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Training Edward Elric - Chapter 11

Title: Training Edward Elric
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Pairing: Eventual Roy/Ed
Rating: R - NC17
Warnings: Language, torture, some sexual scenes later in the story,
Type: Yaoi, angst, psychological, AU (note: there are no homunculi in this AU)
Summary: When an opportunity arises for Ed to get the information he needs to get Al his body back, will he take it even if it means submitting to Roy?

Please keep in mind that there is a ‘master/slave’ theme to the story, but it is not about causing and/or receiving pain for sexual pleasure.

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Training Edward Elric

Chapter Eleven


Ed idly fingered his collar as he watched Mustang pull on a black, long-sleeved shirt and begin buttoning it up. Red banded the cuffs of the shirt; there was also a red slash along the collar and across the top of the pocket. His eyes lowered as the man began to stuff the shirt into his pants. The pants were also black with a long line of red down the outside of each leg. He’d seen the same markings on some of the pajamas the man had worn. Those pants were stuffed into heavy, black, leather boots. What other clothes Mustang had worn since coming here had also been red and black...

Ed frowned, trying to figure it out in his mind. He’d seen other people wearing either black or white clothes with specific colors on them or even no other colors at all. And then there were the doctors who had worn gray... He tried to think back to the day that he’d gotten the collar, but it was a little blurred in his mind. It seemed like forever ago, and yet it had only been a little over a week.

He watched Mustang disappear behind the sheet of metal on the side of the cage and heard the water running in the bathroom. It was hard to imagine life beyond this cage—beyond this windowless room. It was just so horribly depressing to think about. It was as if a line had been drawn in his life the moment he’d put on the collar. It was difficult to explain, yet easy to instinctively understand.

This life he was living now was not the same as the one he’d left behind. Ed didn’t want to think about it that way, but he knew it inside. He was changing... Ed didn’t want to admit it, even to himself, but he knew it was true. The fact that he’d taken that strawberry so easily...

Shame filled him as he thought about that—something that had happened only an hour or so ago. He felt angry that he’d given in to his desires to have that strawberry without much of a fight, and yet he knew that if Mustang were to offer him another one in the same manner, he’d probably accept it just as quickly.

He was also afraid. What was happening to him? He’d only been here a little over a week and he could see himself changing. He was aware of it as if he were observing himself from behind a glass barrier. How was Mustang doing this? Ed wanted to fight it, but at the same time he felt himself beginning to give. He could feel his mentality shifting slightly each day and he didn’t know how to fight it.

The water in the bathroom was shut off and a moment later Mustang appeared in his line of sight. He’d combed his hair and shaved—Mustang had done neither since they’d been stuck in this room. They’d had ‘visitors’, but they’d only been people who had brought food and picked up the empty trays. They hadn’t had any visitors important enough for Mustang to bother cleaning up for.

Mustang looked into the cage at him and Ed studied him back. Despite the fact that the man didn’t seem to grow much facial hair, the shave had done wonders for him; the same with the combing his hair had received. But his eyes were slightly red and bloodshot, and deep lines were chiseled under them where dark circles hung unceremoniously—making him look as if he hadn’t slept at all in the past week. He looked as if he were about to say something, then seemed to change his mind. Turning away, Mustang grabbed his writing book and settled into a chair.


And now we wait. It isn’t as if we ever really do much in here, but it’s different now that we’re waiting for someone. Or, at least, it’s different to me.

Normally they do a physical inspection of the trainees (and the trainers) the day they’re collared, but Ed was a special case. I had to fill out some special documents giving as much of Ed’s medical information as I knew and they’d agreed to wait a week for the initial examination. It was probably best that they waited. Ed probably would have fought and made a lot of problems, but now that he’s had time to become accustomed (at least a little bit) to life here, I think that Eddie might take this a lot better.

This is not to say that I expect everything to go smoothly. No, I’m not quite that optimistic. But he’s at least had the chance to become used to his situation and I hope we won’t have any major problems.

I must say that I was really very pleased with Eddie’s progress today at breakfast. I’m sure that his show of concern came partially from his general concern for everyone, but I’m thrilled that he took the step to act on his concern as he did. I’m happy that I was able to offer him a well deserved reward rather than deal out punishment.

The look on Eddie’s face when he ate that strawberry was very satisfying, though in a way it’s almost disturbing at how quickly he seems to be conforming to his situation. I’m not sure what to make of it, truthfully.

