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Blind Obsession Chapter 13 Part 2

Part 1 is HERE

Ed felt pleased that he’d been able to come up with something new.  He wasn’t quite as creative as Mustang seemed to be with these types of things, but this was something that he’d thought about ever since the day he and Mustang had been together at the river pavilion.  If he could suck his own cock, then he could surely do this.  In a way, he was sort of jealous that Mustang would get to feel what it was like.


Feeling around, Ed grabbed the man’s hand and started slowly around the couch and to the hallway.  “I know the perfect spot for this too,” he said, feeling more amused than he probably should have.  Once he reached the hall, Ed was able to feel the wall with his other hand, and he walked with more confidence down toward the bedroom he and Al shared.


“Okay, see those two beds?” Ed asked, waving vaguely into the room he couldn’t see.  “The one near the door is mine.  The one on the other side of the room is Al’s.”  He smirked.  “That’s the bed we’re going to do this on.”




Roy chuckled.  “You really are a dirty, little shit, aren’t you?”


“Maybe,” Ed said smartly.


Reaching into his pocket, Roy pulled out a small tube of lube and pressed it into Ed’s palm, then smacked his ass and pushed him toward the bed.  “Let’s do this,” he said.  “If you think you can.” 


Ed turned and scowled at him, then dropped his head as if looking at the bottle in his hand.  “You knew we were going to end up fucking... didn’t you...?”


“Well, I’d hoped, but I usually carry that on me at all times.  You never know when the right opportunity will suddenly present itself.”


Shaking his head, Ed brought his head up to face in his direction.  “I can’t believe what a horny, old man you are.”


In one fluid motion, Roy pushed Ed backward onto Al’s bed and trapped him under his body weight.  “I may be older, but that’s only in your benefit.  You’re lucky to have such a knowledgeable lover who can keep up with you,” he murmured, rubbing his groin against Ed’s body.  “Now, let’s see if you’re as good at fucking as you are at being fucked.”


Rolling off of Ed and onto his back, Roy stretched his legs off the bed and said, “Take my pants off, Fullmetal.”




‘Take them off yourself,’ instantly came to mind, but Ed held back the retort.  Standing up, Ed felt around for Mustang’s legs—which were hanging off the side of the bed—then moved in-between them.  He undid the buttons and straps at the waist, then pulled the pants and buttskirt down to Mustang’s ankles, then realized he’d made a tactical error.  With a grunt, Ed undid the ties on each of Mustang’s boots and pulled them off before removing the pants the rest of the way.


“No underwear?” Ed asked, running his hands up the man’s legs and to his naked pelvis.


“Why bother with an extra barrier?” Mustang said lightly.  “It’s me being ‘efficient’,” he added smartly.  “Think about all the time we would waste by having to remove a pair of boxers.”


Ed snorted then pushed Mustang’s legs up so that his feet were now on the mattress, then paused again as he thought through the logistics of this.  If only he could see what he was doing...  He gave a small sigh.  It was so much easier in his fantasies. 




Roy fought the almost overpowering urge to start giving Ed directions.  It was painfully obvious that Ed was having a few difficulties, but Roy had the feeling Ed wouldn’t exactly appreciate the help.  He was starting to wonder if this had been such a good idea after all.  Not that he wasn’t used to awkward sex—he and Ed had certainly had their fair share of that—but he’d never been on this end of it.


Finally, Ed lifted Roy’s legs so that they rested on Ed’s shoulders, then he heard the cap on the tube flip open.  “This might be a little bit messy and... well...”  Ed made a sound of exasperation.  “It’s not like I can see what I’m doing, so it might take me a bit to get it all worked out.”


It was probably a good thing that Ed couldn’t see Roy’s face, which he knew had donned a look of nervous apprehension.  He was just on the point of saying that they might want to try this another time, when Ed pushed a slick finger inside of him.  Ed’s other hand moved to his groin in an effort to bring Roy back to the point of raging lust—something that had greatly diminished in the last five minutes. 


Ed was quiet for once as he concentrated on what he was doing.  There was no dirty talk, no glib comments, not even complaining.  Roy would have preferred something, but he realized this also gave him a bit of a chance to focus on this experience—focus on what Ed had all those times when Roy wasn’t able to speak to him.


