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One shot: Retribution

Title: Retribution
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: NC17
Type: Non-con/Rape fic.
Warnings: Rape, Violence, Gore, Dark
Summary: When Ed finds Roy in bed with someone else, rage and pain fill him, causing him to lose control.

A/N:  This was originally written for the Iron Smut contest a couple weeks back (a timed writing contest).  I cleaned it up and even sent it to my most awesome beta, [info]masa_reforged , for betaing.  *laughs* um, yeah so... for this smut contest I wrote rape!fic...  >_>






Ed sighed tiredly as he set his suitcase down and fished his keys from his pocket.  The trip had been a horrible waste of time, but there was nothing to be done about that now.  Finding the key he wanted, Ed stared at it for a moment in the light of the street lamp.  It was the key Roy had given him a year ago.


At the time, he’d been happy when the key had been given to him, but that had marked a change in their relationship.  Roy had become more lax with him.  There were suddenly less dates, and more instances of Roy just telling him to come over whenever; or Roy calling him whenever he wanted to get laid.  It was like the key had been a pseudo wedding ring and their relationship was now old news—not worthy of Roy’s full attention any longer.


Sliding the key into the lock, Ed turned it slowly and quietly opened the door.  If Roy was asleep, then he didn’t want to wake him.  He’d just steal a kiss from his lover and head on back to the apartment he shared with Al.


The living room was dark, but Ed knew right away that Roy wasn’t asleep.  There was a faint light in the hallway that he knew came from the bedroom.  The light flickered and danced in a way that Ed knew well.




Roy tended to prefer the newer ‘electric’ lights and usually only lit candles for one thing, and one thing only...


Ed’s lips tightened as he softly closed the door and set his suitcase down.  In another moment he heard a faint moan—from a female—then the soft murmuring of Roy’s voice.  It was low and unintelligible to Ed’s ears, but it was definitely Roy.


You son-of-a-bitch... Ed thought, feeling the sudden rush of pain.  He crept silently into the hallway.  You bastard...  He felt his throat tighten and his heart sink deep into his belly.  Roy had promised him—promised—that there would be no one else.  He’d promised him the last time this had happened, and the time before that... and the time before that.


Now he stood by the open bedroom door and listened to the sound of moans and pants, of heavy breathing and whispered words of lust and desire. 


It hurt...


It hurt so damn bad...


Why did Roy do this to him?  Wasn’t he good enough?


And yet, beyond the hurt lay a vast pool of anger.  He’d trusted Roy again and again, each time naively believing that Roy would keep his word—putting faith in those murmured words of apology and affection.  He’d given in to the empty promises... the tender kisses... the damned sappy flowers... the amazing make-up sex...  He’d given into everything that ultimately came with Roy’s apologies.


But not tonight...


Ed clenched his fists, letting the rage fill him up until there was no room for him to feel any of the hurt that lay beyond. 


This would be the last time he ever walked in on Roy with someone else besides him...


Stepping into the doorway, Ed stared unfeelingly at the scene before him.  Some skanky whore was laying on the bed, her legs open and Roy on top of her, thrusting himself into her as he sucked on one of her breasts.  His hand gripped her other breast tightly, and the bitch was raking her fingers down his back as she bucked her hips and groaned with pleasure.


Ed folded his arms and watched.  He cultivated the anger he was feeling, urged it to grow.  He felt the urge to lash out, to hit something, to cause damage.  His anger was one of his less attractive personality traits, Roy had once told him.  After that, Ed had tried to control himself.  He’d tried to be what Roy wanted him to be.  After all, Roy liked him—even said he loved him—and Ed felt that he should be grateful for that.  He was lucky to have Roy...  He should feel lucky to have found someone who wanted someone like him...


But now he didn’t care.  Now, he wanted to let it all out...


The woman turned her head as Roy nibbled at her neck and her eyes widened when she saw him.  Her hands stopped clawing at Roy’s back and instead began to pat incessantly on him on the shoulder. 


“Hmmmm...?” Roy murmured, completely oblivious to Ed’s presence.


“Uh...  We have company...” she said, eyes still fixed on Ed.


Ed wondered if she could see his fury.  Could she tell that he was within an arms length of tearing them apart and throwing her bodily out the window?  He could.  He was pretty damned strong, and she didn’t look to be all that heavy.


Roy’s head lifted and glanced in Ed’s direction.  His eyes widened imperceptibly and he stared at Ed for a moment like an animal startled by a bright light, then he sighed heavily and lowered his head before murmuring something into the woman’s ear.