I was told that in many ways the training would be easier, and probably quicker, because he is so young, but I really hadn’t believed it. Ed has always been so mature for someone so young, and yet I suppose his age really does make a difference. At least, it seems to have.

This is both encouraging and terrifying. I want to move on in the training, but there are some parts of the training that I don’t know if I can handle... I thought that I would be ready when the time came, but now I have my doubts.

I’m also not sure what to make of Eddie. I see the changes... the subtle ones and the ones that are almost glaring. I almost miss the ‘old’ him—Ed. He hasn’t changed a lot, but—


Ed sat up when he heard the knock, then looked over to where Mustang’s hand was poised over the book—his head up and looking at the door. Then he closed the book and set it on the nightstand before getting up and moving to the door. Ed scooted as far as he could to the other side of the cage in an effort to see the door, though by the time he got there, their guest was already walking into the room. It was an older man with close cut, black hair and glasses. The man was wearing dark-gray leather boots with gray pants and a short-sleeved, gray shirt with slashes of red.

“I’m Doctor Knox,” the man said in a subdued tone as he introduced himself to Mustang.

“Roy Mustang,” came the response.

Knox nodded, but when Mustang offered his hand, the doctor simply stared at it until Mustang dropped it and wiped his palm on his pants in a self-conscious way. The doctor moved more into Ed’s line of sight. He saw that the doctor was carrying a large briefcase right before it was lifted onto the bed. The doctor opened the briefcase, pulled out a paper, and studied it for a moment before glancing at Ed, then to Mustang.

“I have the documents you submitted, but I’ll be completing a new and more thorough set today.” He paused, then said, “I’ve heard about your trainee, though I can’t say that I truly believe anyone would submit themselves to C-5 training willingly.”

“It’s true,” Mustang said, and Ed thought he could hear a stiff note of defensiveness in the man’s voice.

“If you say so,” Knox said doubtfully, then turned to the cage. “If you could bring him out, we’ll begin.” Ed glanced at Mustang, who had his lips pressed together in a way that looked as if he were a little irritated, but then he turned and opened the cage door.

“Come on out, Eddie,” Mustang coaxed lightly. Ed glanced to the doctor, who looked at them, shook his head, then began pulling instruments out of his briefcase—one of which was a syringe with a very large-looking needle. Suddenly, Ed wasn’t sure he wanted to be examined by this man, and he scooted back toward the back of the cage with a shake of his head.

“Eddie...” Mustang said, sounding displeased now. “I told you to come out.”

“No fucking way,” Ed finally said, looking back at Mustang. There was no way he was going to go out there and willing let someone stick a needle in him.

He was wearing Mustang’s patience and he knew it by the angry look he was being given, but... Ed glanced out of the cage again, but his attention came back to Mustang quickly when he felt a sharp, shocking pain flash through his body. He involuntarily cried out and the next thing he knew, Ed felt himself being laid down on something soft.

Voices filtered through the fog of pain and he listened to them without being able to really grab a hold of them.

“...not the way you address a new trainee.”

“You don’t know him. He’s already made a lot of progress.”

“I’ve been working here since before you were born. I’ve seen all types. The trainers that fail act just like yo—”

“If you want to give me advice, Doctor Knox, then become an alchemist and pass C-3 training. Until then let me deal with my charge my way.”

“Wha...” Ed groaned as he fought to regain consciousness. He blinked and struggled to sit up, but his muscles were tense and every movement caused him a dull aching pain. Glancing up, Ed could see Mustang’s face glaring down at him. He’d been punished for disobeying... No warning at all. Ed swallowed. If he would have just come out when he’d been told to...


No fucking way!

Ed clenched his teeth together and looked away. He was not going to start thinking like that! There was nothing wrong with him not wanting to be poked and prodded by this man, and if Mustang didn’t like it then that was his problem. Ed swallowed hard as he tried to explain this to himself, but that didn’t stop him from feeling uneasy and guilty at having disobeyed. That, in and of itself, was frustrating and he felt angry that Mustang was starting to have so much power over how he thought.

He wanted to lash out, but at that moment a hand grabbed his chin and forced him to look to his right. Instinct prodded him to pull his head away, but his body felt too sluggish and weak from the high jolt of electricity it had just received.

Ed watched as the doctor studied him closely, his small, beady eyes intent and prodding through the glasses. Defiantly, Ed narrowed his eyes and glared back. It wasn’t much, but Ed wasn’t going to let this old man think he could manhandle him any way he wanted and have him be okay with it.