Another finger was worked into him in a studious manner before Roy decided that this would probably be fine.  Ed’s cock wasn’t that big anyway.  He wanted to get this party started.  Later, he would teach Ed some great preparation techniques, but this wasn’t the time for that.


“That’s enough.  If you’re going to fuck me, then do it.  No more of this poking and prodding,” Roy said, a hint of impatience in his tone.


“Grouchy, aren’t you?  And here I was just trying to be nice, but fine.”  He pulled his fingers out and a moment later Roy felt the head of Ed’s cock touch him.  “You want it now?  I can do that.” 


Roy gripped the bedding tightly as Ed grabbed his legs, then plunged inside of him.  It was funny how Ed felt a lot bigger at the moment than what he really was.  He sucked breath in through his teeth, making a hissing noise at the stinging pain, then it started to ebb away as he got used to Ed being inside of him.


“You okay?” Ed asked, sounding a little unsure. 


“Mmhum...” Roy breathed in a higher pitch than he might normally have used.  That was the last time he was going to underestimate the size of any man’s cock.




Ed wanted to be sure that Mustang was okay; but, at the same time, if he said he was fine, then he probably was.  Besides, the feel of himself sheathed within Mustang’s body was...


“Wow... this is pretty damn fine...” Ed murmured, pulling his hips back and pushing them forward once.  He was going to have to push for being the one doing the fucking more often...  He couldn’t believe how tight and warm it felt...


“I’m not going to last very long,” Ed observed out loud before doing what he’d said he would.  Grabbing Mustang’s cock in one hand to keep it where he could get at it, he bent over and slipped his mouth over the head.  He had to pull out of Mustang about half way so that he could reach it, but he could reach it in this position—that’s what mattered. 


So there he was, Mustang’s cock in his mouth and his cock in Mustang’s ass.  He could only imagine how hot it must look, and how deliciously pleasurable it must feel.  He slid his hands up Mustang’s chest and was pleased to find that he could barely reach the man’s nipples.  Well, lucky Mustang...  Ed doubted he’d be the only one who didn’t last very long.




While Ed may not have been the best at preparation, he did know how to go down on someone, and he had a good idea of what to do with his hands that felt good—things he’d probably picked up from Roy himself.


The feel of Ed’s cock thrusting into him, of Ed’s lips and tongue paying some extra special attention to his erection, and the feel of Ed’s fingers touching his chest and stimulating his nipples...


It was heaven.


No, it was better than heaven. 


Roy’s mouth opened and a moan of pleasure—one he didn’t recognize as his own—escaped him.  The pleasure was mounting at such an incredible pace that he wasn’t sure if it was real. 


“Ed,” he breathed.  “I swear if you cum before I do, I’ll beat your ass...”  He wanted to cum with Ed’s cock hard and thrusting into him.  Ed also had a habit of becoming a boneless mass for a few minutes after cumming.  That would definitely kill the moment for him.




Ed gave a small whimper at Mustang’s statement.  Not because he feared anything the man could or would do to him—even blind, Ed felt confident that he could defend himself against someone as unskilled in hand-to-hand fighting as Mustang—but because he really was close to blowing his load. 


He’d never had to hold back for someone else’s pleasure before, and he had a feeling that if he wasn’t able to hold back long enough, his chances of ever convincing Mustang to let him top again would be zero to none.


Mustang’s hips rocked and his body thrashed slightly in a way that Ed had to work hard to keep himself inside and keep Mustang inside of his mouth.  The man’s cock throbbed and pulsed against his tongue in a familiar way, and Ed knew that it was probably only a matter of seconds before Mustang came.  A couple of seconds, but it still seemed like an eternity.


“Ed... aaahh... mmm... Ed... don’t stop...” Mustang moaned and gasped through unsteady breaths.  “You... ah... oh my... uh ah...  ho... shi...”




Roy had planned on something far more dignified for their first time together with Ed knowing that his secret lover was him, but Ed’s suggestion had intrigued him.  When he’d agreed, Roy had thought he would give Ed some dirty talk to digest as he blew and fucked him.


