keep her from drowning in worry.  Her eyes instantly focused on the lieutenant’s military brown shirt.  It was stretched tighter over her body than it had been the last time she looked.  The fabric over her breasts was pulled so thin that Winry thought she could see the curves of each breast beneath the thin fabric.  She could also see the outline of Riza’s hard nipples, as if her body wanted to stretch the limits of the shirt as far as they would go. 


“Are... you okay?” Winry asked.  She could only suppose that being stuck in that shirt might be a little uncomfortable.


“Yes, I’m fine,” the lieutenant said in a growling tone.  “It’s just...”  She shook her head and Winry thought she heard a grumbled, ‘Men’ under her breath.  Winry smiled a little, then moved closer and touched the woman’s arm where the sleeve was straining to contain her ever growing body. 


“I meant this,” she said.  “I can’t believe your shirt hasn’t torn yet...”  The seams were stretched to their limit, but so far each of them held.


“I doubt it will stay that way for long,” Hawkeye said, sticking one finger down the neck of her shirt and pulling hard.  Winry heard a ripping sound and saw that the threads around the neck had snapped.  “Much better,” the lieutenant said, and gave Winry a wink.


“Actually, I’m kind of jealous...” Winry muttered, and held her breasts more tightly.  “At the rate I’m going, I’m going to be naked in the next few minutes.”  She looked down at herself and took note of how strained the last remnants of her clothes were.  The makeshift bra-belt was about ready to snap, and then that would be it.  One... maybe two more growth spurts and she’d be nude as the day she was born...




Riza glanced up at Winry, who was at least half a foot taller than her, and let her eyes wander over her body.  The girl had a nice body...  She hadn’t really noticed before...  Shaking her head, Riza looked away.  She had to fight this ever increasing sexual attraction.  And then, in that moment, all thoughts of Winry were pushed from her mind.


The now familiar tingling sensation was back, and with no other distractions in the room, Riza allowed herself to get lost in the pleasure.  Her vision seemed to cloud slightly as the expanding feeling enveloped her whole being.  There was a familiar sense of vertigo as the room seemed to shrink before her eyes.


She could feel the fabric on her neck become tight again as she grew, and Riza took notice of the tight pinching at her arms and breasts before a loud ripping sound filled the air and her body was free of its fabric confines.  She looked down in time to see her growing breasts bursting from her exhausted shirt.  They exploded forward like two balloons being filled quickly with air.  They were tight and firm, bouncing heavily in their new freedom.  Her nipples tingled fiercely and for a moment all she could think of was how she needed someone to touch them, to feel them, to suck on them...


Riza looked around and saw Winry, who had moments before been taller than her but who was now shorter by an inch or two, staring wide-eyed at her.  There was a moan, and it took a moment for Riza to realize that moan had come from her own throat.  Her earlier resolve to keep her new sexual passions in check were fading quickly, replaced by the all encompassing need to feel another body against hers, to have another set of breasts press against her body, to feel her pussy rubbing against another one.  She wanted to explore every inch of Winry’s huge body. 


And she could see in Winry’s eyes that she knew it.  She knew what Riza wanted and she wanted it too, but she was just a little too shy to make the first move.  But Riza wasn’t...




Winry watched with wide eyes as the lieutenant began another growth spurt, and when her shirt ripped open for her massive breasts—which only seemed to be getting larger by the minute—she felt a tingle inside of her that was vaguely familiar.  It wasn’t the tingle that ran through her body when she grew.  No... it was a warm tingle in her groin and when she shifted, she could feel a warm wetness in her pussy.






The most base of desires...


She felt it within her and when she looked into the lieutenant’s eyes, she could see it there, radiating from her in waves.  There was a predatory gleam in those deep brown eyes and Winry knew what was coming.  She knew that even if she wanted to, she wouldn’t be able to stop what was about to happen.


But she didn’t want to stop it.


She wanted it with everything that was in her.  Her body craved for it like someone stranded in the desert desires water.  And, as if her need made it happen, her body responded with a wave of pleasure that was connected both to the burning arousal in her crotch, and also to a new level of growth.  It was more than just the fragmentary spurts that left her with both warm and cold tingles inside and out; it was as if a tidal wave had crashed over her, making her new and reformed into something greater than what she had been before.


Winry almost didn’t notice Hawkeye’s hand cup her naked breasts through the magnitude of her new growth.  She looked down and saw her breast grow in the woman’s hand; watched as the lieutenant’s fingers began to spread to accommodate the growing mounds of firm flesh in her grip.


Breath came to her in gasps as it seemed as though the lieutenant was shrinking before her eyes; yet, she knew it wasn’t so. It was she who was growing.  But then, Hawkeye gave a groan of pleasure and she too began to grow.  The clothes on the lieutenant’s body tore loudly and fluttered to the floor, unneeded and forgotten in this new sense of awareness.


Winry reached her hands out and ran them down the woman’s naked body.  Her skin was soft and firm, and there was the hint of muscles showing in her abdomen, arms, legs, thighs...  But she wasn’t overly muscled and Winry found her to be just right.  


She leaned in and stuck her tongue out, letting it slide wetly along the woman’s breast and over her nipple.  The act excited her and she was about to grab Hawkeye’s other breast when she felt the top of her head connect with something flat and hard.  Letting the nipple slip from her mouth, Winry looked up to see that she had grown so large that she had reached the ceiling.  Her first emotion was that of disbelief.  All rooms at the military headquarters were vaulted—so tall that she could never comprehend ever touching it, but now it was if she was stuck in a room made for little children or even a large doll house.


