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Blind Obsession - Epilogue

Title: Blind Obsession
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: NC17
Type: Yaoi with a small dash of het, Smut with a side order of plot, AUish—Ed is 17 and Al has his body back.
Warnings: Smut, Language, Various Kinks
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Summary: Roy finds Ed having some ‘fun’ with himself, and decides to include himself in the entertainment without letting Ed know it’s him.

Chapter Listing Here

A/N:  Well, you asked for it, so here it is ^__^  This epilogue is pretty short and not really necessary, but it was something that I'd wanted to have on this.  The person whose POV this epilogue is in was mentioned in the earlier chapters for those of you who may not remember.   Enjoy ^__^



Blind Obsession




Habitual Continuation




Three Years Later


Richard Kendel, known by all as ‘Dickie’, glanced up from the ledger book when the bell on the door jingled, then smiled pleasantly when he saw who it was.  Tall, dark-haired, and quite handsome for a man in his early thirties, Roy Mustang was wearing casual khaki pants and a dark blue button-up shirt—the shirt only now visible as he unzipped his coat. 


Dickie watched him stamp the remaining sludge off his shoes and onto the thick winter mat, then start brushing the snow off his coat and out of his hair before glancing at the clock.  Seven o’ clock.  Pretty standard for him, seeing as how he’d have had to go home, shower, and put something on that wasn’t military attire.


Not that Roy had ever told him he was in the military, but Dickie—having been in the military himself for many years—was able to tell, at least ninety-nine percent of the time, if someone was enlisted.  He’d worked in intelligence as a spy and interrogator at the time, and it had been his job to understand people.  He needed to know people by the way they moved, or how they spoke.


He still had his connections and he still paid close attention to what happened in the military; which was another reason why he knew exactly who the Flame Alchemist was and what he looked like—many people knew the name, but wouldn’t be able to put that with a face.


But this was information he kept to himself.  If Roy didn’t want him to know he was in the military, then Dickie didn’t want to make him uncomfortable by letting him know that he knew.  Being able to read people and making them comfortable was part of what made Dickie such a successful business man—especially given that he ran a sex shop.  Discretion was a must in his line of work.


“How you doin’, kid?” Dickie asked easily.  He’d known Roy for a number of years and while the man was far past the age of being called ‘kid’, Dickie was old enough to be the man’s father or maybe even grandfather, and at his age he used the term freely with those younger than himself that he was familiar with.


Roy’s head lifted and he glanced at him briefly before looking quickly around the shop.  A tiny look of disappointment filled his eyes, but it was only visible to those who knew what to look for.  Dickie smiled, knowing what—or rather ‘who’—Roy was looking for.   


“I’m fine, thank you,” he finally answered.  “And yourself?”  Polite as always.


“Well, you know, I’m getting old.  I can feel the cold in my bones even when I’m not out there,” Dickie answered.  Yes, he was old, and he was feeling it, but he was also in pretty good health for someone his age.  “Something I can do for you?”  Probably not, but it was part of his job to ask.


“Is Ed around?” Roy asked, again looking around the store as if the young man was hiding behind a shelf.


Dickie smiled.  Roy rarely came into the shop just to buy anymore.  Most of the time it was to visit his young—and only—employee.  Granted it had been Roy who had recommended him in the first place, but over the past two and a half years, Edward Elric had become almost like a son to him.


When they’d been introduced, Ed had mentioned that he’d been in an accident six months previous and had lost his sight.  No one would hire him despite the fact that he was very capable—he’d adjusted well to being blind.  But, Dickie had been complaining for some time that he was getting on in years and that he really should hire someone to help, so Roy had suggested Ed.


It had turned out to be a great fit.  The shop was small and Dickie was meticulous about keeping the place in order so it was easy for Ed to get around.  It had only taken Ed a day to memorize where everything was kept and another day to memorize the prices.  Within a week, Ed was walking freely about the shop with little hesitation, and within a month, Dickie was letting him work directly with the customers instead of just doing grunt labor.


When Ed had been with him three months, his brother had announced his plans to get married—much to Ed’s shock.  After a couple of days listening to Ed talk about nothing else, Dickie realized that it was the fact that he’d have to live alone now that was most bothering him and had offered to rent him one of the small rooms behind the shop.


