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Blind Obsession - Chapter 9

Title: Blind Obsession
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: NC17
Type: Yaoi with a small dash of het, Smut with a side order of plot, AU—Ed is 17 and Al has his body back.
Warnings: Smut, Language, Various Kinks
Pairing: Roy/Ed
Summary: Roy finds Ed having some ‘fun’ with himself, and decides to include himself in the entertainment without letting Ed know it’s him.

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Blind Obsession


Battered Façade

Ed groaned and lifted a heavy hand to swat at whoever was shaking him. He was tired and wanted to sleep! The shaking stopped for a moment, then began again with an accompanied, “Brother... Brother, wake up...”

Cracking one eye open, Ed stared at Al, who was standing by his bed and looking worriedly down at him.

“What?” Ed growled, then yawned and closed his eyes to shut out the light.

“I just got a call from Colonel Mustang. He wanted to know why you weren’t at work—”

That caught Ed’s attention and his eyes popped open. Quickly sitting up, Ed stared at his alarm clock in horror. He was already an hour late to work, and that was from his ‘official starting time’. Normally, Ed tried to get there early because Russell was such a fucking work horse.

“Fuck!” Ed hissed, scrubbing at his face with a hand. “Why didn’t you wake me up sooner?!” he demanded, looking up at his brother.

“How was I supposed to know that you didn’t just take the day off?” Al asked defensively.

Ed grunted. “I didn’t tell you I did.”

Folding his arms, Al scowled. “That doesn’t mean much, brother. You don’t tell me anything anymore.”

With another yawn, Ed got up, hurried over to where he’d dumped his clothes the night before, and started pulling them on. “What’s that supposed to mean?” Ed asked, feeling irritable and angry.

There was a moment of silence as Ed checked himself to be sure he had everything on that he needed, then turned to look at Al. His brother was standing there with a flat expression on his face.

“Well?” Ed asked impatiently.

Al sighed heavily and shook his head. “Nothing...”

Ed pressed his lips together in silent frustration. Why did his brother have to be so fucking passive-aggressive? Ed wanted to say something, wanted to draw it out. He was tired of all the bottled up emotions he was feeling; tired of the tight feeling of resentment and aggravation that seemed to fill the air whenever he and Al were together. He breathed a forced breath out of his nose. But right now, he was late and he couldn’t stay to hash this out with Al without making it worse on himself at work.

Walking out of the bedroom and into the bathroom, Ed used the toilet, then brushed his hair and braided it. He was heading toward the kitchen when he remembered that he still had his report... The one Mustang had wanted him to deliver last night... The one he’d gone to get when he’d met up with Russell and...

Reluctance and loathing filled him as he grabbed his lunch and stuffed it in his bag, then snagged a piece of bread for breakfast and hurried out the door. He couldn’t go to the lab without giving his report to Mustang, and Ed was sure he was going to get the scolding from hell when he got to Central Headquarters. Then he actually had go to the lab and face Russell.

Ed’s pace increased in his frustration. He wanted to see Russell even less than he wanted to see Mustang right now. What had possessed him to offer such a thing—to Russell no less—was beyond him. He hadn’t imagined the fucking prick would turn into such a damned pussy and run off all scared like that.

Pulling open the door to Central Headquarters, Ed ignored the guards’ friendly greeting and stormed to Mustang’s office. Opening the door without knocking, Ed stalked over to the man’s desk, pulled the report out of his bag, and slapped it down without a word. He turned to go, but stopped when Mustang spoke.

“Fullmetal.” His tone was low and displeasure intertwined with irritation.

“Yes?” Ed asked in tightly controlled anger, his back still turned to Mustang.

“I believe I asked for this report last night.”

“What the fuck does it matter?!” Ed said angrily, staring hard at the door. “You left and wouldn’t have read it until now anyway!”

“That’s not the point,” Mustang said in a calm tone. “Your orders were to bring it last night.”

Ed gritted his teeth together and said nothing. There was nothing to say to that. He could try giving excuses, but right now he really didn’t feel like arguing with this asshole. He just wanted to get the hell out of there.

“I have old files I need gone through and disposed of. I was planning on doing that this evening. I could use some help...”

Ed scowled and said flatly, “I have plans tonight.” The day was starting out shitty, but at least he’d be able to leave it all behind for a few hours.

“This is an order,” Mustang said easily, “not a request. You should be grateful I’m not punishing you worse for your insubordination.”

Anger bubbled up inside of him and he turned to glare darkly at the man behind the desk. Loathing filled every inch of him and he longed to tell the man to shove his orders up his ass, then walk out the door—forever leaving behind this insufferable bastard to rot. That would leave him free from being under Mustang’s thumb and free of ever having to see Russell again.

