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Drabble: Unspoken Agreement

Title: Unspoken Agreement
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: G
Pairings: None
Main Characters: Roy Mustang, Edward Elric
Type: General, Drabble, um… comfort fic? Parental!Roy?
Word Count: 409
Summary: Roy provides some comfort to Ed after a very promising lead proves to be useless.



Unspoken Agreement



Roy listened in silence as Ed gave the rest of his report, and he could hear the frustration mixing with hints of despair.  The lead had been an extremely promising one and Ed had left with high spirits and great expectations.  It wasn’t often that Ed got his hopes up like that anymore—time and experience had changed his childlike enthusiasm into something more realistic—and yet, this time he had, only to have them brutally crushed.


The room fell silent as Ed finished, and Roy watched as the teen stood there with a deep frown and eyes focused on the report he’d submitted.  With a feeling of understanding and pity, Roy stood and walked around the desk.  This wasn’t the time for sarcastic remarks or glib jokes as they normally exchanged.  Today, Ed needed something different from him and he knew it.


Stopping next to Ed, Roy did something he hadn’t done for a couple of years.  Reaching out, he put an arm around the teen and pulled him close.  Without hesitation, Ed walked to him and put his arms around his body and buried his face in his chest.


No words were spoken, none needed to be.  For a long time they stood like that, arms around each other, one giving comfort and the other receiving.  Roy felt Ed’s grip tighten, then he released him and stepped back.


“Dismissed?” Ed asked in a mumble, keeping his eyes downcast.


“Dismissed,” Roy confirmed quietly.


Ed nodded and started toward the door.  They never talked about such moments, never admitted that they happened even as it occurred.  There was an unspoken agreement between them that no one would know about Ed’s weak moments, and no one would know how soft-hearted Roy really was.


Setting his hand on the door, Ed stopped and glanced back, then looked at the floor.  He opened his mouth, and for a moment, Roy wondered if today would be the day that pattern changed; after all, it had been a long time since this had happened.


Pressing his lips together tightly, Ed’s gaze flitted back up to him from the floor; and, as if reading his thoughts, Roy nodded—accepting the silent gratitude with the simple acknowledgement.  Ed gave a small, wan smile—seeming pleased and relieved that he hadn’t needed to say anything to make his feelings known, then turned and walked out of the office without another word.

Tags: drabble, one shot, oneshot
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