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Con pics 01 - Roy and Ed

Okay, because I didn't size these down as much as I thought and because I don't have the time to resize them again, I'm going to make a few posts. The pictures aren't HUGE, but they're big enough that I don't want to put too many in one cut...

Pic posting 01: Roy and Ed
Rated: G
Warnings: None

Okay, I'm going to start with these two because they were just absolutely awesome.

Okay, I LOVE this one. ^__^ It's just so darling! I'm pretty sad that Roy's haircut didn't work out as well for this con as it did for Sakura Con, but It worked okay.

Roy looking for his other glove.


Next posts:

Roy and Roy

Roy and Riza / Roy, Ed, and Riza / Riza and Ed

Roy and Vic / Armstrong, Ed, Riza, and Roy / a few random cosplay pics

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