“Telling her who I am?” Ed asked angrily.  “Or maybe even trying to explain what a cheating bastard you are?”  His breathing was heavy and labored with the effort of keeping his hurt and rage inside.  “Both of you disgust me...  Maybe you deserve each other.”


The woman’s eyes widened, but Roy patted her on the shoulder and pulled out of her.  “He doesn’t mean it.  He’s all bark and no bite,” Roy said easily, handing her clothes to her and studiously not looking in Ed’s direction.


Ed scowled, angry at Roy’s words.  He had bite.  He had lots of bite!  How dare Roy make him out to be some helpless and harmless person?!  How dare he humiliate him like that in front of this... skank?!  He was a very capable fighter and there were plenty of people who could vouch for how much bite he had. 


Ed tried to tell himself that it was very possible that the woman hadn’t known Roy was involved with anyone.  It wasn’t her he should be angry at... It wasn’t her who had cheated on him time and time again.


Clenching and unclenching his fists, Ed waited impatiently for the woman to leave, then he’d show Roy exactly what kind of bite he had...


After she was decent enough to go outside, the woman scurried from the room faster than a cat on fire.  There was silence in the room until they heard the front door shut, then Roy slowly brought his gaze to Ed and spread his arms in a helpless gesture.


“Ed...” he started in a placating tone.


“Shut up,” Ed snapped.  “I don’t want to hear any of your excuses.”


“I’m sorry, Ed... I... I have no excuse... I...”  He took a step forward, but Ed held up his hand.


“Don’t come near me.  Don’t say you’re sorry, don’t kiss me, don’t touch me, don’t do anything!”


Roy took another step forward, and Ed snarled angrily.  What part of ‘don’t’ did the man not understand?  And yet as soon as he asked himself that, he knew.  Roy didn’t understand that word, not when it came from Ed.


“I’m just... I’m just some play thing that you can keep around for your pleasure, aren’t I?” Ed bit out, the words bitter on his tongue.


There was a small moment of silence, then, “No... Ed, no.  I...”


“You never had any intention to keep your word to me, did you?” Ed asked with a cold and flat tone.  It was the calm before the storm.  He could feel all the rage building up within him and he was going to explode at any moment.


“Ed...” Roy said placating.  He took another step closer, hesitated, then took another when he saw that Ed wasn’t going to stop him.  “I know you’re upset, but—”


He never got a chance to finish.  Ed pulled back his automail arm, clenched his fist, and saw Roy’s eyes widen in disbelief before Ed punched him in the stomach with all the force he could muster.


Roy fell to his knees like a rock in a well.  He gasped sharply in pain and his hands flew to his gut before he bent over, letting his forehead touch the ground.  Ed stared down at him, trying not to feel guilty.  Roy deserved it.  He wasn’t going to let the bastard treat him like that anymore...


“Hurts, doesn’t it...?” Ed said, feeling angry at himself for the hurt he heard in his own voice.  Roy slowly lifted his head with a small moan and stared up at him—his eyebrows knit together and his mouth pinched and drawn with pain.  His eyes radiated disbelief that this could possibly be happening, maybe even feeling incredulity that it was Ed who was doing it.  “That’s how I feel every time I walk in on you fucking with someone else when you’re supposed to be faithful to me.  It’s how I feel every time I realize that you’ve lied to me—again.”


“Ed...” Roy whispered, his voice coming out in a harsh wheeze.  He put one hand—keeping the other against his stomach—on the floor as if he was planning on getting up, but Ed would have none of that.


“Shut up!” Ed snarled and kicked him hard in the stomach with his automail foot.  Roy let out a cry of pain and Ed realized that not only had he gotten Roy’s stomach, but he’d gotten the hand he’d been holding to it as well.  Roy crumpled forward, again resting his forehead on the floor.  The fingers of the hand on the ground curled against the carpet.


Ed, breathing heavily now, tried to channel his anger instead of letting it all burst from him in a furious tirade.  He wanted to teach Roy a lesson and wanted to be sure that he didn’t miss the point.  Slowly, his hand moved to his belt buckle. 


“You want sex...?” Ed asked flatly.  “You’re always in such a mad rush to get sex...  Well... I’ll give you sex...” he breathed.  He undid his buckle, watching as Roy pushed himself up on his one hand, letting his weight rest more on his knees.  He looked up at him in horrified comprehension. 


