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Yaoi Con Picture Post

And, as promised, pictures! \o/

Cut is very image heavy... I hope it posts... ^ ^;

From top left to top right:animanga_maniac (animanga), truly_wished (TW), zakai_ (me [lulz]), mustanginblue (MiB). Bottom left to bottom right: Person who wishes to remain un-named and un-faced, fullmetalrose (FMR). Checking out the area the first night.

Sunrise from our hotel window

Picture of the Golden Gate bridge through the fog.

From left to right: weredragon (YG69), firegodessreiko (Reiko), hikaru_9 (Hikaru). Chillin' in our hotel room :)

Left to right: Hikaru, inugrlrayn (Rayn), YG69. In the lobby.

wiccat (Wiccy) with eli_artemisia's (Marysia) pant leg. I wanted to get a picture of the pants whe was wearing the next day, but sadly had no camera on me ;_;

From left to right: Reiko, Hikaru, Rayn, YG69, and me.

Top left to right: sharpwind (Sharpie), Me, Animanga, MiB, Reiko, cryogenia (Cryo). Bottom left to right: Hikaru and sky_dark (Sky)

Rayn, Marysia, Hikaru, and Sharpie in herongale's (Heron) room.

A darling picture of Marysia and Hikaru. <3

Some dude playing Hoho papa and Hikaru as Ed.

*laughs* and I wanted a picture with Hoho too.

Movie Ed and Series Ed doing the Zuko/Aang move from Avatar. lulz. I have to mention right now that the offical FMA meet up was pretty fail. There was only me and Hikaru in cosplay along with these two and their Roy.

Me with the other Roy. *laughs* I think that girl was like WTF why are you holding on to me?! I do have to thank FMR for takikng this and the next few pictures with me in them.

Do not let Ed's size fool you! He's heavier than he looks! Must be all that muscle.

Ed trying to fit the seme picture position.

Roy decides to take his rightful place as the seme protector (lulz)

I've always thought the idea of Roy carrying Ed piggyback style was cute.

All five cosplayers who bothered to show up to the FMA meetup.

Ed being all dominating XD

Roy begging Ed's forgiveness for flirting with all the other ladies at the con. XDD

Roy being too lazy to tie his own boots.

Actually, I do have to thank Hikaru for tying my boots not once, but twice. When I had the make up on I was always afraid of getting it on the jacket so to lace them up or retie them I'd have to take the jacket off.

loreamara (Arcane) and crazyloststar (Lyns) cosplaying from Fake. *laughs* someday I'm actually going to remember that it's "crazyLOSTstar" and not "crazyLONEstar". Anyway, all of their cosplays were awesome. I didn't get any of them as Ed and Greedling, but luckily others did \o/!

I have no idea who these people are from but I got their picture because 1. they looked cool, and 2. they were in my way and I had to wait for other people to get their pictures anyway XD

Arcane and Lyns as movie Roy and Ed. The lighting in the room was really funky. It was too bright with the flash, but not bright enough without it. ^ ^;
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