But reason surfaced and Ed knew that such actions could—and would—only cause more problems than they were worth. One didn’t just waltz out of being in the military; more especially from being a state alchemist. There was paperwork that had to be written up and signed, evaluation processes to go through, official meetings, and so forth. The military was law in Amestris and defiance to procedure could get him thrown behind bars.

“I need to leave by nine. I have previous arrangements.” Ed was supposed to be at the motel by ten o’clock, so leaving at nine would give him plenty of time to get ready and get there.

“Then you’d better work fast,” Mustang said with a smirk.

Bastard... You bastard, son-of-a-bitch asshole from hell... Ed thought angrily, and growled as he turned and stalked out the door.

Someday he would quit the military and then maybe he’d punch Mustang in the face—hard—just for the sheer pleasure of doing so. The mental image only helped soothe him until he reached the lab, then nervousness set in.

He pressed the button on the elevator, then rested his forehead against the cool metal surface of the elevator doors. If the Earth opened up right then and swallowed him, Ed didn’t think he would mind; in fact, he’d prefer it.

The elevator dinged and Ed stepped back as the doors opened. He was ready to step inside, but stopped when he saw it was already occupied. Russell looked up from a paper he’d been looking at and his eyes twitched and his lips formed a hard line before he looked away and hurried out of the elevator and to the receptionist at the front desk.

With a sigh, Ed stepped inside the elevator and pushed the button. The elevator doors started to close, but a hand thrust inside and caught the sensors on the doors, causing them to reopen. Russell slipped inside and the doors shut. An uncomfortable silence filled the air as the elevator began to move; then, without warning, Russell stepped forward and pushed the ‘stop elevator’ button. The engine whined and there was a creaking sound as the elevator came to a stop.

Another moment of silence, then, with back to Ed, Russell said, “I want you to stay away from me.”

No problem there, Ed thought.

“I want you to stay away from my brother; I want you to stay away from the rest of my workers... Just... do your work and stay the hell away from everyone else. Don’t come in early, don’t stay late.”

“That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard,” Ed said flatly. “I can’t do my job and not associate with my coworkers.”

“Fine,” Russell said tightly, then turned to look at him. “Whatever. Just... Just stay away from me and my brother.”

“Why Fletcher?”

Russell scowled darkly. “I don’t want him associating with someone like you.”

“I didn’t hear you complaining when I had my mouth on your cock,” Ed spat. “Seemed to me that you were really enjoying it.”

“You’re a bad example for my brother,” Russell countered as if trying to avoid what Ed had just said.

“And what the hell do you think I’m going to do? Proposition your little brother?” Ed scoffed. “Give me a break! I don’t go for kids.” Russell opened his mouth to say something, but Ed over-road him. “Why don’t you just get over yourself and admit that you liked being sucked off by me. I offered, you accepted, so don’t get all preachy on me now.”

Russell’s face went sour as he ground his teeth together, then he stepped forward and pushed a button to start the elevator. “Just stay away from us.” There was a harsh finality in his voice that Ed bristled at, but decided not to cross.

“You’re the boss,” Ed ground out, anger boiling inside of him at how Russell was acting. He didn’t give one shit about associating with Russell, but he got along well with Fletcher and that really was a loss. That, plus the way Russell was practically banning him from associating with everyone else, interfering with his job, and being a prejudiced asshole who couldn’t even admit that he’d enjoyed what had happened... All of it combined just served to piss Ed off so badly that he wasn’t sure if he’d be able to speak at all for a while.

When they reached their floor, Russell hurried out of the elevator and down the hall before Ed was completely through the doors. Ed stopped and looked wearily down the hallway. He didn’t want to be here. He just wanted to go home and hide in his bed until it was time to meet at the motel. Instead, he reluctantly started forward, already counting down the hours before it was time to leave.


Roy smirked as he watched Ed glance up for the umpteenth time that evening. It was five minutes to nine o’clock and he could see that Ed was really starting to get antsy and nervous.

They’d spent the last four hours going through books, papers, boxes, and cabinets. In truth, the job would have been better done by someone other than Ed and him, but he’d volunteered for it after setting up his next meeting with Ed. He’d wondered how he’d be able to get Ed to do this with him, and had finally decided he’d just have to order him to do it for no reason when the problem with the report had cropped up. It had been the perfect excuse, and so he’d jumped on it.

