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Father Christmas - Chapter 2

Title: Father Christmas
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: PG
Type: Holiday fic, gen, slight AU
Pairings: None
Warnings: Some Language
Summary: Through the reluctant efforts of one man and his eager ‘elves’, Christmas is brought to Central City and most especially to two young alchemists.

Chapter Listing Here.



Father Christmas




History of Christmas



Grumbling under his breath, Roy stepped up to the library counter and tapped his fingers impatiently.  If Riza Hawkeye thought it was such a great idea to help those kids celebrate their holiday, why wasn’t she in trying to research it?


“Can I help you?” a young woman with brown hair and glasses said. 


“I’m doing some research on an ancient holiday called ‘Christmas’, are there any texts here that I can take a look at on that subject?” Roy asked in almost a disinterested voice.


“OH! Of course!” the girl said with a large smile on her face.  “I know exactly where to find books on that!”  And with that, she rushed off.  That had been easier than he’d expected...  It didn’t take the girl long to come back with several large books that emitted a little puff of dust when she plopped them on the counter. 


“These are really great books!” the girl said in excitement.  “It’s a shame we don’t celebrate this holiday anymore, though I’ve heard that up north in Rizembool they’ve started to in the last twenty years or so.  It’s really neat if you think about it.  Carols, special holiday foods, gifts, family together time...”  He nodded as he gathered up the books.  The girl—her name tag said Sheska—was still babbling with a dazed look in her eye about how she’s just love to try this holiday someday as he left the library.




“Good morning, sir,” Lieutenant Hawkeye said as she let herself into this office.  He yawned widely and gave her a little wave as he plopped down into his chair.  “Did you find any books on the subject?” she asked a little cryptically.


He grunted.  She wasn’t one to waste time on small talk...  “Yes, actually,” he said, then yawned again.  “Stayed up most of the night reading too.  Apparently the holiday has Christian roots.”  He stopped when he heard the voices of his subordinates in the hall, then a moment later they entered his office.   


“Is this meeting going to take long?” Havoc asked, flopping down on one of the couches.  “There’s a new secretary down in the south wing and I told her I’d buy her breakfast in the cafeteria today.”


“We have these meetings once a week, Lieutenant,” Roy said irritably.  “I’d think you’d be used to working them into your schedule by now.”


The man shrugged, then after a moment said, “We weren’t disturbing anything were we?”  Roy frowned, wondering if it had shown on his face, but said nothing.   


“Actually, we were discussing an ancient holiday called ‘Christmas,” Hawkeye said easily as she took a seat of her own.


“Oh, I’ve heard about that,” Fuery said, then he grinned a little.  “Actually, I just learned about it.  I met this cute girl yesterday at the coffee shop, guess she works at the library or something.  Anyway, we got to talking and we ended up on that subject.  Very interesting.”


“The girl?” Breda asked easily.


“I believe he was meaning the subject was interesting,” Falman put in.


“Was she hot?” Havoc asked, more interested now.


Fuery laughed and waved his hands.  “The girl and the subject were interesting, and eh...”  He blushed.  “I don’t know if you’d think she was hot, but I thought she was good looking...”


“Just tell us what she told you,” Roy put in.  He hadn’t been able to read everything last night and he was interested to see what the librarian had said.


“Right, well...”  Fuery scratched at his head, then said, “Christmas is a holiday that was celebrated by Christians hundreds of years ago.  Christianity is a religious sect,” he added when Havoc, Breda, and Falman gave him confused looks.  “Apparently, there was this girl named Mary and an angel visited her saying she’d have a kid and it would be the son of God.”


“That’s how you know it’s not true right there,” Roy said lightly.  “I don’t have any kids.”


Fuery ignored him.  “So, she gets engaged to this guy, um... starts with a ‘J’ can’t remember the name, anyway and when she’s almost ready to give birth the king of the land calls everyone to the main city to be numbered.  You know, a population count.”