Knox’s eyebrows raised slightly at the small gesture, then his gaze moved to a point beyond Ed—to Mustang, Ed assumed—then back to him. Letting go of Ed’s face, the doctor grabbed something from the bed—Ed didn’t bother looking to see what it was—and tried to stick part of it in Ed’s ear, but he jerked away.

With teeth clenched, the doctor grabbed roughly onto his jaw, trying to force him to hold still. Ed couldn’t pull away, but he growled deep in his throat as he silently promised pain and suffering to this asshole once he was strong enough. Then suddenly another hand entered his line of sight, grabbing onto to Knox’s wrist.

“I don’t approve of you manhandling my trainee,” Mustang said warningly from behind him.

“It’s too early for you to be this soft on him!” the doctor snapped, but Ed noticed that the man’s grip lessened by a lot.

Ed blinked. Mustang was too soft on him? He thought about having to endure times with no food and no sleep, and having to piss at the back of the damned cage, and... How was all of that being soft?!

I will decide what is best for him,” Mustang answered evenly. “If I think this is what he needs at this time, then this is what he’s going to get. Not every trainee is the same, and my Eddie has already progressed faster than is normal.” Ed could hear a touch of pride in Mustang’s voice and he was embarrassed to realize that he felt pleased at that.

“Well, I can’t very well examine him if he keeps squirming...” Knox growled.

Ed felt Mustang’s breath on his ear, then, “Eddie...?” He didn’t respond, simply waited. “I want you to hold still for Doctor Knox. If you don’t obey me, then I will be very upset.” He paused, then said, “Do you understand?”

There was a long moment of silence as Ed considered Mustang’s words. He didn’t particularly want to obey, but at the same time he felt compelled to do so. It was as if he’d be letting Mustang down. A stupid thought, but there it was. There was also the threat of Mustang’s displeasure... Memories of being shocked bad enough to loose consciousness, or of having to stand all night, or going without food, or even the use of proper facilities assaulted him. He didn’t want to go through any of that again... Yet, in the end, what decided it for Ed was Doctor Knox. He was such an ass, and Ed was willing to obey Mustang just to show the fucker up.

When Ed nodded, the doctor leaned in and began by examining his ears. He then moved to Ed’s eyes, nose, mouth, and throat. After looking at each, Knox would write something down, murmuring out loud as he went, then continue on.

All seemed to be going well until the doctor reached the automail port on Ed’s right side. There was quite a bit of probing that Ed couldn’t really feel because it was on the metal surface, and then in one blinding second pain shot from the port and through his whole body. He screamed and jerked away, then reached over and held his flesh hand against the port as if that would protect it from any further invasion.

“You son-of-a-bitch!” Ed raged. “That fucking hurt! What the hell were you doing?!”

Instead of answering, Knox looked down and began to write. “Nerve endings in automail port in functioning order...” he murmured.

“Yeah, well, you won’t be in functional order if you fucking do that again!” Ed snapped angrily.

The pain had subsided, but his head ached and his muscles felt tight as if his body remembered the pain and was afraid to loosen itself for fear of more. And then his brain caught up with his body and he turned to look behind him—expecting to see Mustang ready to punish him for how he’d reacted.

There was no movement from Mustang, but Ed could tell by the pressed lips and the hard look in his eyes that Mustang was not pleased. Ed struggled with a sudden urge to apologize, then decided against it. That fuckwad could have been gentler with his prodding. He could have at least warned about what he was going to do. Ed had every right to be upset...

Ed’s head snapped back when he realized the port on his leg was being examined now. Opening his mouth, Ed was about to give Knox a piece of his mind, when he felt a hand on his shoulder and one on his right side. A small tingle rippled through his shoulder and arm from where Mustang’s palm was touching his shoulder and also in his side where Mustang’s other rested, and Ed knew he’d be in for a lot more pain if he didn’t hold still. Gritting his teeth, Ed watched as Knox moved his fingers inside the port. His muscles tensed and he felt the instinctive need to move away.

Knox looked up and said, “Can you feel this?” Ed shook his head. The doctor moved his hand, then, “This?” Another shake of the head from Ed, then a moment later and the pain he’d been expecting came with a fury that made stars bloom in his vision. He heard himself cry out and beyond that Knox saying, “There we go,” but it was far away—somewhere outside the haze of pain. He was shaking and his body felt weak. His breath was coming in ragged gasps and his head felt like it was about to explode.