Sliding a box in a closet, Ed stood up, put his hands to his lower back, and leaned back; causing a slight cracking sound. He gave a small moan, then a yawn.

Grinning, Roy spoke up before Ed could and said, “We’ll need to do those cabinets tonight.” He pointed to three large metal cabinets, but didn’t take his eyes off of Ed’s face.

The teen glanced at the cabinets, then to the clock, before looking at him and saying, “It’s nine o’clock.” His voice sounded both weary and petulant with a touch of irritation.

Roy shrugged. “It can’t be helped. This needs to be done tonight and I’m not going to stay here and do it all myself. You’re not the only one with a life.” He watched, feeling amused at the look of disbelief on Ed’s face. His shoulders slumped and he looked angrily to the floor for a moment before stomping over to the cabinets and pulling one open.

“Well?” Ed snapped. “Come help me!” Roy walked leisurely to the cabinets, knelt down beside Ed, and began to work.

After about ten minutes, Ed stopped and looked at him with a frown.

“What?” Roy asked.

“Are you wearing cologne?”

Roy smirked. “I always do. The ladies love it. Just a tad; enough to leave a hint of yourself with them for a moment.”

Ed’s frown deepened and he said reluctantly, “I was just wondering... I... I know someone who wears the same brand, I think...”

“Well, that’s not surprising,” Roy said easily. “There are plenty of people here in Central who wear this scent.” Actually, that wasn’t exactly true. Roy imported this particular brand from Xing; and while it was actually quite popular there, he’d never come across anyone in Amestris who used it. He hadn’t even thought of Ed catching onto that. He and Ed normally were never close enough in the office for Ed to really dwell on his scent.

They both went back to work and continued on for about another ten minutes before Roy sat back and stretched. “I think I need a break. I have a feeling we’re going to be here for another hour or two.”

Ed’s head snapped to the clock; then, with a growl, he stood up and kicked the cabinet closed. “I’m leaving!”

Roy grinned, enjoying his game. “I told you—”

“Fuck you,” Ed growled, turning to look at him.

“Such insubordination...” Roy murmured, trying not to grin, but failing.

Ed was breathing heavily now, obviously trying to decide what to do. Do what he was ordered, and possibly miss the meeting at the motel; or disobey and go get screwed... Indecision raged in Ed’s eyes, and Roy wondered what Ed would choose.

“I told you, I have a previous engagement...” Ed said in a quiet, measured tone. His voice was shaking and his fists were clenched. “I can come back tomorrow and help, but I’m done for tonight.”

Roy smiled lazily at him. “You do realize I could write you up, don’t you?” Ed’s jaw clenched and his lips pressed together. Oh, this was fun, but... he’d pushed Ed far enough for tonight. “Alright.” Roy waved a hand. “Get out of here.”

Without a word, Ed spun on his heel and stomped out of the room; slamming the door behind him. Roy sat there for another moment, then stood up and watched out of the window until he saw Ed dashing from the building and into the street. Ed stopped, turned, and looked up at the window, then made an obscene gesture at Roy before turning and running off again.

“You’re being a very bad dog...” Roy murmured to Ed’s retreating figure. When Ed was out of sight, Roy quickly cleaned up the mess, then grabbed his keys and left hurriedly. He’d already set up the motel. Ed should be able to get the key from the front desk. All Roy needed to do was find somewhere to change and head over to the motel. Ed was most likely going home to change, so Roy was sure he’d get to the motel first. Roy needed to be there before Ed so that he could watch from his car for the instructions he’d given Ed.

Roy licked his lips and grinned as he got into his car and pulled out onto the street. He was really looking forward to tonight...


Cursing, Ed rushed through the door and hurried to his bedroom. He was going to be late because of that asshole Mustang!

“Brother?” Ed heard from behind him as he pulled a nondescript pair of jeans and a tee-shirt from the closet and tossed them on the bed before starting to pull off his clothes.

“What?” Ed growled as he tugged his shirt off and tossed it on the floor.

“I was just going to head out for some food. Do you want to come?” Al’s voice seemed timid and a little unsure, causing Ed to glance at him before reaching for the casual clothes on the bed.

“Just you and me, huh?” Ed said snidely, not in the mood for Al trying to force him into a date.

“Oh, well... I’m meeting up with some people... But you’re still welcome to come!” Al insisted. “I think it would be—”

“Not interested,” Ed interrupted, pulling on a pair of sneakers. All he wanted right now was to forget about his life and go blow his load as many times as he could. Anger and frustration were eating away at him, and he was weighed down by stress and exhaustion. Surely there had to be something better than this? Why was everyone against him? Why was his life like this?

