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Father Christmas - Chapter 8

Title: Father Christmas
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: PG
Type: Holiday fic, gen, slight AU
Pairings: None
Warnings: Some Language
Summary: Through the reluctant efforts of one man and his eager ‘elves’, Christmas is brought to Central City and most especially to two young alchemists.

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Father Christmas




Unwanted Assignment



Roy slid the last of the documents into their folder and walked over to one of the filing cabinets and put it away.  He was glad to be finished with that particular piece of work given the amount of bustle and noise that was going on today. 


He could hear people out in the hallway laughing and talking, and not for the first time, Roy rubbed his forehead to ease the small ache that wouldn’t seem to go away.  The Christmas idea had seemed okay at the time, but it had really disrupted the everyday workings in his section.


He’d had to pull a few people aside and chastise them for not getting their work done, which he hated to do, but work was work.  Roy would admit that he also liked to slack off here and there, but he always did so knowing that he would be able to get his work done on time.


Closing the cabinet, Roy glanced around and smiled a little.  It wasn’t as if this holiday thing was all bad...  His eyes rested on the mistletoe that hung in the doorway and also over his desk.  He’d gotten several kisses because of those lovely little plants. 


Roy frowned.  No kisses from Lieutenant Hawkeye though...  He remembered clearly how she’d stayed out of his offices for a while, then told him point blank that if he tried to kiss her she would report him for sexual harassment after she shot his balls off. 


With a sigh, Roy headed out of his office to get a cup of coffee from the break room.  It was only a kiss.  It wasn’t like he was going to strip her naked and defile the lovely body that resided inside of that boorish uniform.  Not that he wouldn’t like to do that... but...  Her threat came to mind and he instantly cleared the thoughts from his head. 


“Hey boss,” Havoc greeted from inside the break room.  “I got two kisses already this morning,” he boasted.


“Kisses from Hawkeye’s dog don’t count,” Falman pointed out from where he was putting money in the vending machine.


Roy smirked when Havoc made a sound of protest.  Falman smiled triumphantly, then pushed one of the buttons.  “Well, how many did you get?”


Bending over to retrieve his snack, Falman shook his head.  “I’m not in on this.  I’m just one of the spectators betting money on who will win.”


Roy grabbed one of the styrofoam cups and poured himself some coffee.  “I think it’s obvious that I will get more kisses before Christmas than you do,” he said smugly.


Falman nodded and opened the package.  “My money is on you, sir.”


“So is mine!” Breda’s voice interrupted and they all looked toward the door as he walked in.  “Fuery is almost done putting those lights up around the window out there.”  He laughed.  “You should see the sour look that’s on the secretary’s face.”


Not about to let the conversation be sidetracked, Havoc said irritably, “How interesting can it be if you all put your money on the same person.”


Roy took a sip of his coffee.  “Not very confident, are you?”


Havoc scowled.  “Fine.  You might get more kisses than me, but I bet you I can get a kiss out of Hawkeye under a mistletoe plant before you do!”


“Oh ho ho!” Breda chortled.  “He’s going for the big money!”


“No way,” Falman said at the same time.


Roy smirked.  “Have you tried to do that yet?”


“Nope, but I bet you I could,” Havoc pressed.  Roy took another sip of his coffee, and snorted smugly.  Between the chances of getting his manhood shot off and losing to Havoc, there was no contest. 


“You got a deal,” he said.  There was no way he’d lose to Havoc; especially not on this.


Havoc opened his mouth to say something, then stopped when a young sergeant poked his head in the room and said quickly, “Sir!  The fuhrer is here!”


Roy had just been taking another sip and the liquid caught in his throat.  He coughed hard at the unexpected news, then quickly put the cup down and hurried out of the break room after Breda, Falman, and Havoc.


“Sir!” Roy said, stopping and snapping a crisp solute.


“Who is responsible for all of this?” the fuhrer asked sharply.


Roy’s heart dropped as everyone’s head swung back to look at him.  He wanted to say that in reality this had been Hawkeye’s idea, but he didn’t.  He had authorized it, so it became his burden to bear.


“That would be me, sir,” Roy said stiffly, looking straight ahead and not meeting the fuhrer’s hard gaze.


“Did you get permission to set all of this up?” Fuhrer Bradley asked in a hard tone.  Roy pressed his lips together.  He could feel sweat prickling on his forehead, upper lip, under his arms, and on his palms. 


“No, sir.”


There was a long and very tense moment of silence before the fuhrer’s serious expression dropped and he laughed in amusement.  “At ease, Colonel.  I’m just having some fun with you.  I heard about this Christmas thing and decided to come see these decorations for myself.”  Feeling an overwhelming rush of relief, Roy slowly lowered his hand and nodded.