It took him a minute to come back to himself; and, when he did, Ed realized that his skin felt cold and was prickling with sweat. He shifted, then noticed that one of Mustang’s arms was draped over his left shoulder and one was wrapped around his waist. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Mustang’s head on his left side, and could feel the man’s cheek pressed against his. The embrace was tight—something to keep him from thrashing around, Ed was sure—yet it was comforting too. He’d never tell Mustang that, and it wasn’t exactly something Ed liked admitting even to himself, but it was calming and he let himself relax in Mustang’s hold as Knox checked his reflexes, pulse, and other small things.

“Alright,” Knox finally said, pulling on a pair of latex gloves. “We just need to check two more places and collect some body fluids, and then we’ll be done.” It was said with a reassuring tone that Ed suspected was meant more for Mustang than for him, because Mustang’s grip on him had tightened and he was sure Knox was aware of it.

Sighing tiredly, Ed wished for the aching in his head and body to go away. Sleep right now would be nice, and with the way he was being held, Ed thought that he could definitely fall asleep if they’d let him. But, he wasn’t given the chance.

“I’ll need him standing,” Knox said in an offhand manner, as if asking someone with one leg to stand up was nothing. But Ed felt himself pushed forward into a standing position as Mustang stood behind him, arms still wrapped around him and holding him steady.

Wishing he could just let his body go limp, Ed forced himself to stay standing, then let his head roll back against Mustang and closed his eyes. He felt exhausted from the pain and sick to his stomach. His head was still pounding and—

His train of thought was interrupted as he felt his balls being grabbed.

“What the fuck are you doing?” Ed choked in surprise and embarrassment, opening his eyes and looking down at the doctor who was now kneeling before him and examining his crotch.

“Mister Mustang... If you can’t restrain your pet...” Knox said, trailing off and leaving the rest unsaid as he glanced up with a bland look of irritation on his face.

“Eddie,” Mustang murmured quietly in his ear. “Be quiet and let him do the exam.” Ed scowled. That was easy for Mustang to say. It wasn’t his nuts that were being so callously fondled.

“Now, if you’ll turn your head to one side and cough once,” the doctor said.

Not bothering to turn his head, Ed looked down and coughed hard, hoping to get spittle and germs on Knox in the process. Doctor Knox scowled and rubbed his face with the sleeve of his shirt, then let go of Ed’s testicles.

“That will do,” Knox said flatly, then stood up and squeezed a little clear gel into his hand. “Now if you’ll have him bend over.”

Ed stared at him for a moment. Bend over...? Bend over?!

“Alright, come on,” Mustang said, turning with Ed in his grip.

“No way!” Ed said, starting to feel more than uneasy about all of this. He looked at the doctor as he fought to keep himself from being bent over the bed. “What are you going to do?” he asked, but Knox simply looked at him. He felt a current of electricity flow through him and he dropped; his chest and face hitting the bed. Luckily the bed was high enough that his knee didn’t hit the floor. He turned his head to one side and took a deep breath.

It hadn’t been enough to knock him out, but Mustang had used enough electricity to weaken him considerably. He moaned slightly and tried to move, but his body felt heavy and he could feel Mustang holding him down. Blood rushed to his face in embarrassment when he felt a hand on one of his butt cheeks and then fingers prodding at him, then pushing into him a little. His muscles tightened almost automatically against the unnatural invasion and he heard a growl from behind him.

“He needs to relax,” Knox said, pulling out what little bit of finger he’d pushed inside of Ed’s body.

“Is this really necessary, Doctor?” Mustang asked.

“We do a thorough examination on every trainee when they come here,” Knox answered. “That includes a prostate exam. Besides, you wouldn’t want to put a lot of work into training an animal that wouldn’t live long enough to become of any use, would you?”

Ed wanted to shout that he wasn’t an animal. He was a human being! He had rights! All this talking about him as if here were nothing, as if he wasn’t even there, or as if he couldn’t understand what they were saying made him so angry. He wanted to lash out, but he was already so exhausted. He felt Mustang’s grip on him shift and moments later he felt the man’s palms touching his skin.

“No...” he whispered. He could only imagine that Mustang was planning on knocking him out—something that would be very unpleasant to wake up to given how abused his body already was feeling.

“No?” Mustang asked quietly.

Ed swallowed, suddenly realizing that he had to make a choice right now. It was either pride or pain... He’d already had enough pain. It was too much. He’d just give a little this time. It wasn’t a big deal... not like he hadn’t done it before...