Al gave him a sour look. “Where are you going?”

“None of your business,” Ed grunted, pulling the blindfold and letter from his drawer and stuffing it into his pocket.

“I’m your brother; how can you say it’s not my business?” Al asked, sounding frustrated. “I’m worri—”

“Got to go,” Ed said, interrupting him. He didn’t need a lecture from Al; not when his own brother was keeping things from him. Moving out of the room, Ed began to head toward the front door when Al grabbed his wrist.

“Ed!” Al pleaded. Looking back at him, Ed took in the creased brow, the pressed lips, and the worried eyes, and suddenly felt a pang of regret—yet it wasn’t strong enough to keep him there. He didn’t want to stay and talk to Al about their differences, and he didn’t want to go be with Al’s friends. He had his own life. Didn’t Al realize that?

“Let go,” Ed commanded softly, then glanced up at the clock. He had less than ten minutes before he’d be late. Glancing back at Al, Ed stared hard into his light brown eyes as he reached up, took a hold of Al’s hand, and pulled it away.

They stood there for a moment, Ed holding Al’s hand, and the two of them staring silently at one another. Then Al swallowed and opened his mouth as if he was going to say something, but Ed unceremoniously dropped his hand and turned away.

“I’ll be back,” he grunted.

“When?” Al asked, but Ed simply walked out the door without answering.


Roy smiled to himself when he saw Ed running into the motel parking lot. Normally, Ed was slightly early for their meetings, but tonight he was a bit late—understandably so. Ed stopped and pulled a paper from his pocket and looked at it for a moment before hurrying over to the office and going inside.

He didn’t have to wait long for Ed to emerge, looking around at the numbered doors. Roy glanced down at the key he’d gotten from the motel clerk early that morning. He’d left instructions for the night clerk for the other key to be given to Ed that night. He didn’t want the same clerk to see both of them. Not that he really believed either of the motel clerks would know Ed or him, but... better to be safe.

Ed hurried up the steps to the top row of doors, then looked around when he reached the correct door. He seemed a little nervous as he pulled the paper out of his pocket and checked it again before using his key to go inside.

And now, all he had to do was wait for Ed to give him the signal he’d instructed him to give when he was blindfolded and ready. Settling back into the car seat, Roy watched the window anxiously, eager to go up there and have some fun.


Ed walked through the door and turned on the light. The motel wasn’t very high-end—actually it was probably on the low-end as far as motels in Central went—but it was clean and seemed well taken care of.

There was a large bed, a small dresser, two cheap night stands—each with a ragged, but clean, lamp—and a door that Ed supposed led to the bathroom. There was a note on one of the nightstands and Ed quickly moved over and picked it up.

I am watching from outside. When
you have your blindfold on, reach
through the curtains and press your
hand against the window for thirty
seconds, then sit down on the bed
and wait.

More games...

Ed sighed and tossed the note back onto the nightstand. Normally he felt excited by the mystery and the games, but tonight...

He hated to admit it, even if it was just to himself, but tonight he just wanted to fuck. He wanted to lose himself in the fury of his body’s need; wanted to lose himself in the sweat and skin, the grunts and the moans, the pure want and need of his most base desires. He wanted this man to fuck him over and over again—wanted to feel him inside of him, filling him up and making him forget...

Reaching down, Ed fondled himself through his pants for a moment, then sighed and pulled the blindfold out of his pocket, tying it securely around his eyes. Maybe if he just told the man what he wanted, then they could skip all the kinky foreplay this one time and get right to the main course...

With hands outstretched, Ed felt his way to the window, wormed his hand through the curtains, and pressed his palm against the glass; counting to thirty. As he walked over to the bed, Ed misjudged the distance and hit his shin on the bottom of the bed frame. A small thing, but after all that he’d gone through today, it was enough to flare his anger and frustration to an even higher level.

Spitting curses, Ed sat down heavily and waited for the door to open. Yet, as much as he looked forward to this, he couldn’t keep the events of the day from creeping through his mind. He wanted to forget about it all, not sit here and dwell on things. When was the man going to get here?

Ed tapped his foot impatiently, feeling more irritable by the second. The sound of the door unlocking met his ears and Ed lifted his head slightly. He couldn’t see with the blindfold on, but it was out of habit that he turned his face toward the door.


Roy opened the door and let himself inside. Ed’s head was turned toward the door, mouth set in a scowl. It wasn’t exactly the sort of expression he’d been expecting Ed to have, but perhaps it was leftover from the fun he’d had with him earlier.

