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Secret Arrangements - Chapter 3

Title: Secret Arrangements
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: NC17
Type: Yaoi, Smut, PWPish
Warnings: Language, Crudity, Vulgarity, Incest
Pairings: Roy/Ed, Roy/Ed/Al, Roy/Al, Ed/Al, etc.
Summary: Ed and Roy find something to occupy their time while everyone is out on errands. Or... almost everyone.

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Secret Arrangements


Chapter Three




Roy Mustang looked in the mirror while washing his hands.  He had a remarkably handsome face and captivating black eyes.  Yes, he was good looking, thank you very much.  A fucking sex pod, and when he wanted something, he got it. 


No matter what. 


Roy turned off the water and shook his hands over the sink for a moment before running his wet fingers through his fine, black hair. 




Fucking hot.


That was him.


He snickered, thinking of all the women in Central that wanted him, and here he was, fucking around with those two little bastards.  Grinning, he ran his hand over his uniform to smooth any traces left of what had been a fantastic ride.  He replayed the image in his mind of mild mannered Alphonse going down on his hot headed brother.  


Roy’s crude laugher echoed in the men’s room.


Now that had been a good one.  The look on Ed’s face had been priceless. 




He wouldn’t have it any other way. 


He’d screwed around with enough pussy to know that it was more of a bother than what it was worth.  One night of pleasure often ended up being a few weeks of hell.  Getting rid of a woman who liked you was like getting rid of cockroaches—incredibly frustrating and almost impossible. 


Men now... they were a different story.  He’d had his share of men too, and most of them didn’t want anything more than to get it on.  Of course, there was the occasional guy who wanted more, but they were few and far between. 


Although not forbidden, the military looked down on same sex relationships, and it was a thrill for Roy to know that every encounter with a man could mean disaster for his image.  Indeed, it wasn’t that he found men more attractive than women, they just presented more of a rush with the experience. 


Fullmetal and his brother were a different sort of experience altogether.  First of all, Ed was his subordinate—talk about a fucking risk.  If anyone found out that he was screwing the little shit he could lose a few ranks, even get his ass kicked out of the military.


Then, of course, there was Alphonse, the boy who blushed like a virgin every time sex was even mentioned.  The kid was still illegal, and Roy was sure he’d be doing some hard prison time if the wrong people found out.


Just thinking about it made him hard.


Oh yes. 


Roy Mustang loved the risk, the thrill, of being possibly being discovered.  He could still remember the first time he had realized how much of a turn on such hazardous behavior could be. 


His mother had been taking a shower in the bathroom that connected to his parent’s bedroom.  Roy had snuck in and taken her panties from the clothes she had laid out for herself on the bed and rubbed the crotch against his erection, letting the precum smear across the fabric.  He’d kept the underwear wrapped around his cock until right before he came then removed them before cumming hard into the rag he had brought with him.


The whole time his mother had been an earshot away.  Of course, he would have known if she was coming when the shower stopped, but still…


After that he had re-folded the panties and returned them to where he’d taken them from.  The rest of the day he had watched her with a grin on his face, knowing where the fabric that was pressing against her cunt had been.


Checking himself once more in the mirror, Roy left the bathroom and began walking back toward his office.  ‘Little Lord Fauntleroy’(1) should have had enough time to convince that walking transmutation circle of a brother to start shit packing his ass. 


Roy picked up his pace.


He regretted not being able to see it start out, but he doubted that Al would have been able to convince Ed if he’d been in the room.    


Roy walked past Hawkeye’s desk and scowled briefly.  The first lieutenant was definitely one tough bitch.  As many times as Roy had tried to get her to go out with him, she had never accepted. 


Not that it stopped him from continuing to try.  He took her resistance as a challenge, and Roy was determined to get her in bed…


Or on the couch…


Or wherever.  


Hell, he’d take her on the fuhrer’s desk if he could.


Roy chuckled crudely and wondered if the blonde shrew was as tight as her personality.


When he reached his office door, Roy stopped and put his ear to the heavy wood.  There was no sound, but that didn’t really mean anything.  They’d have to be pretty loud to be heard. 


Grinning, Roy twisted the doorknob and walked into the office, but stopped immediately when he saw that the room was empty.




What the fuck?


Roy narrowed his eyes and moved his gaze around the room.  When his eyes fell on the desk, Roy’s grin, which had slipped at not finding his two little toys going at it, reappeared.  The lube was gone.  In its place was a small note.  Roy crossed the office and picked up the note.


Colonel –


Decided to go to your place.  Better than the dorms.  If you hurry you won’t miss anything.


A. E.


Blinking, Roy stared at the note.  His place...? 


Roy shook his head.  He always locked his apartment door.  They’d just have to wait out in the…


Suddenly a thought came to him and he rushed to his black trench coat and thrust his hand into one of the pockets.




“Those little bastards…” he growled at finding his keys missing.  Yanking his coat off the hanger, he put it on and headed to the door, but stopped when Hawkeye entered the room with three folders thick with paper. 


“Sir, the general has requested that I deliver these to you.”


“Fine.  Stick them on the desk.  I’ll get to them tomorrow,” he said as he tried to get past her, but she stepped in front of him.  Letting out his breath in exasperation, Roy stepped to the side to get around her, but she moved in front of him again.  The dance continued for a moment before he said, in frustration, “I’m going home.”


“It’s too early,” she said flatly in return.


Fucking cunt! he cursed at her in his mind, then said, “I have something to attend to.”


When her eyes narrowed, Roy snatched the folders from her hands and shouldered her aside.  When he got to her desk, he flopped them down beside her phone, then said, “I’ll do them tomorrow.”


“Colonel!” Hawkeye said sharply from the door to his office. 


Without turning back, he raised a hand, waved, then muttered under his breath, “Do us all a favor and get laid.”


The growling noise behind him made Roy wonder if she had heard, but there was no way in hell he was going to turn around to find out.



1) An excessively polite and well-dressed boy.

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