The small gasps and mindless babble that were coming out of him now had not been part of the plan.  He’d never felt so much concentrated stimulation and pleasure in his life and it was overwhelming his senses and destroying his ability to think and speak.


The buildup was so amazing that he wanted it to last forever, but he knew instinctively that the climax would be much more astounding—though devastatingly shorter—than the buildup.  His body desperately cried out for release; and, seconds later, it got it.


Roy’s mouth opened wide and his breath caught in his throat as the moment came.  He lifted his head and stared at the way Ed was leaning over him, sucking his cock and arms stretched out across his chest.  Then with the force of a train, the muscles in his body reached the pinnacle of pleasure and then released him.  His head flopped back down on the bed and he closed his eyes in pure, unadulterated bliss. 


He was suddenly aware of the sweat on his skin, of Ed bringing his hands to grip his legs, of releasing his cock and thrusting hard into his body... once... twice... that’s all it took.  Roy wanted to lift his head back up and watch as Ed came inside of him, but he was too worn out and the contentment from his release was still too powerful.


Roy felt Ed sag against him for a moment, then slowly pulled out and took his legs off his shoulders with a small groan.  Within a moment, Ed plopped down beside him on the bed and there they stayed, lying sideways on Alphonse Elric’s bed, legs dangling off the side, each with faces pointed toward the ceiling—whether they could see it or not.


Then, without warning, Ed moved over, resting his head in the crook of Roy’s arm and laying his own arm across Roy’s chest.  He’d wondered if they would still do this...  Pulling him in, Roy kissed his sweaty forehead, then said, “That was simply amazing.”





Ed laid there on his back, face toward the ceiling, breathing hard and fatigued, but feeling so very good...  He turned his face to where Mustang was laying and frowned.  They’d gotten into the habit of sort of... snuggling... together afterward...  Snuggling and talking...  It was something that Ed had come to enjoy and look forward to. 


But now...  Now it was Mustang...  How would it seem if he did that now?  He didn’t want to be made fun of.  Yet, it was something his secret lover had accepted and even started on his own a few times.  After a little more internal debate, Ed decided that he wanted that down time and if Mustang said anything snide about it, he’d introduce him to the front end of his knuckles.     


Scooting over, Ed laid his arm over Mustang’s chest and rested his head on his arm.  He felt uncomfortable for about a second before Mustang pulled him closer, kissed his forehead, and said, “That was simply amazing.”


Amazing?  He had been amazing?  Ed smiled, feeling a little dazed and pleased with himself.  He had been amazing...  He had amazed Roy Mustang—his kinky and knowledgeable not-so-secret lover—in bed...


“Does that mean I get to do you again?” he asked, then grimaced at the blatant eagerness in his voice. 


Mustang chuckled.  “We’ll see.” 


Ed nodded against Mustang’s arm.  He felt content with that—content with the whole world to be exact.


“I haven’t told Al about you...” Ed finally said after a long silence.  “I mean, I told him about what happened and our meetings and stuff, but I didn’t tell him about you.”  He paused, wondering if what he was going to say would even be relevant or not.  Would Mustang demand that his identity be kept a secret?  Would he want to keep sneaking around?  Not that Ed had any plans to announce what they were doing to the world, but they could at least be friendly with each other, right?


Ed waited to see if Mustang would say anything, but when he didn’t, Ed continued.  “Some of the problems me and Al were having were ‘cause we weren’t being very honest with each other.  You probably don’t want other people to know about us fucking, but it would be a little hard to keep it from Al; ‘cause, as you might have noticed, I don’t exactly have the ability to sneak around at night anymore...”


He slid his hand up from where it was dangling on the other side of Mustang’s chest and began to idly run it over Mustang’s collarbone.  “Even if that wasn’t so, I don’t want to keep this from him.  I mean... if we’re really going to keep this up...”  He trailed off.  There were so many questions flying around in his mind, but he didn’t know how to ask them, and he didn’t want to seem as if he was becoming too attached.


The silence dragged on and Ed was starting to feel a little antsy when Mustang finally spoke.  “Exactly how much did you tell him about our meetings...?” 