With a swift look around, Winry could see that the chairs, tables, bookshelves, and other furnishings all looked as though they were made for dolls.  She looked at Hawkeye who was still growing.  She was slightly bent over now and for a moment Winry wasn’t sure what would happen, then the lieutenant dropped to her knees to give herself more room.


There was a loud cracking noise as the wood planks beneath her absorbed her new weight, then a groaning sound as Hawkeye shifted.  The lieutenant looked up at her with a lustful gleam in her eyes, then grabbed Winry’s hips before leaning in and gently touching the tip of her large tongue to Winry’s clit.  Winry gasped at the intense feeling of pleasure.  She reached down and wove her fingers through the lieutenant’s hair.  She wanted more, needed more! 


Winry’s body began to grow again and Hawkeye grabbed her and pulled her down to the floor so that she was sitting back on her rear.  The floor cracked and groaned again, though this time it was at her weight and not at Hawkeye’s.  Winry leaned back on her elbows and watched as the lieutenant crawled forward, one knee crushing what was left of the already broken chair.  She leaned her head in toward Winry’s crotch and a moment later Winry felt the woman’s large tongue slowly moving over her opening and then over her clit again. 


Once, twice, three times, the lieutenant performed this slow and wonderful torture, then Winry cried out in bliss as she felt that tongue dip inside of her, pushing into her body.  She bucked her hips and reached down to hold the woman’s head, silently begging her not to quit. 


And that was when another growth spurt overtook the lieutenant.  Winry felt the woman’s head grow beneath her hands, but that was only secondary to feeling the tongue inside of her growing and expanding, filling her up in a way she never could have believed possible.


She bucked and moaned, and it took her a moment to realize that the loud pleading she heard was coming from her own mouth.  Winry spread her legs wider, trying to open herself up to the ever growing tongue within her.


Then her vision went white as the world around her exploded into a haze of delicious ecstasy.  Her groin burned with an all absorbing fire and her body tingled with a new wave of her own growth.  Again and again her veins pulsed with pleasure, and then it was gone, but not gone as in completely absent, the need was only... satiated... for the moment.


She sagged back, letting herself enjoy what had just happened, but that didn’t last for long as the lieutenant moved onto her, pressing her pussy against her own.  Winry reached up and again took one of the woman’s nipples into her mouth and sucked hard.


Winry was vaguely aware of Hawkeye screaming something that sounded like ‘Yes’, but she couldn’t be sure because it mixed in with the shouts of excitement in her mind.  She bucked her hips, letting her wet pussy slide and grind against Hawkeye’s.  She grabbed the woman’s other breast and pinched at her nipple, bringing another exclamation of pleasure from her.


Hawkeye’s hands were rubbing along her body.  She could feel them on her hips, then at her waist, then at her breasts.  They remained there, squeezing and gripping, then the hands were gone, only to be found a moment later pulling Winry’s head away.  She let herself be pulled back and instantly found herself being thoroughly kissed.  Winry could taste herself on Hawkeye’s tongue, and felt herself become more aroused at the memory of where that tongue had been only moments before.


And then the kiss was broken and one of her own nipples was being sucked on.  It was as if the lieutenant were a wild animal, desperate to mate.  She sucked at one nipple, then the other, then lifted her head and body as she ground her pussy more quickly against Winry’s. 


Just when Winry didn’t think that she could feel anymore pleasure, the growing was back.  There was nothing to describe it.  Tingling would have been too inadequate to express how amazing she felt.  It was if her whole being was being stretched and expanded to feel every possible area within the room.  Somewhere in the back of her mind, she could hear the floor creaking and her feet and head connected with something that her mind told her was the walls, but she couldn’t internalize the knowledge past her body’s thrashing need to reach the blissful ecstasy it desired. 


There were crashes and she could feel that barrier at her feet and head give way, but they were inconsequential.  The fire in her groin was only secondary to the massive growth wave.  The growth was everything.  It was all.  It encompassed her and filled her like she filled the room.  Then she reached a point that she’d only known in her subconscious that she’d been trying to reach...


And everything went white.




Riza gave a heavy sigh and opened her eyes.  She’d never felt so perfectly relaxed as she did right now.  Every muscle in her body felt heavy and languid.  She stared at the ceiling, then frowned at how far away it seemed to be.  It was as if that was all wrong...  It was supposed to be here, right here... close enough to touch...


She blinked, then sat up slowly, taking in her surroundings.  The room was completely destroyed.  The floor was indented in some areas, broken in others.  There were large holes in the walls to her right and left, though she supposed she was lucky that no one was in there...


Furniture was strewn across the floor, most broken, though in some ironic twist of fate, the table with the phone remained untouched.  Bits of clothing were strewn across the floor, and it was only then that she remembered that she was naked.  Riza glanced over to where Winry was just waking up, then crawled over to her. 


“How are you feeling?” she asked, her voice slightly shaky.


There was a moment of silence as Winry looked around, then, “Amazed and confused...”  Winry looked down at herself, then brought her knees to her chest and wrapped her arms around them.  “And... a little embarrassed...”  A light shade of pink tinged the girl’s cheeks and Riza nodded, understanding.  “What do you think happened?” she asked.


Riza frowned and looked around again, her eyes catching what remained of the array that had started this whole mess.


“I don’t know a lot about alchemy, but... my guess is that our bodies were too overloaded and so when we...”  She could feel her cheeks grow warm, but she ignored it.  “When we... climaxed... and released all that pent up sexual energy, it also released some of the energy that was making our bodies grow.”


Winry made a ‘hmm’ sound, then said, “Do you think we’ll grow again?”


Riza thought about that for a moment, then gave Winry a meaningful smile, “If it does...”  And she most certainly hoped it would.  “Then we know how to control it, don’t we?”  Winry opened her mouth to say something, then returned the smile and nodded.


- end -


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