“Why not just have them all call in?” Breda said smartly.


“I don’t believe they had phones back then,” Falman said, which earned him a ‘no duh’ look from Breda.


Fuery frowned at the interruption and began to talk more loudly.  “Sooo, they go to the city but all the motels are full so they have to go sleep in a barn and that’s where the kid was born.”


“No wonder Fullmetal celebrates this holiday.  This ancient kid was born in a barn, Fullmetal acts like he was born in a barn, it all makes sense now,” Roy said with a smirk.


“And then,” Fuery said, obviously irritated that he wasn’t being allowed to finish with so many interruptions.  “Angels went to shepherds and told them to go visit the kid.  About two years later three men showed up and gave some gifts, though I guess they kind of got squished into the night the kid was born, as far as the stories go.”  Fuery shrugged.  “Probably because they started their journey to go there on the night of the birth.”


“Sounds like they lived pretty far.  How’d they know about the kid being born?” Breda asked.


“They were really smart guys and they saw that there was a new star in the sky and according to their legend or something they knew that the son of God was born and wanted to pay their respects,” Fuery said.


There was silence in the room for a minute then Havoc said, “How did we get on this subject anyway?”


“The colonel has been researching it,” Hawkeye said. 


All eyes turned to Roy. “I thought you weren’t religious,” Falman said.


Roy grunted.  “I’m not.  It seems Ed and his brother celebrates the holiday and the lieutenant here...”  He indicated Hawkeye.  “...thinks we should do something nice for them.”  He shifted in his chair.  “Years and years after the barn birth, people started celebrating it as a holiday.  It sort of got lumped in with other holidays that were celebrated at that time so according to what I’ve read there are a lot of things that have nothing to do with the original event in the holiday.”


“Like?” Breda asked.


“Decorated trees, gift giving, treats, feasts, some guy named Father Christmas who comes around one night a year and puts gifts under said decorated tree and some treats in sock that the kids have hung up,” Roy explained.  “He comes while the kids are sleeping, so it’s sort of a based on faith type of deal.”


“Eh... food in socks?” Falman muttered, not looking impressed.


“Why would this Father Christmas do that in the first place?” Breda asked.


“Some sort of reward for good behavior,” Fuery put in.


Havoc started laughing.  “Then why would the chief get anything?”  All of them but Hawkeye laughed at that. 


“Well, we could still do something for Alphonse.  He’s always good,” Fuery said with a grin.


There were noises of approval at that, but they stopped when Roy put up his hands and said, “Wait!  Wait...  When did this become a group project?”


“It will be fun, boss,” Havoc said.  “I haven’t heard all the rest about what this entails, but it seems like it would be fun.”


“There’s no way you’re going to do something for Alphonse and not for Edward,” Hawkeye broke in seriously.


“Of course, of course,” Havoc said, waving her concern off.


“There are a lot of myths about this Father Christmas guy,” Fuery said.  “He has a lot of names and there are a lot of customs depending on where you lived, but one group believed that he had elves that helped him in the preparations...”  Fuery thought for a moment.  “I can’t remember what they called Father Christmas there... Started with an ‘S’... ‘Sandy...’ uh, something...”


“Whatever,” Breda said, then looked at Roy.  “So you be this Father Christmas guy and we’ll be your helpers.”


Roy scowled.  “No.”


“You know you want to, boss.  We all know you’re kind of an ass sometimes, but we also know you have a soft spot for those kids,” Havoc said.


Roy opened his mouth, closed it, then looked to Hawkeye for help.  Unfortunately, she seemed to agree with the rest of them.  He shook his head.  Of course she agreed with them!  This was all her fault in the first place! 


Well, it wasn’t as if he was completely opposed to the idea, and as much as he hated to admit it, Havoc was right, he did have a soft spot for the Elric brothers and it would be a nice change of pace to see them do something semi-normal for once.

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