“Ah...” Ed cleared his throat.  “Well...  He wanted a lot of details...”




Roy wasn’t sure if he felt flattered that their meetings had been good enough to retell or embarrassed that Al now knew such a personal aspect of his life.


“Was he upset about what you were doing?” he asked, then realized this was the first time he’d been able to actually take part in the ‘after sex’ discussion.  He kind of liked it...


“Well, yeah, a bit.  ‘Cause he was worried about me and stuff, but he’s pretty cool with it all.  I mean... he’s hardly a blushing virgin...”


Roy smirked, thinking of when Ed had told him about the time he’d spied on his brother having sex with a girl on his bed.  Then the irony came to him and he asked, “Did we just have sex on your brother’s bed as a way of paying him back?”


He glanced over and saw that Ed was grinning.  “Maaaaaybeee...”  Ed paused, and the grin grew wider.  “Do you think I should tell him what we did?”


At that, Roy laughed, then brought his hand up and lightly ran his fingers along Ed’s arm.  “You can tell Al about me if you want to, but I don’t want you to make it out as if I’m the bad guy.”


“I won’t,” Ed said.  “I think I’ve gotten over that...  I was just kinda embarrassed and stuff.  But I’ll be sure to tell him we ‘talked’ about it and decided mutually that we wanted to keep it up.”


Ed’s hand, which had been gently tickling his collarbone, moved down to his chest where he laid his hand palm down.  “This isn’t like dating or anything,” Ed said.  “I mean...  I don’t consider you my boyfriend or whatever.”


Roy nodded.  “The feeling is mutual.”


“But... well... I still can’t get over the fact that you’re an asshole and that I should hate you.  So, I’d kinda like to get to know you better.  I want to at least be friends...  I don’t think I want to keep having sex with someone I hate...”


Roy, eyes fixed on where he was touching Ed’s arm, moved his gaze away to look at Ed’s face.  There was no anger there; no stubbornness or vindictiveness.  If anything, Roy would say that Ed seemed thoughtful and sincere.


Well... and why not?  Why not get to know each other better?  It was true that Ed couldn’t possibly continue meeting him all over the city now that he was blind—maybe when he felt more comfortable enough with himself and his surroundings, but not now.  And Ed was being released from the military.  It wasn’t exactly out of line or odd to have a friendship with him now that he was no longer his superior officer.


“As long as it’s understood that it’s nothing more than that,” Roy finally said.  “If I visit, if we get lunch together, if we spend the night together, it’s just a mutual friendship.  We’re both free to date and have sex with other people.  There is no commitment.”


Ed nodded.  “That’s how I want it.”


Roy smiled and leaned in to kiss Ed on the lips.  He felt satisfied with their arrangement.  No commitment, no being tied down.  “Alphonse isn’t coming back tonight, is he?” Roy finally said, more to confirm what he already suspected than to actually ask it as a question.


A grin pulled at Ed’s lips.  “Not that I know of.”


“Well, I could get ready to go right now, but that means I’d have to shower.  Then I would have to find all the buttons to my shirt and then fix it—or have you fix it, since you’re the one who decided to destroy it—and then I would have to walk home, because Hawkeye drove me here...  But that’s just a lot of bother,” Roy said, then added, “Plus, I would hate to leave you here all alone—this being your first night out of the hospital without your brother.  I should probably stay the night, don’t you think?”




“I don’t know...  Can you cook?” Ed asked, licking his lips.  All this fucking and stuff had made him hungry and while he could eat what Al had left out for him, there was no reason why he couldn’t try to get more out of this deal.


“Not at all,” Mustang said, humor filling his voice.  “But I can order delivery.” 


Just what Ed had been hoping for.  “Then I suppose it wouldn’t be too much trouble for me to have you stay here,” Ed said with an exaggerated air of being put out.


A moment later he felt Mustang lean in and lick at his neck.  “I know exactly what I’m going to order,” he murmured hungrily.  “And I think we’ll have a lot of fun eating it.”  Threading his fingers through Mustang’s hair as he nibbled at his neck, Ed had no doubt that dinner would be a very exciting experience indeed.


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