And so, the two Elric brothers had become a permanent place in his life—for one did not have one without having to deal with the other on a regular basis, as Dickie soon found out.  Roy Mustang had also become another more permanent addition to his life.  Dickie wasn’t stupid.  It had been obvious the first day he met Ed that the clothing he’d ordered for Roy almost a year before would fit that young man perfectly.


The two seemed to have a good friendship, and when he’d first met Ed, Dickie would have said that was really all there was to what they had.  The two of them were discrete in whatever other activities they did.  But over the years whatever they felt for each other began to creep into their lives and into their outward behavior toward each other.


“He’s in the back going through a shipment we just got in, but he should be done in—”


“Hey, Roy!” a voice said, interrupting him.  They both turned to see Ed coming in through the back door.  He was holding a large box with a folder on top, so he kicked backward to shut the door behind him.


Dickie glanced at Roy, whose face immediately lit up in a smile before walking over and taking the box.  Ed reached out and grabbed the folder, then adjusted the thick glasses resting on the bridge of his nose with a finger.


It was about a year and a half ago that Ed had started to regain some of his sight.  There had been a lot of commotion over it—excitement by all and some frustration on the part of Ed and those who were closest to him.  Ed had become rather cranky for a time as he adjusted to the ever shifting vision changes.  He’d also been plagued with headaches for a time, which had only added to Ed’s aggravation.  And since no one liked to be around Ed when he was grouchy, life had gotten pretty miserable for a while.


“Thanks.  If you want to just set that over there...”  Ed pointed to a spot next near a display of dildos, then walked over and set the folder on the counter.  “Their invoice is off by a few cens.”


Dickie opened the folder and took a look at the invoice.  Ed had circled three different places that were off by such a small amount that Dickie would have never noticed.  But Ed noticed.  He always noticed.  It was part of being a mathematical genius, Dickie supposed.


It didn’t take long after hiring Ed for Dickie to see how brilliant he was, or to find out that he used to be the famed ‘Fullmetal Alchemist’.  As time had passed, and they formed a bond with each other, Dickie began to push Ed to branch out and use his skills in a more professional manner.  A store keeper was too low of a life for someone as brilliant as Ed, Dickie had said.  Not that he’d wanted to lose his help, but he would have been a selfish fool not to try pushing Ed to excel. 


Ed, on the other hand, said he was perfectly happy with what he did.  It gave him plenty of time to do his own research, he’d said.  In the end, Ed had stubbornly refused to quit and had said that if Dickie thought he was so talented, then he should give him a raise.  He did, but he also prevailed upon Ed to do something with his talents in his spare time.


Now Edward Elric wasn’t just known as the former Fullmetal Alchemist, but he was also known as the author of a popular series of alchemy books for children.  He’d also co-authored some more complex texts with his brother; which were now being used in the most advanced alchemy classes at many universities around Amestris.  


He’d been offered jobs that paid far better than what Dickie could offer, but Ed had turned them all down, saying that he liked having a low key job.  He liked the flexibility and the laid back nature... not to mention the steep discounts he got on all of Dickie’s products.


Turning back to Roy, Ed said, his voice tinged with sarcasm, “I know you’re going to be shocked by this, but Al’s getting divorced.”


Roy walked over to the counter, folded his arms, and shook his head.  “Again?  This is... what?  His third one?”


“Yeah, I told him not to marry her.  It’s only been a month and a half, but he says he wants out.”


“Too bad,” Roy said, then changed the subject.  “How was your date with that redhead you told me about?”


“It was good.”


“Did you do her?” Roy asked in a lecherous tone.  Ed’s answer came in the form of a wide grin.  Roy returned the grin and asked, “Was she good?”


Ed shrugged as if it was of little consequence.  “I’ve had better.”


Dickie smiled to himself.  A year ago it might have been true that Ed had slept with someone, but these days he rarely brought anyone home except for Roy.  He’d also found out, through some reliable sources, that Roy’s dating had dropped significantly and he spent most of his free time with Ed.


Now it was almost as if this sharing of fake conquests had become a game to them.  As if they needed to keep up the pretense despite the fact that it was likely neither of them had been with anyone else besides each other in almost a year.


“Do I get details?” Roy asked eagerly.


“Sure.  Buy me lunch tomorrow and I’ll tell you all about it.” 


“Deal,” Roy said, then moved on closer and said in a quieter voice, “So what are you doing tonight?”


“Sleeping,” Ed said flippantly, giving a smirk.  “That’s what I usually do.”


“What a coincidence,” Roy said with a smile.  “I also like to sleep.  You want to come over and sleep with me?”