“Master...” Ed said in a whimper that made him feel horribly pathetic. He hadn’t meant it to come out like that. “No more... please...” he whispered. He couldn’t see Mustang’s face at this angle, but he felt the pressure of the man’s hands give slightly, then one rubbed his back lightly.

“You need to relax,” Mustang said slowly. “Can you do that?” Ed pressed his lips together and breathed in slowly, trying to get his body to relax. But the more he tried to force himself, the tenser he became.

Finally, in frustration, Ed whispered, “I can’t...”

“Not even for me?” Mustang asked, sounding a little like he was trying to coax Ed and a bit disappointed at the same time.

“I’m trying, but I can’t...” Ed answered with a slight whimper in his voice. He didn’t want more pain or humiliation. He just wanted this to end; wanted them to put him back in his cage so that he could curl up and sleep.

“It’s too soon for that,” Knox said in exasperation. “He’s not ready.”

“I’ll say what he’s ready for and what he’s not,” Mustang answered in a businesslike tone. There was a long moment of silence, then, “Do you have an extra glove?” Nothing was said, but Ed could hear movement, and then Mustang pulled him up on the bed and whispered, “Try to stay on your knee and elbow.”

It was easier said than done, and Ed felt like a fool with his rear sticking up, but he did it and moments later he felt Mustang’s hands—one of them gloved now, by the feel—running over his back, then lower to his bum.

“This is me, Eddie...” Mustang said in reassuring tone. “I want you to relax.” He tried and found it was a little easier now. Mustang’s hands were gone momentarily, then one came back again to rub against his skin, and then the next moment he felt something touch his opening. He tensed automatically.

“You’re not relaxing, Eddie,” Mustang said softly.

“What are you doing?” Ed asked, knowing the basics but wanting more of an explanation. When he got no answer, he added, “Master.”

“I’m going to help you relax. Doctor Knox has to do this exam. There’s no way around it, but since you haven’t... had an experience like this before... I thought this way might help.”

Ed thought about it. Having two people stick their fingers up his ass didn’t seem anymore thrilling than one person, but at least he felt fairly confident that Mustang wasn’t going to do something that would hurt him.

With a deep breath, he said, “Okay...”

It took a couple of minutes, but finally—with the help of Mustang murmuring reassurances to him and softly petting him—Ed relaxed enough that Mustang was able to push inside of him without any problems. It was uncomfortable. Mustang’s fingers felt cold and slimy, and there were a lot of times Ed grimaced at how the man’s fingers were moving into him. It was also embarrassing... Who wouldn’t be embarrassed, Ed wondered, feeling his cheeks heat slightly. But the experience overall wasn’t as bad as he’d feared it would be.

“Alright, now Doctor Knox is going to take over and do the exam. Just stay relaxed and you’ll be fine.”

Ed nodded, then felt Mustang pull his finger out, only to be replaced quickly with Knox’s. For some reason it seemed more okay for Mustang to do that than Knox. Of course, Mustang hadn’t really done anything except for maybe stretch the muscles down there a bit. Knox was probing around inside of him in a way that made him want to squirm with discomfort. He felt one of Mustang’s hands on him again, gentle and comforting, and Ed focused on that. And then, before he knew it, the exam was over. He exhaled loudly, then made a face as he shifted. Whatever that clear goo was, he could feel it between his butt cheeks now and it wasn’t exactly comfortable.

“Very good, Eddie,” Mustang said, and a moment later he felt himself being cleaned up. “You can lie on your side now,” Mustang added with a small pat on his butt.

Feeling completely worn out, Ed fell over on the bed and closed his eyes. This had to be one of the most horrible and humiliating days of his life... along with all the days in the previous week.

Ed opened his eyes and watched as Mustang walked into his line of sight, threw some paper towels away, and pulled off a plastic glove before tossing it in the garbage. He studied him tiredly, considering what had just happened. He wasn’t exactly sure what to make of it, and at that moment he didn’t care because the words ‘draw blood’ poked viciously into his musings. It was as if he suddenly had life blown into him as he scrambled to sit up and look at the doctor. Knox was holding the syringe and a strip of rubber, and looking at Mustang.

“If you could tie this above his elbow...”

Ed looked over at Mustang and shook his head. He hated needles! Needles were worse than having someone grab his testies or stick fingers up his ass. They were pure evil! But if Mustang noticed his pleading look, he chose to ignore it.

