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Oneshot: The Price

Title: The Price
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: R / Light NC17
Type: Yaoi, Drama, Angst
Summary: Roy is used to paying the price for what he wants, but he wonders if the one Ed set might be a little too high for his preferences.

A/N: Written for the fiction contest for Yaoi Con. It didn't win anything, but I enjoyed writing it nonetheless. ^_^

However, loreamara won third place for her fic! It's exciting to know that the only non-original fic that won was in our fandom. \o/! You can find it HERE. It is Hughes/Roy and it is amazing. And... I'm totally pimping it out without permission >_>; But it deserves to be pimped out because it's amazing.

The PriceCollapse )
Tags: one shot, oneshot, stories
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