“Will it involve actual sleeping?” Ed threw back.


“Anything is possible.”


They stood there staring at each other until Dickie decided it was time to break in.  “You going to buy something, or just fraternize with my help?” he asked.  Without breaking eye contact, Roy reached over and grabbed the first thing that his fingers touched and laid it on the counter. 


Keeping his eyes fixed on Roy’s, Ed reached over and touched the item, examining it by feel, then said, “You already have one of those.”


Roy pressed his lips as if resisting the urge to look, then gave in and glanced down at what he’d grabbed.  “Damn... you’re right.”


“I’m always right,” Ed said in triumph, putting the item back.


Roy shook his head, then looked up at the clock.  “What time do you get off?”


“I have another hour,” Ed said.


Dickie shook his head, and said, “We’re slow tonight.  You can go now if you want.”


“You sure?” Ed asked in surprise. 


Dickie nodded.  Ed’s productivity went from one hundred percent to three percent—and that was being generous—when Roy was around. 


“Okay, well, I’m going to go change and grab a few things and I’ll be right back,” Ed said, hurrying back through the door he’d come through only minutes before.


After he was gone, Roy turned to Dickie and whispered, “Is it in yet?”


Nodding, Dickie pulled out a small box and put it on the counter.  “It’s getting harder and harder to special order anything without Ed finding out,” he said.  “He does most of the ordering now and he looks over the books for any errors.”


Roy nodded, pulled out his wallet, and handed over a few bills.  “Does it work as well as they say?” he asked.


Dickie raised an eyebrow as he gave Roy the box.  “I haven’t used one.  If you’re not satisfied I’ll refund you.”  He studied Roy for a moment, then said, “You know, it would really be in my best interest if you and Ed simply decided to live together.  He’s much more productive after spending time with you—though far less productive when you come in and visit him while he’s working.”  It wasn’t his business, and he wasn’t one to pry, but as an old man—and as someone who viewed Ed almost like a son—Dickie thought it was his right to put in a little push.


“Hah!  Live with Ed?  You can’t be serious!” Roy said, but Dickie saw through the pretense.  It wouldn’t happen tomorrow or next month, but he wouldn’t be surprised if the two were living together by this time next year.  They moved slowly, easing around whatever barriers they’d set up around themselves for whatever reasons they had.  He had a feeling that they’d already admitted their feelings to themselves, so the next logical step was to admit them to each other.


Ed flew through the door; clothes changed and bag over one shoulder.  “See ya, Dickie,” he said, then lightly placed his hand on Roy’s arm and asked, “Ready?” 


Roy nodded and slid his hand to Ed’s back and pushed him forward, then looked at Dickie and said, voice serious but with a small smile on his face, “We’ll see.  Anything is possible.”


“See about what?” Ed asked suspiciously, looking back over his shoulder at Dickie.  Instead of answering, Dickie simply smiled and waved.  Ed glanced at Roy as he opened the door, making the bell jingle.  “See about what?” he repeated.


“I don’t know what you’re—” Roy said, but the door shut, prevented Dickie from hearing the rest over the jingling of the bell.  He stared at the door for a while, thinking about how quiet it would be once Ed moved out, but knowing that enough years had passed that it was time.  Shaking his head, Dickie turned his gaze away from the door and gave the ledger his attention again. 





Author’s Note


Well, I’m definitely thrilled to have this one completed.  Not only that, but I’m so very happy that it worked out how I wanted it to.  It was very interesting to write this story because not all of the kinks presented herewith in are ones that I particularly like or enjoy.  There were also some scenes that I eventually had to alter or cut out because they just didn’t work, or actually writing out the details would have been too mundane.  Nevertheless, I did enjoy this story very much.


I really hate to leave this Roy and Ed behind.  They’ve definitely provided me (and you) with some very interesting situations.  There is a possibility that I may, sometime in the future, write some oneshots in this little universe of theirs.  I do have some ideas that I just couldn’t fit into the story itself because it would have dragged the story out unnecessarily or they just didn’t need to be in there.


But, we’ll see what happens.  I already have so many other stories that I’m working on...


I’d like to give big thanks to my beta, [info]masa_reforged .  He picked the story up about chapter 4 and he’s done a wonderful job betaing it since.  I’d also like to thank all of you for reading and for your wonderful comments.  They were very nice to read and also quite motivating.


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  • 100moods Challenge - Bouncy

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