Grabbing the rubber strip, Mustang said, “Hold out your arm.” Ed pulled his arm close to his body and shook his head again, this time with more fervor. Mustang stared at him quietly for a long time as if considering, then moved toward him.

“No!” Ed shouted and scrambled awkwardly back on the bed. “I hate needles! I don’t want to do this! Please don’t make me! I can’t! I really can’t!” He was babbling now, but he didn’t care. He’d had enough mistreatment. This was the last straw!

Getting on the bed, Mustang crawled over to him and grabbed his arm. Ed tried to wrench it away, but he was just too weak to make much of a difference.

“You will get your blood drawn. This is not an option,” Mustang said firmly as he quickly tied the rubber strip around Ed’s arm.

Ed looked up at Mustang and tried to give him the most pathetic look he could come up with. “Master...” Ed said pleadingly. “I hate needles...”

“So do I,” Mustang said unsympathetically. “But I have commanded you to do this and you will. I will be very displeased if I must resort to force.”

Ed stared into Mustang’s eyes as if he’d find some shred of mercy there for him, but there was nothing. Looking down at his arm, Ed weighed his options, then thought about how Mustang had held him and helped him through the more embarrassing examinations.

When it came down to the moment of getting the needle stuck into him, Ed knew he wouldn’t be able to keep his head together. He really had no dignity where needles were concerned. Most likely he’d end up knocked out by Mustang getting pissed at him, and who knew if there would be food and sleep later if he really displeased him...

“I do have other things to do today besides wait for you to coddle your new trainee,” Knox said blandly.

Mustang glared at him and said tightly, “Training my pet is more important than anything you have going on, so shut up.”

Ed glanced at Knox—who was now pressing his lips together in anger, but was keeping quiet all the same. Looking back at Mustang, Ed saw that he was content to wait for Ed to decide on something.

What pride was there in resisting something that was only going to bring him pain and suffering in the end? Besides, wouldn’t it seem more dignified to go along with this, to ask for help? Maybe it would hurt his pride, but at least he wouldn’t look like an idiot and he wouldn’t get punished... and... Ed thought of the strawberry. And... maybe he’d get rewarded in some way for being less difficult...

Looking up, Ed pushed the broken pieces of his pride away and said uneasily, “Master... I... Will you make sure I don’t...” Thrash, flail, make a total ass out of myself and end up getting punished... “…move.” Would Mustang be displeased that he couldn’t do this on his own? Would asking for help count against him? But then he hadn’t exactly asked for help. Should he make it clearer?

Yet, Mustang seemed to understand and Ed thought he seemed pleased with him; which, in turn, made Ed feel pleased with himself as well. This is, until he scooted to the end of the bed where Knox was waiting like a vulture... Ed glanced at Mustang in panic, then watched as the man moved behind him, putting each leg on either side of his body, then holding him tight.

“I’m right here,” Mustang said kindly. “I’ll always be here for you as long as you’re loyal to me.”

He will care for me as long as I am loyal.

The words from the litany echoed through his mind and he felt a slight chill tingle through his body at how literal those words seemed to be becoming.

As Knox moved forward, Ed tensed and tried to pull back, but Mustang held him still and Ed clenched his teeth and looked away as the doctor stuck the needle into his skin.

“Breathe deeply,” Mustang murmured, and Ed did so. Within moments it was over; and, when he looked back, Knox was putting the blood away in a case. “You did really well, Eddie,” Mustang praised. “I’m very pleased that you asked for my help.”

“Yeah, but wouldn’t it be better if I didn’t have to?” Ed asked distractedly as he watched Knox tape a ball of cotton to where he’d been stuck by the needle. The doctor then turned and took out two small plastic containers from his case. It took Ed a moment to realize what he’d just said, and his eyes widened slightly. Where had that come from?

He turned in Mustang’s hold to see the man looking at him with a small smile on his face. “You’ll get there,” he said.

I don’t want to get there! Ed thought worriedly. He felt disturbed by his thoughts and actions. Uncertainty filled him and he turned away from Mustang and looked down at his lap, trying to figure out what exactly had happened since Doctor Knox had come to their room.

Something had happened. Something had fallen into place. Mustang was pleased about something, but Ed wasn’t sure what. He retraced his decisions, but they all seemed very logical to him—nothing out of the ordinary; nothing that didn’t make sense.

“I’m going to leave these two containers with your trainee,” Knox said, breaking Ed from his thoughts. “I would like a urine sample and a sperm sample. I expect that he should be able to accomplish both.”