“You wouldn’t...” Roy breathed.  When Ed said nothing, but simply slid his belt through his belt loops, Roy looked around wildly.  His eyes fixed on something, and Ed glanced over to see Roy’s gloves lying on his desk.  He looked back at Roy, who was still on his knees, his injured hand on his stomach, then stepped forward and rested his boot on the man’s uninjured hand.


“If I were you,” Ed growled warningly.  “I would stay where you are.”


When Roy glanced at the gloves again, Ed stepped down hard, trying not to wince at the loud crunch and the exclamation of pain Roy was letting out.  He’d tried to be nice, but Roy obviously thought he had a chance.  Not now though.  Ed was pretty sure he’d broken the fingers in both the man’s hands.  There would be no flame alchemy for him today and it would be hard to draw an array even if he had the chance.


Zipping down his pants, Ed moved the toes of his boot under Roy’s chin and lifted the man’s head.  Roy’s eyes were slightly moist from the pain, but no real tears of pain.  Well, Ed would have to fix that.  He’d cried the first time he’d found Roy with someone else, and he’d cried the second time too.  Ed wanted to make Roy cry, wanted to make him feel just as shitty as he had.


Ed backhanded Roy once, then twice—making his nose and lip bleed—before deciding that wasn’t giving the desired result.  Folding his leather belt in half, Ed gripped it tight and pulled his arm back, ready to strike.  Roy’s eyes widened and he shook his head fearfully.


“Ed, stop!” Roy cried out in alarm, but that was all he got out before Ed brought the heavy belt down against the side of Roy’s head.  There was a dull thud as it connected with Roy’s skull, then the man crumpled and fell over onto his side.  Blood oozed from the spot where the buckle had connected with his head and he lifted one broken hand to gently touch the spot before hissing sharply and pulling it away.


“Get back on your hands and knees!” Ed demanded angrily.


Roy’s eyes, squeezed shut against the pain, cracked open.  He looked at Ed through watery eyes.  When Ed saw that he had Roy’s attention, he lifted the belt up again in a threatening gesture.


“Well?” he asked tightly.


Roy swallowed hard and forced himself to his knees, then rested his weight forward on his elbows instead of his injured hands.  Walking close, Ed reached down and ran his palm across the blood flowing down the side of the man’s head, smearing it over Roy’s cheek.


“You know why I did that?” Ed asked.  Roy clenched his teeth together and glared defiantly at Ed through the watery, pain-filled eyes.  He didn’t like that look... no... he was the one in control...  Stepping back, Ed kicked Roy in the ribs with his automail foot again and heard a sickening crunching sound.


Blood oozed from Roy’s mouth, down his chin, and dripped heavily on the floor.  His face was pale and he grimaced before retching hard and spewing bloody globs.  He groaned heavily and clenched his teeth together as he stared at the mess.


“I said,” Ed yelled.  “Do you know why I did that?!”


Roy coughed wetly, sending little droplets of blood and saliva to join the blood and gore that was starting to saturate the carpet under Roy’s head.  Then there was a shake of the head and a faint, “No”.


Throwing the belt aside, Ed knelt down by Roy’s head and lifted it by the man’s chin with one of his hands.  More blood was oozing from Roy’s mouth and now the tears trickled from Roy’s eyes and made rivets down his face, mixing in with the blood.


Ed pulled his flaccid penis from his pants and rubbed his bloody hand against it.  “It’s lube, Roy... lube.  You like lube, right?”


“You’re... sick...” Roy choked out, coughing blood onto Ed.


Ed let go of Roy’s chin and grabbed the man’s hair, pulling his head back.  “You always said you liked sucking on me... well, now you get to...  Aren’t you glad I’m giving you this wonderful opportunity to have sex?” Ed grated out.  When Roy just stared at him, Ed snapped, “Open your fucking mouth!”  Roy paused for another moment, but complied when Ed balled his automail hand into a fist, ready to strike at a moment’s notice.


Slipping his now slightly hard cock into Roy’s mouth, Ed looked down at the man and growled, “Better make it good...”


Roy coughed and made a small noise Ed couldn’t place, then began to do as he was told.  Roy was good, he’d always been good, but Ed had to admit to himself that this arousal was only partially from what was being done to him.  It was the first time that he was in control of the situation.  No matter how fucked up it was, he was in control.  It was almost intoxicating, yet frightening at the same time.


Reaching down, Ed grabbed Roy’s head tightly with both of his hands and slammed himself as deeply as he could into Roy’s throat.  Ed watched as the man’s eyes widened as he tried to gasp for air.  He waited for almost a minute, then he pulled out.  Roy coughed and choked, trying to gulp in air, as he rolled over onto his side.