Setting down the small bag he’d brought with him, Roy walked over and smirked slightly when he noticed Ed’s face was the perfect level with his groin. Slipping a hand behind Ed’s head, he guided his face forward until it was touching his pants. He heard a small growl from Ed, but the next moment he had the zipper puller in his mouth and was zipping down Roy’s pants.

“I want you to fuck me...” Ed said in a low tone after he’d let go of the puller. Roy grinned widely. He was definitely going to do that—after they had a bit of play time. “I just... Can we just fuck...? You know, forget about everything else for tonight?” Ed asked reluctantly.

Roy frowned at the request, then glanced at the bag he’d brought with him. He didn’t want to just have sex. He wanted to mess around for a while... Grabbing the neck of Ed’s shirt, Roy pulled him up and smacked his ass to show he didn’t agree with such a request. Sitting down, Roy undid Ed’s pants and pulled them down to Ed’s ankles before laying him across his knees.

You really are being a very bad boy recently, Roy thought as he rubbed Ed’s naked rear.

“I told you,” Ed grunted, not in a very good position to have a drawn out conversation. “I’m not into this sort of thing tonight.” He pushed on Roy’s knee as if to get up, but Roy held him down with a grin, with a thought that this was definitely going to be fun. He raised his hand into the air, ready to give Ed’s ass another smack when Ed made a growling nose and snapped, “Nobelium!”

Roy’s hand stopped in mid-swing and he nearly blurted, ‘Are you serious?!’ but was able to hold the words back. Ed pushed away and Roy let him go without trying to stop him. He felt confused and slightly put out. Why was Ed being like this?


Ed stood up and almost tripped on his pants, which were pooled around his ankles, but reached out and grabbed onto the man’s shoulder to steady himself. His breathing was heavy and he couldn’t help but feel angry at having to use the word. Had he sounded like he was joking? What was wrong with this man?

But it only took a moment for Ed to get a hold on himself, then he groaned a little and sat heavily down on the bed. He put his face in his hands for a moment, before taking a deep breath and saying, “Look... I’m sorry...”

Dropping his hands, Ed laid back on the bed and rubbed his bare stomach absentmindedly with his real hand. “I’ve just had a really shitty day. Week. Month. Fuck... It’s just been really shitty lately...”

He rested his arm over his blindfold-covered eyes and laughed humorlessly. “Yeah, I totally killed the mood before we could even really get started. You probably think I’m a loser... Well, you know, if you want to go, that’s fine. You’re not here to listen to me whine...”

Ed felt so stupid and angry at himself that he could let his life creep into this fantasy situation. The man would probably take off and never want to have anything to do with him again. Well, wouldn’t that just fit in with everything else? Ed had done a fantastic job of fucking up everything else, might as well do that with this as well.

Tears of anger and frustration pricked at his eyes and he was suddenly glad for the blindfold. He hated his life so much right now, but he didn’t know what he could do to make it better...


Roy stared silently at Ed as he laid on the bed, half naked but not erect in the slightest. He was tempted to take Ed up on his word. Leave and never contact him again. This was his way out. This was how he could stop doing this with Ed so that he didn’t get discovered. Yet, for some reason he couldn’t make himself stand up; couldn’t make himself grab his bag and leave.

Perhaps it was the fact that he was seeing something from Ed that he’d never seen before. He was being exposed to a very personal part of him that was almost as intimate as having sex. He felt slightly uncomfortable with it, but somewhat flattered by the trust as well.

Nevertheless, every part of him screamed that he should leave. Not only was this the opportunity he’d been looking for, but staying might give Ed the wrong impression. Only, he was curious... He wanted to know what was in Ed’s mind; he wanted to be privy to this closely guarded information.

Instead of leaving like he knew he should, Roy rested a hand on Ed’s leg and waited. For a long time, Ed didn’t say anything, but finally he said, “You ever feel like your life was going to hell?” Roy raised an eyebrow. Did Ed really expect him to answer verbally?


Ed opened his mouth and closed it again. He wanted to talk; wanted to just let it all out, but he felt weak doing so, and especially to this man who knew nothing about him and whom he knew nothing about. But wasn’t that the best part of it all? He could tell someone and yet it would be like telling no one because this person didn’t know him and Ed didn’t know who he was. He’d never have to look into that person’s eyes and know that he’d shown just how vulnerable he was to someone.

That was part of the fantasy...


“My brother hates me,” Ed began slowly.


Roy blinked. Al hates Ed? It was almost impossible to even consider.

“I know he does. He doesn’t talk to me anymore and he nags at me all the time. Wants me to go out on double dates and group dates with him, but I don’t want him to set me up! It’s fucking annoying,” Ed said with a deep frown.

