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Father Christmas - Chapter 05

Title: Father Christmas
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: PG
Type: Holiday fic, gen, slight AU
Pairings: None
Warnings: Some Language
Summary: Through the reluctant efforts of one man and his eager ‘elves’, Christmas is brought to Central City and most especially to two young alchemists.

Chapter Listing Here


Father Christmas




E. Scrooge



If he had been able to, Alphonse Elric would have had a wide grin on his face.  As it was he simply sat at the library table and enjoying the happy feeling he felt inside. 




They were going to celebrate Christmas! 


It was almost too much for him to take in.  He wanted to shout for joy—and he’d actually done that several times in the past few days—but they were in the library now, so he tried to keep his overabundance of excitement to a minimum.


Looking at his brother across the table, Al watched him lean close to the book he was reading, then bring his hand up and nibble lightly on one of his fingernails.  It was a horrible habit, and they both knew it, but it was one that Ed did without conscientious thought and Al had given up trying to point it out to him.


Looking down at his own text, Al let his eyes move over the words, but he couldn’t keep his mind on them.  Glancing back up at his older brother, Al fought an inner war about whether he should keep quiet or not.  Ed had been extremely irritable ever since Al had insisted they try to celebrate Christmas on their own, and even more so since his coworkers had taken up the festive spirit of celebration.


As if sensing that he was being watched, Ed looked up, stared at him, then after a moment dropped his hand from his mouth.  He looked as if he was expecting Al to lecture him on biting his nails again, but when he didn’t, Ed frowned deeply.




Al shook his head.  “It’s... It’s nothing...”  He picked up his book and tried to bury his face in it.  After a moment, Al looked over the book to see that he was still being stared at.


“Al...” Ed said in a low, inquiring tone.


Putting the book down, Al said, “Weeeell...  I was just thinking...”


“About what?”


Another moment of silence, and then Al couldn’t keep it in any longer.  “Can we go caroling?”  Ed gave him a disgusted look, then glanced back down to his research.  “It would be fun, brother!”


“People would think we were strange.  No one knows about Christmas anyway,” Ed grunted.


“We could carol around Central Headquarters!” Al insisted.  When he got only a grunt in response, Al decided to talk about something other than caroling.  “I talked to Sergeant Fuery and he said that he has extra lights left.”


“So?” Ed muttered.


“We could put them up around the window in our dorm,” Al suggested happily.




Al felt his excitement dim slightly, but he wasn’t willing to give up.  “Do you think he’ll like his present?”


“Who?” Ed asked disinterestedly.


“Colonel Must—” Al began, but was cut off.


“Who cares?  I only got him something ‘cause you insisted on it,” Ed said.  Al knew this wasn’t true, but he didn’t bother disputing the fact.  It would only embarrass his brother and they’d probably argue.  “He’s probably opened it by now.” 


“You know he still has it on his desk,” Al pointed out.


“Then he probably just doesn’t give a shit,” Ed snapped, looking up at Al.  “It will probably stay there all next year and gather dust.”


Al stared at his brother, now starting to feel a little frustrated by Ed’s unwillingness to enjoy himself.  He had such good memories of being with his brother and mother in the past as they celebrated Christmas.  True, the whole of Rizembool also celebrated it, and it really was much more exciting that way, but still...

“You’re such a scrooge,” Al finally said, referring to a story about an old miser that their mother used to read to them—a story from their father’s collection of old books.


“Bah, humbug,” Ed grunted pointedly as he looked back at his research.   


Al stared at Ed, then said, “I’m going to write out all the Christmas songs I can remember.”  When he got no response, Al pulled over some blank pieces of paper and began to write as he tried to think of ways to convince Ed to carol with him.

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