“I don’t think that will be a problem,” Mustang said, pushing Ed to a standing position and guiding him back to the cage.

Urine...? Sperm...? That meant that they expected him to... He nearly burst out in protest, but remembered that he probably wouldn’t get an answer to anything he asked if he wasn’t polite. But damn! How could they expect him to do that?! It wasn’t as if they could force sperm out of him!

He blinked, then felt his cheeks heat at the mental image of them trying to force sperm out of him. They... wouldn’t do that... would they? He gave it a moment of thought, then decided he didn’t want to find out.

“Master...?” Ed asked with forced politeness as he watched Mustang take the lids off the containers and set them down inside of the cage.

“We’ll be in the restroom for a while. It’s not just the trainees who get medical examinations. You need to have the samples ready within fifteen minutes,” Mustang said.

Ed frowned, feeling a little put out. It wasn’t fair that he didn’t get to see Mustang’s examination. He opened his mouth to say so, then closed it when Mustang raised an eyebrow.

“There’s really no need for us to use the restroom,” Knox said. “It can all be done right here.”

Mustang stared down at Ed for a long time, then said, “No... I think I would prefer to do this in the other room.” He knelt down and scooted the containers into the cage a little, then looked at Ed. “I think that leaving Eddie alone for a while would be the most productive thing.” And in a quiet voice that Ed was sure Knox couldn’t hear, “I’m very happy that you asked for my help. Because I’m so pleased with you, I’m going to let you have some privacy.”

Ed blinked in surprise at the realization that Mustang was insisting on going in the other room for his benefit. He sagged in relief and gave Mustang a weary smile.

“Thank you... master...” Ed murmured, meaning it sincerely. Having to try getting himself off to give a ‘sample’ was bad enough, but having to do it in front of other people... he wasn’t sure if he would have been able to do it.

Mustang gave him a small smile, then stood and headed toward the bathroom with the doctor following behind. When the door shut, Ed sat there for almost a full minute, staring straight ahead at nothing in particular.

Now that he was alone, Ed felt the full weight of the exhaustion he was feeling from what had just happened. The urge to scoot to the back corner of the cage, curl up in a ball, and sleep was strong, but he knew that would only bring temporary relief. With reluctance, Ed grabbed the first cup. Giving the first sample would be no problem, but the second...

He shook his head, wondering what kind of freaks these people were. What kind of tests were they going to do with his sperm?! How could that possibly show how healthy he was? Perhaps they could tell something about some reproductive function, but who the hell cared? It wasn’t as if they were expecting him to be some sort of breeding stock...

At least... he didn’t think so... He hoped not.

The thought made him feel extremely uncomfortable and he pushed it away and focused on what he was doing. His situation was already pretty bizarre as it was; he didn’t need his imagination running away and coming up with wild ideas.

When he was finished with the first sample, Ed set the cup down and carefully pushed the lid tightly on the top, then looked over at the other cup. He stared at it for almost a full minute, then looked down at his very soft and flaccid penis.

How humiliating...

How completely humiliating...

He looked around the empty room through the bars of the cage, then grabbed the cup and slid to the back of the cage where it was dark. With the wall behind the bars at the back and the sheets of metal behind the bars on the sides of the cage, it gave him a semblance of feeling as if he were really alone.

Setting the cup aside, Ed tried to make himself comfortable by laying on his back, then gave a big sigh and reached down to touch himself. Getting himself off had never been a problem in the past; but then, he’d never felt obligated to do so either. He’d never been forced into it and given a time limit.

Ed focused his mind on what he was doing and tried to think of something arousing. Immediately, the first thing that popped into his mind was the memory of that morning in the shower... with Mustang...

He felt his face heat at the thought, and also at the realization that the memory was having the desired effect on his body. Ed glanced self-consciously to the front of the cage, then moved his attention to stare unseeingly to the ceiling of the cage. This had to be done. If thinking about the memory of being naked with Mustang was what it took to get off before the two men came back into the room, then that’s what he would do.

Closing his eyes, he let himself remember the scene. The feel of the warm water pelting down on his bare skin, of the soap resting in his crotch, of him touching Mustang’s naked body... he recalled it all so vividly...

Ed licked his lips, as his mind took a vicious turn and he was suddenly on the bed with Mustang pushing his finger into Ed’s ass. It hadn’t been a comfortable experience at the time, but his brain was replacing the memory of how it had really felt with thoughts of how good it could feel, if only in the right circumstances...