Ed stared down at his cock, now fully erect and dripping blood and saliva.  This wasn’t the end of it... no... Roy wanted sex... he’d give him sex...


Reaching down, Ed pulled Roy to his knees and pushed him forward so that his ass was sticking up in the air.  He felt Roy stiffen when he put his hands on his butt-cheeks, but he didn’t care.  Placing the head of his cock against Roy’s opening, Ed pushed hard.  He wondered slightly if the blood made very much difference—he couldn’t imagine it would really work well as a lubricant—but lost that thought as he felt the warm tightness of Roy’s insides surround him.


He’d never been allowed to do this; never been allowed to be top.  There were a lot of things he’d never been ‘allowed’ to do in this horribly unbalanced and fucked up relationship, but no more.  He had needs too.  He wasn’t someone that Roy could just step all over and use whenever it was convenient.


Blocking out Roy’s exclamations of pain at the same time that he relished in them, Ed thrust himself inside of the man over and over with reckless abandon.  He told himself that he didn’t care what he’d done to Roy or what he was doing to him now.  The bastard deserved everything he’d gotten in the last ten minutes.  Ed was in charge now, and he liked it.  He liked not being the one who had to deal with the pain for once.


His fingers bit into the man’s skin as he neared his climax.  Pushing hard into Roy’s ass, Ed let out a loud cry as he found release.  The ecstasy was momentary however as the angry lust drained out of him as quickly as his cum was filling Roy up.  He sagged wearily and took in the battered mess of a man that had been his lover for so long.


Broken, bleeding, and probably in need of some serious medical attention, Roy Mustang had become something almost unrecognizable to him.  His brain seemed to be trying to block out the scene, but when he closed his eyes, the image was burned into his mind.  He could feel Roy’s body against his thighs and groin and could feel the man’s sweaty skin beneath his fingers—physical evidence of the consequences of his rage.


Shame settled heavily upon him and he slowly pulled out of Mustang’s body.  He stumbled backward slightly, forgetting that his pants were around his ankles.  Everything was blurry around him and his eyes stung.  Blinking a few times to clear his vision, Ed swallowed, trying to rid himself of the lump forming in his throat.  He couldn’t understand why he had this horrible empty feeling inside.  He wasn’t supposed to feel this way...  Roy was the one who was supposed to feel hurt from this, not him... 


Pulling his pants up, Ed looked down and saw that streaks of blood glistened on the leather from his fingers.  It seemed almost unreal, as if this were a dream... or a nightmare...  He looked at Roy’s body, now curled up into the fetal position.  Roy was staring silently at him through a mask of humiliation and pain.  Tears trickled from the man’s eyes, mixing in with the blood and dripping off his face.  His eyes and lips were pulled tight as if trying to keep himself from showing how much pain he was actually in. 


It was then that Ed realized that he’d been wrong.  Hurting someone else didn’t mean that he wouldn’t end up hurt himself.  Guilt pressed down on him as he put his belt back on, then looked down at his boots.


“It’s over...” Ed said to his feet.  “It’s over between us.”  He looked up at Roy and said brokenly.  “I’m... I’m sorry... I...”  He shook his head, not able to continue.  He was wrong.  What he’d done was wrong.  He’d done to Roy’s body what the man had been doing to his emotions, but that didn’t make either of them right.


“I’m sorry too...” Roy choked out through the blood in his mouth.  “Ed...”


“No!” Ed cried.  “Don’t!”  If Roy was going to say that he still loved him—that he wanted him—even after what he’d done, Ed didn’t know that he’d be able to take it.  Even if it was a lie, he couldn’t bear to hear it... yet, he didn’t think he could take Roy’s condemnation either.


Not looking at Roy, Ed walked to the bedroom door and said, “I’ll...  I’ll let someone know that you need help.”  He paused as a thought struck him.  They’d surely arrest him for what he’d just done...  He might deserve it, but Ed wasn’t willing to let it happen.  “I’m going away—leaving town.  Don’t try to find me.”  He let an unspoken ‘or else’ hang on the air.


Walking out of the bedroom and to the front door, Ed stared dully down at his suitcase through the gloom.  Then he pulled his keys from his pockets and took Roy’s house key off the keychain, letting it slide from his fingers to the tile covered entryway.  It clinked dully, then lay there unmoving and lifeless.


Just like he felt...


Just like their relationship had been...


With a feeling of sick desolation, Ed grabbed his suitcase, opened the door, and fled blindly into the night.

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  • Oneshot: Never Forgetting

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