“Very festive,” Fuhrer Bradley said as he examined the plants affixed to the walls, then he moved over and inspected the tree closely before looking to Fuery.  The master sergeant had been in the middle of stringing lights around the window, but had stopped halfway through.


The fuhrer fingered the wires that held the panted lights together, then looked at Fuery.  “Master Sergeant Fuery, I presume?”

Fuery seemed surprised and a little take aback that the fuhrer should know his name.  “Y-y-yes, sir!”


“I’ve been told that you were the one to come up with this idea.  Very clever.”


“Thank you, sir!” Fuery exclaimed, straightening and giving a solute.


“How quickly could these be produced in large quantities?”


Fuery seemed surprised by the question, but after a moment he said, “It would depend on the amount of materials and workers available, but if all of that was in place then it wouldn’t take very long.”


The fuhrer nodded thoughtfully, then turned to Roy.  “Come with me to my office.  I have something to discuss with you.”




Roy watched as the fuhrer took a seat at his desk.  He hadn’t been invited to sit, so he continued to stand.


“Have you read the newspaper this morning?”


“Not yet,” Roy admitted.  Normally he glanced over the paper in the morning, but left in-depth reading of it until his morning break.


Fuhrer Bradley nodded, then said, “I read an interesting article this morning about your holiday.”


Fullmetal’s holiday, not mine, Roy thought.  The urge to correct the fuhrer was strong, but he knew this wasn’t the time and the correction would not be appreciated.


“It seems that there are people in Central who you or your men have come in contact with that have decided they would also like to celebrate Christmas.”


Roy had heard a few people mention they liked the idea, but he hadn’t realized that there were enough people that it would be noticed by the newspaper.


“It was a small article, but it shows that the interest is still there, and it seems to be growing.”  Roy nodded, not exactly sure where the fuhrer was going with this.  Bradley seemed to sense Roy’s confusion and gave a small smile.


“What do you think would happen if everyone here in Central were given the opportunity to celebrate this holiday?”


Roy raised an eyebrow and the fuhrer’s smile broadened.


“Pine trees would be brought into Central in droves, ornaments would need to be manufactured to decorate those trees.  Lights like your master sergeant has created would be in high demand, not only for the trees but also for household decoration.  And then there would be the people who would be buying gifts for friends, family, and neighbors—not counting the gifts that would be bought for their children in the place of this ‘Father Christmas’ character.”


Roy nodded slowly.  He could see now why the fuhrer had taken such an interest in this holiday.  The economic advantages were clear.


“It would also be good to provide the general public more to think about than just their miserable lives and how cold, dark, and wet it is right now.  A mid-winter holiday would definitely do some good.”


Roy waited, thinking he knew where this was going, but not wanting to make any assumptions.


“I have decided that all of Central will celebrate this holiday,” Fuhrer Bradley said.  “We still have a couple of weeks until the twenty-fifth.  There is plenty of time.”


“An excellent idea, sir,” Roy said, though not sure if he really felt that way or not.  So far this holiday had been mostly a headache, but at least this way he wouldn’t get so many strange stares, or have to explain what he was doing to every person he came in contact with.


The fuhrer grinned widely now.  “I knew you’d say that.  Since you’ve already devoted so much time to this project, I’m going to put you in charge of this undertaking.”


Roy felt like someone had just hit him in the head with a sledgehammer.  “Me?!”  Roy couldn’t keep the shock out of his voice.


Standing now, Fuhrer Bradley walked over to him and put an arm around his shoulders.  “Yes you.  Put whoever you need on this.  I want this to be a success.”


“But... sir...  This is an old religious holiday...  Some people probably won’t be interested in—”


“Then don’t focus on the religious aspect, Colonel.  You’re not a religious man, and you started this new phenomenon.”


“Actually, I got the idea from Fullmetal...” Roy said, hoping that maybe he’d have a chance to pawn this off onto the brat.


“Oh really?  Well, even better.  It is a children’s holiday after all.  I especially want that boy involved.”  The fuhrer laughed lightly and pounded Roy on the back.  “And it helps that he’s so well liked among the people, right?”


Roy knew that there was no way out of this.  Regretting having ever let Hawkeye talk him into this, he listened to what the fuhrer expected of him, knowing that he was going to have a very busy and crazy few of weeks.



A/N: *grins* So who do you think will win in Mustang and Havoc’s little bet? 


Return comments will be forthcoming either tonight or tomorrow. 

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