Roy shifted slightly. This was definitely not what he’d expected. He’d thought he was going to hear some tale about how Ed had done something wrong to his brother and that his brother didn’t forgive him for it, but this?

“It’s not that I don’t like girls,” Ed explained. “I’m just... well, I’m just not into them like I am with guys. I wouldn’t say no to a girl I liked, but I haven’t found one yet. And it’s not like I can tell A—my brother. Who knows what he’d say if he knew...” Ed trailed off and rubbed at his eyes beneath the blindfold, then scowled angrily.

“But you know what? I really don’t care. I mean, we used to share everything with each other, but he’s going out and fucking all kinds of girls and he never even mentioned it to me!” Ed exclaimed.

To this, Roy’s eyes widened slightly. Alphonse was sleeping around? It was almost incomprehensible. And, if Al had never told Ed, then how...?

“I caught him fucking some girl on my bed one night,” Ed said, as if reading Roy’s mind. “I mean,” Ed continued, sounding a little embarrassed. “I just happened to be in the closet with the door shut when they came in, and they didn’t really know I was in there, and um...” Ed trailed off and Roy smirked, wondering if Ed had watched while his brother and the girl fucked.

The whole scenario was actually sort of hot and he touched himself a little. He had so many questions that he’d love to ask and felt slightly frustrated that he couldn’t. His eyes moved from Ed’s face and down his body and he saw that Ed was now half erect.

This brought a full blown grin on Roy’s face. So... he wasn’t the only one who found that arousing... He slid his hand from Ed’s leg to his groin, then slowly slid his fingers gently up Ed’s shaft and to the tip. Perhaps they’d be able to salvage this meeting after all...


Ed instantly felt embarrassed about what he’d said. At least he didn’t say that he’d sat there and jerked off to what he’d seen. Unfortunately, he could see the memories vividly in his mind and, to his mortification, felt himself start to get hard. The man would probably think he was some kind of depraved psycho!

But then, it didn’t even matter after a moment when Ed felt the hand on his leg move over and fondle him. Wasn’t the man disgusted? Well, apparently he wasn’t if he was wiling to feel him up after seeing that witnessing his brother fucking on his own bed did something for him... What would he think if he knew...?

Clearing his throat, Ed said sheepishly, “I... sort of... well, you know...” He couldn’t believe how hard it was to say this out loud. “I gave myself a hand job while watching.” He waited to see if the man would stop, but he didn’t; and for some reason Ed thought the man was actually pleased with him.

This guy is a bigger pervert than I am... Ed thought, though he felt relieved that he’d been able to tell someone and that he hadn’t been shunned for it.

The man was gently fondling his balls now, and Ed let out a small ‘mmm’. Not only did the touching feel good, but it was relaxing as well. It was if he was getting the best of both worlds—being able to finally get some things off his mind and get laid too.

“And then there’s my coworker,” Ed began, as if the floodgates had been opened by this realization that the man probably wouldn’t turn him away no matter what depraved things Ed told him—and would probably want to stay the more he heard. If the man liked hearing about Al, then he’d probably love this. “Actually he’s sort of my temporary boss. I found him jerking off in his office last night and offered to blow him.”


Roy’s eyes widened slightly and he hung on Ed’s words in disbelief. “It really wasn’t all that great and he ran off after I was done. He’s a real asshole though and so it’s really going to cause me some problems...” Ed added the last as if it was an afterthought, though Roy had a pretty good idea that was the part that fit into Ed’s week being shitty. He’d give almost anything to hear the whole story of what exactly happened—almost.

No wonder Ed hadn’t returned the report last night. That also explained the memo he’d gotten from Russell explaining that Ed’s assistance wouldn’t be needed for much longer. Of course, he could have told Ed not to waste his time on someone like the Russell boy. Roy could tell by looking at him that a one night stand—or anything close to it—wouldn’t go over well.

Letting go of his own cock, Roy moved his other hand over and began to probe Ed’s ass with one of his fingers. If Ed just wanted to be fucked, then he could do that. His preference would be to do something more... exciting... but something was better than nothing, and he’d take what he could get.


Ed rubbed at his eyes through the blindfold, the few frustrated tears he’d shed absorbed in the material. Part of him wanted to keep talking, wanted to just say everything that was on his mind, just let it all out, but he was really aroused now and he felt a little more keen to have sex at the moment.