He squeezed the muscles in his rear as he lifted his hips and moved his hand in more erratic strokes. So close... he was so close... In an effort to push himself further, Ed imagined that there had been more to that episode on the bed. That the doctor hadn’t been there, and Mustang was easing his cock into Ed instead of his fingers.

And then he climaxed hard, making his heart stop and his breath catch in his throat. His body sagged back, feeling the wetness on his hand, then he realized what he was supposed to have done and swore bitterly before sitting up and awkwardly scraping his hand against the top of the cup.

He wasn’t able to get it all, but he got most of it. Grabbing the cup, Ed tried to scoop up the bits of cum that had gotten on his body, then scooted toward the front of the cage and set the cup down by the first. He put the lid on, then moved back into the darkness, curling up with his back to the room.

Ed’s body was relaxed, and he had to admit that it had been a great release for all the stress he’d been feeling lately, but he also felt deeply shamed and embarrassed. Mustang and that fucking doctor were aware that he was going to be masturbating. That wasn’t exactly a part of his life that he liked to share... But almost just as bad was the fact that he’d done it by thinking of Mustang.

In the past, Ed had idly wondered what it would be like to have sex with another male. He’d heard that it happened, though had never known—at least that he knew of—anyone who indulged in those type of activities. It wasn’t something that he’d dwelt on excessively, but he had thought about it while getting himself off before. However, he’d never put a face to his imaginary male partners like he had with his female fantasies. The fact that he had done so now, and that it had been Mustang, greatly disturbed him.

He tried to think of some reason to make it all better. Perhaps it was because Mustang was the first person who had ever touched him there like that, and had ever put a part of his body—even though it was just a finger—into his body... Or maybe it was because of what happened in the shower... Or maybe...

Closing his eyes tight, Ed vowed that he would never let Mustang know. He could never let the man find out that Ed had thought about him in that way. It would be far too embarrassing...

He heard the door to the bathroom open and close, but he didn’t bother turning around. There was the sound of papers, of muttering, then of movement before a voice said, “You didn’t ejaculate directly into the sample container, did you?” There was no mistaking the doctor’s irritable disapproval.

Ed turned to see the man holding the cups in gloved hands and staring at him with a scowl. Raising an eyebrow, Ed held up his hand and made an obscene gesture. Doctor Knox’s eyes narrowed and he said in a low voice, “Your master might let you get away with that kind of behavior, but being easy on you will only be your downfall—and his as well.”

There it was again. That ‘being easy on him’ line. It irritated Ed to hear it, both because he personally felt that Mustang was pretty hard on him, and also because he didn’t like hearing someone else criticizing his master. It was okay if he said bad things about Mustang, but to hear someone else do it was maddening.

Without stopping to think about how that hadn’t always been so, Ed said in a low voice, “Fuck off. Mustang hasn’t been easy on me. He’s been a total bastard. You should see what kind of shit he’s put me through.” Realizing that didn’t exactly sound like praise, Ed frowned, then said, “He’s the best damned trainer in this place. I bet anyone else would be too scared to take me on as a trainee.” Ed stopped and scowled at his own words. This wasn’t coming out the way he wanted it to.

Knox’s face took on a thoughtful look. “Well... I can’t say I expected that...” he said, then turned to put the samples in the case. Without looking at Ed, Knox said, “It’s rare to have a trainee defend the trainer so soon in the training...” He glanced at Ed. “Perhaps you really are as far along as he says.”

Ed blinked, not sure if that was supposed to be a jab or a compliment. But he didn’t have a chance to say more because he heard the door to the bathroom open, and moments later Mustang into his line of sight carrying two sample cups that were identical to the one’s Knox had just put away.

That made him pause in thought. Mustang had to give samples too? Had he gone through all of the same examinations? The idea puzzled him, but at the same time he couldn’t help feeling a little better knowing he wasn’t alone in what he’d just gone through.

The two men conversed in low undertones that Ed couldn’t hear, and then with a curt nod, Doctor Knox snapped his case shut, walked out of Ed’s line of sight, and in a moment he could hear the door closing.

His gaze moved to where Mustang was now sitting on the bed and staring at him. Ed wondered if he was going to get more praise, or if he was going to get scolded for something, but neither happened. After a moment, Mustang stood, retrieved his writing book and sat down in a chair.

Not sure if he felt grateful or disappointed that nothing had been said, Ed turned toward the back of the cage, closed his eyes, and let his tired mind drift away.
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