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Con pictures 04

Con pictures 04: Roy and Vic / Armstrong, Ed, Riza, and Roy / a few random cosplay pics
Rated: P
Warnings: None
Note: OMGosh! yay the last post! *flops*

Pictures with Vic. Who is the other guy? I have NO idea *laughs* He just jumped on in and was like 'me too!' lulz.

*laughs* He instigated this bear hug, not me! ^ ^;

I wanted to get a picture with Sonny, but I wasn't able to... :/

A random Armstrong. He was pretty good though.

Rose! Frist time I've ever seen her cosplayed.

Manga Riza. She even had the array on her back that was showing through her white shirt. ^__^

From Princess Mononoke. This girl was also really sweet. I sat by her during the Cosplay convention.

Master Chief from Halo. OMGosh... this was AMAZING. The picture doesn't do it justice. THIS is a better picture (found at his dA page). I wish I would have gotten some video. He could talk through that thing and it sounded great and aaah yeah! Best costume I saw at the con. If he would have entered the cosplay contest he totally would have won.



Roy and Ed

Roy and Roy

Roy and Riza / Roy, Ed, and Riza / Riza and Ed
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