He almost wanted to tell the man that he was sorry for what he’d said before and that he was up for anything the other man had in mind. But he didn’t because the rest of him really just wanted to fuck. He just wanted to cum as many times as he could in the time they had together—which was usually about three times given how much was usually put to foreplay and all that kinky shit the man liked. But Ed wanted to get off at least six times if he could; more if possible.

Rocking his hips up, Ed let the man move his finger inside of him even deeper. He panted and bucked his hips before commanding, “Touch me! Touch my cock!” He rocked his hips again, trying to thrust his penis higher, as if to try making it more obvious that he wanted it touched.

He felt something tickle the head of his cock and knew instantly that it was the tip of the man’s tongue. “Ah, hell yeah... I like that...” Ed purred, reaching down and slipping his fingers through the man’s hair so that he could hold tightly to his head.

The man was licking around the head of his cock in a way that was bringing Ed quickly to the edge. Another finger wiggled inside of him to join the first and Ed groaned, pushing himself down further on the fingers and thrusting his hips forward in an effort to bury as much of himself into the man’s mouth as possible.

In the end, it didn’t really matter what he did because Ed came quick and hard. A small exclamation of pleasure broke from him and then a whimper as the climax subsided. That didn’t last nearly as long as he wanted, but he would be ready for more really soon.

“Thanks...” he murmured, a little breathless.


Roy pulled his fingers out and gave Ed’s relaxed body a small smirk. The kid must have really wanted it to take his fingers without lube. He doubted it would happen again though. Ed would definitely want lube the next time.

Patting Ed’s leg, Roy got up and pulled some lube out of the bag he’d brought with him and looked regretfully at the other items. He’d had all sorts of fun things planned out for tonight, but if he was lucky he’d still be able to do a few things. He’d simply have to get Ed more in the mood. He was already admitting to himself that stressing Ed out so much right before their meeting hadn’t produced the desired affect, and he filed that knowledge away for future reference. Of course, it didn’t help that he’d had the problems with the Tringham kid, and then that he was having issues with Alphonse.

Roy looked ruefully at Ed and shook his head. He would have never guessed that Ed and Al were having problems. Those two were always so close that it didn’t surprise Roy at all that it was causing Ed so much trouble.

He moved over and sat down on the head of the bed and placed the lube on the nightstand.

Ed really was having a pretty shitty week; Roy had to give him that. In fact, he felt a small twinge of guilt over how he’d treated Ed—just a twinge though. He couldn’t deny the fact that he’d enjoyed every moment of it.


Ed felt the man sit down by his shoulder and turned his head in that direction. It wasn’t as if he could see him, but he’d done it without thinking—as if on instinct. Sniffing, Ed reached out and grabbed a hold of the man’s shirt and pulled it close to smell it before letting go.

“You know... This is going to sound a little odd, but... you smell just like my coma—boss. Not the one I told you about, but my permanent one.” He fell silent as he thought about Mustang. Just one more problem in his life...


Roy looked down at Ed in surprise and waited, wondering what Ed would say about him. He wasn’t sure what he’d expected, but it wasn’t anything close to what Ed said.

“I hate him...” Ed whispered, his voice filled with abhorrence. His mouth was turned down into an angry scowl. “He’s such an asshole. He... he makes my working life miserable. You know, sometimes I think that I should do what my brother says and quit the mi—my job. If I did, I wouldn’t have to deal with him ever again.”

Roy felt stunned at the amount of pure loathing he heard in Ed’s voice. Sure, he teased Ed sometimes, but it wasn’t as if Ed couldn’t take it. He was a big boy and he knew how to fight back.

“Hey!” Ed said irritably, as if he’d just thought of something. “I want you to stop marking me up! That bastard won’t leave me alone about it and it’s making my life a living hell.”

Roy stared down at him in silence. He’d always thought Ed was joking about not liking to be teased about that; after all, what man wouldn’t like to show off that he was a stud? Ed, apparently; because when Roy didn’t say anything, Ed said forcefully, “I mean it! Don’t do it anymore.” He paused and said in a small and desperate voice, “Please...”

The previous prick of guilt Roy had felt turned into a flood. He hadn’t meant to hurt Ed... it was just all fun and games... All of it had just been for fun... With a sigh, Roy nodded, then remembered that Ed couldn’t see him, so he tapped Ed on the nose.

“Thanks...” Ed murmured, and his voice cracked a little. “Fuck...” he breathed and turned his head away. He let out a little laugh and said miserably, “I told you I was a mess tonight...”

Roy shifted, feeling more than a little uncomfortable. For some reason, he found it highly disturbing that he’d been put on Ed’s short list of things that was making his life miserable. Roy eyed him, trying to reason it out. Maybe it was because he’d known Ed for so long or maybe he’d developed some closer feelings toward him since they’d started this...

He shook his head at himself. No, it wasn’t that. This—what he and Ed were doing—hadn’t changed anything about how he felt about him. At least... he didn’t think it did... It was just for fun, just for kicks, just... well, it wasn’t like he loved Ed or anything, but he did feel a little protective over him and he’d never want to do something that hurt him or made him truly miserable...

Pressing his lips together, Roy reached over and rested a hand on Ed’s shoulder. Whether he felt a close protectiveness over Ed because he was his subordinate or because of this didn’t matter. What did matter was that, as much as he hated to admit it, he’d made a mistake—a miscalculation...


Ed was about to tell the man that he was sorry for being such a loser and that if he wanted to play around, Ed would do whatever he wanted, when he felt a hand on his shoulder. Turning his head, Ed stared into the blackness of the blindfold for a moment, then swallowed down the lump that was starting to form in his throat.

It had been so... unexpected... but, that small gesture made him feel infinitely better. It meant so much... It was as if someone actually cared about him...

Reaching over Ed put his hand on top of the man’s. “This is going to sound really lame, but...” Ed stopped, swallowed, then said, “Thanks... I needed that.”


Roy looked at his hand, now being covered by Ed’s, and wondered with a slightly sick feeling in his stomach what Ed would do if he knew whose hand he held. Probably kill him... The thought that he needed to end this as soon as possible flashed through his mind. This couldn’t bring anything good, he should have known that from the beginning—he had known that from the beginning... but he’d done it anyway...

Without thinking, he turned his hand so that he was holding Ed’s, then rubbed his thumb gently along Ed’s skin.

But now... Now, it was obvious Ed was feeling something toward him. He’d suspected this might be so that day out at the pavilion, but tonight... Ed didn’t trust easily. He didn’t expose his inner workings to anyone—maybe not even Alphonse.

One part of him felt miserably guilty for being privileged with this knowledge, appalled by the fact that he was letting it happen. He didn’t want Ed to feel like he could talk to him about personal things. He wanted Ed to trust him enough to let him do things to his body, but that was about it. He didn’t want to have anything else with Ed but a purely physical relationship.

But another part of him was pleased that Ed trusted him enough to confide in him. It was as if, by Ed letting him in on his most personal thoughts, Roy had gained a new level of control—of dominance—and it was incredibly attractive and addictive. There was something about it that added so much more to this experience with Ed. It was arousing and desirable in a way that he couldn’t explain. Yet, despite the fact that he didn’t understand why he wanted, or even felt like he needed, more control or dominance over Ed than he already had, he still craved it like a dehydrated man needs water...

Swallowing, Roy leaned forward, his face close to Ed’s. Ed seemed to know what was coming because he could feel his body tense beneath him. Knowing he should stop, knowing he should simply fuck Ed, have a good time, and put an end to these meetings before it all went to hell, Roy leaned forward a little more and pressed his lips softly against Ed’s.


Ed felt the bed shift as the man leaned in close, then he could feel his breath on his skin and a feeling of excitement flitted through him. Was he going to kiss him? It seemed impossible. The man had done so many things to him, but he’d never kissed him on the lips—kissed him on the neck and all over his body, but not on the lips. It was as if the act was too personal a thing to do with him, and yet Ed was sure that’s what was going to happen.

No sooner had he thought that, but he felt soft lips press against his. The kiss was actually rather chaste compared to all the dirty, kinky things they did together, but it felt so good. Reaching up, Ed wrapped his arms around the man’s neck. He didn’t want it to end. It felt really good. It felt right... Even if he didn’t know who this was exactly, he felt like they had some sort of bond. Unfortunately, as much as he didn’t want it to end, the man pulled away, then he felt the man resting his forehead against his chest.

Ed ran his fingers through the man’s short, fine hair, then said hesitantly, “I, uh... I really liked that...” He left off the part about hoping the man would kiss him again.


What am I doing? What the hell am I doing? Roy thought.

“I, uh... I really liked that...” Ed said hesitantly. There was silence after that and Roy squeezed his eyes shut, forcing his own introspective thoughts away. He’d deal with them later when he had time to think about himself, and Ed, and what all of this meant, and all the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’... But, tonight, right now, he had Ed. He was here and willing...

Roy lifted his head from Ed’s chest and crawled over the bed to straddle Ed’s body. Tonight he would forget about the complications he’d just made for himself and enjoy the moment. For right now, he’d fuck Ed as hard and as many times as he wanted.

There would be time later to worry about finding a way out.
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